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    2009 Triumph Daytona 675 (race only), Kawasaki KDX
  1. What did you do to your bike today?

    Rode at NCM yesterday. Fun track
  2. Place to ride Cincinnati

    Thanks for the input.
  3. Place to ride Cincinnati

    Bueller, Bueller.......
  4. Day trip riding from central Ohio

    Break in on a Triumph is: Ride it like you stole it!
  5. What did you do to your bike today?

    Picked up my new demo yesterday and rode it home. It is a Tiger 800 XRT. Hopefully I will be able to keep this one for a bit. Still chasing my brakes on the race bike. I just can't get te feel I used too. Might have to rebuild the master.
  6. Cleaning leathers?

    Saddle soap and mink oil.
  7. Place to ride Cincinnati

    I'm looking for suggestions to ride trails in the Cincinnati area. I have a 1999 KDX200 that I would love to get out more on. Not to mention, I've spent a boat load get this bike rolling again. I found it in a garden shed.
  8. Slow Clutch Engagement

    If the plates are in spec, the springs will just make for better engagement. If this is your daily driver, I wouldn’t recommend stiffer springs. It will just make a harder pull.
  9. Slow Clutch Engagement

    Adjust at the case first. Fine tune at the pirtch. If is feels that it is engaging too late, then let it out at the case, then take up the slack at the pirtch. If this doesn’t help, take it back tot he dealer if it has warranty. If no warranty, then your pulling the clutch and measuring the stack and plates.
  10. What did you do to your bike today?

    Race bike 90% done.
  11. NCM Motorsports Park, April 21-22

    In for Saturday.
  12. What did you do to your bike today?

    Installed new exhaust, new tank pads, rebuilt calipers, new brake pads, new rotors, new number plates, new wind screen, new remote lever adjuster, flush and fill radiator, oil change, new light weight battery, installed captive wheel spacers, bled brakes....... I was in the garage until 3 am. Still not completely done.
  13. School me on travel trailers..

    You must understand this (which I didn't understand when I bought my first trailer), they are money pits. High maintenance, and unpredictable. Between my father and I we have had four travel trailer. Even the new ones have been back in the shop for warranty work multiple times. I have had the best luck buying a slightly used one from someone I know took good care of it. So, all the money I saved could be used to maintain it. Other then that, if you used them enough they are worth every penny. I miss my C class toy hauler already.
  14. California is at it again...

    I like the idea. If I'm face down on the ground, because you (the police) think I'm someone else, please don't shoot me. If if fart, or twitch in a threatening manner, you may taze the shit out of me. But, please don't kill me. I only say this because I'm sure we have all seen the video from earlier this year.