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  1. So what happens now. Do they even give refunds or just a voucher?
  2. Yea I just found out it was canceled after I already paid.
  3. Yea it only says wiring is required in intermediate and advanced and that silicone is only allowed in novice. Doesn't say whether it's actually required in novice or not. I may just run to the store and grab some anyway.
  4. Ok thanks. I'm signed up for friday (if they don't cancel) and haven't been in a few years. I went in novice last time and my bike was safety wired but my new bike isn't. Do I need to apply silicone for novice if I have no wiring?
  5. Do they usually allow people to bring personal photographers?
  6. Im selling my framed canvas wall art of Marc Marquez & Valentino Rossi. The story behind it. I ordered this for my man cave and it became lost in the mail. Eventually it showed up at my door step 2 months later and by that time I had already moved on and put something else in the designated spot so I no longer had any use for it. As you can see from the pics its still brand new and wrapped in plastic. Also if you take a look at the attached diagram it is the X-Large version which means the 5 pieces total 80in in width. If anyone is interested Ill let it go for $85 (Ill handle shipping), or local pickup. Cashapp preferred form of payment.
  7. So they've still been having track days? I haven't gotten anyone to answer the phone in weeks. How has it been, what changes have been made due to covid? I was planning on the 18th, what happens when they cancel?
  8. -Original owner, brought new as a left over model. -1105 miles -Cobra swept exhaust (still have stock pipes, they can go with the bike). -Detachable hard viking saddlebags -Passenger seat back rest (also have rear seat cowel). No issues so far. Got it mainly to do two up since I'm a sportbike guy but never really had much time to ride it and it's too pretty to just stay sitting in my garage. Asking $6200. Located in central ohio area.
  9. What's the interior height? And how difficult does it make loading and unloading not being able to fully stand?
  10. I have the Smc600r but also have an F150 to pull it with but it still makes me nervous even though it has worked fine for me. As you can see in the pic it still has a slight bend to it. My class 3 hitch says its rated for 500lb toungue weight and my bike wet plus carrier is 505lbs. I wouldn't trust it with a car.
  11. I must admit I'm a bit jealous. My day got cut in half last month due to rain even though when I scheduled the forecast said 15% chance 😔
  12. I'm considering getting a small enclosed trailer to haul my bikes. When I say small I mean small enough to fit into a garage (7ft high, 8ft wide). So something more like 5x8 or close to it. It seems that to have one that fits that criteria I will more than likely have to sacrifice interior height. I'm 5'10" and would imagine it would be severely inconvenient to get my bike in and out of a trailer with only 5ft interior height but apparently people are making it work. How you guys handling it?
  13. Brotha, I just had my 1st track day and I hope you got extra money laying around because it is an expensive hobby. Assuming you got all your gear ready, all that is left is the bike prep which isn't too overwhelming for novice. I went ahead and prepped my bike as if I was ready for advanced (safety wire, changed the coolant, removed mirrors etc) just for the added experience and safety. Just go down the list that was nicely provided to you above one by one and make sure all the requirements are met. As stated, you will start in novice and will be following a coach with more restrictions than intermediate and advanced but even though your hands will be a bit tied at first, it's a great time to learn the track lines and build confidence in your technique and still have fun. If you haven't signed up yet get on it.
  14. I appreciate all you guys help so far. Being new to all of this I am slowly making plans as to what steps I need to take when it comes to prep and gear like finally ordering a 1 piece and back protector (damn they are expensive). I know not much is required for novice but I really want to go in as if im ready for intermediate at least so I can have the knowledge and experience so it wont be too overwhelming once I move up. As far as the bike goes, I plan on going with Engine Ice for coolant. I have seen bikes in intermediate (at least in videos) that just taped over their turn signals instead of removing them which I thought was required? Also, I see you can either use safety wire or silicone for the plugs and caps. I prefer not to drill anything, so is silicone as effective or more complicated? Back to the actual day, is lunch only for riders or can guest participate? I work 3rd shift and HATE getting up early. If im correct twilight is only for intermediate and up? Is it any better or worse than the day session?
  15. Couple more questions. How many spots are there usually per day? How does one advance past novice and how far out should one register? I know there is a late registration but I wouldn't feel comfortable trying to sign up before I saw the weather for that day and am worried that may be too late.
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