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  1. I think most people run them flush with a stock setup but the attack triples have a different offset. With that and the attack bottom link, the geometry changes a good bit. You are definitely right about preparing for the turn early, that is something I need to work on. I just like to pick the bike up and keep my body low coming out of turns and that usually involves me moving my knee on the tank a bit. I’m just going to have to get better at setting up my position correctly the first time and not adjusting.
  2. Yes, I worked with GPR yo get them to make a fit kit for the Attack Performance triple clamp with the GSG steering stop. It looks like a tumor sticking up from the stem but I kindof like it. I took the body work back off and installed the track fairings. First track day was June 9th and it was great. The bike doesn’t have any more speed than my 600rr but it gets up to speed quicker and turns much sharper. My body position was absolute crap the entire time partly because I am out of practice and partly because I installed some really sticky tank grips. When I lean into a turn, my leg is absolutely glued to the tank, no chance for adjusting without making a major movement of my lower body. I like some grip but I also like to be able to lean more if I need and you just can’t do that with these grips.
  3. That’s a pretty bike. Determining the value of these is difficult and really the best way, as stated before, is eBay sold listings. The exhaust on that bike alone is $2000. If you are looking for a deal, check local auctions or work with someone that doesn’t have a 4 into 4 exhaust. Barn finds are typically not worth your time. I purchased a barn fresh 72 CB750 to build my CR750 and I have literally replaced everything except the frame. You are a few dollars ahead finding one that needs some work but is in generally good condition.
  4. I finished putting all the track goodies on, rebuilding the suspension, and changing the tires. I was debating just leaving it track only but with the ‘rona virus, I decided it would probably be best to prep it for the street. Doesn’t sound like track days are going to start on time this year, I hope they startup at some point. Here’s a time lapse video, sorry about the messy shop
  5. I am sure this is a nice setup but it is more than I am willing to put into changing tires.
  6. I actually purchased Mojo blocks, not sure why I called them no mar
  7. It actually will be pulling double duty at the beginning of the season. Last season I out my bike down and had to rebuild my thumb. The culprit was not throttle blipping so I am going to work on that on the street before going full track bike with it. I was just dumping the clutch and relying on the slipper to do the work. Some people say that’s ok, some say it’s a major no no. I am doubting the stock slipper on the 675r will slip enough for me to bang down gears and drop the clutch I ride in the advanced group but I plan to go back to intermediate until I get back up to speed.
  8. I am definitely impressed by your ingenuity but I don’t think I will pursue that route. I was hoping to use MCJ motor sports and I was able to get in touch with Mark but he never got back with me. Mainly I just wanted help with suspension and geometry this year. Once I change from the stock exhaust, I will have to get in touch with the Dyno Shop. I am on the fence deciding what tires to try. Most on the triumph forums are going with either Pirelli Supercorsa SC or TD but last year I used the Michelin Power RS and they were great. The Michelin’s are definetly cheaper. Dang it! I already pulled the trigger on the HF tire changer and no mar blocks. $60 for a tire changer so I figured I would give it a shot. I plan to get the no mar bar as well.
  9. Got it all torn apart to install the triple clamps and the rear shock is off at Witchcraft Racing getting rebuilt and serviced. Anyone ever use Witchcraft? Seems like they have a nice website and appears they backed the Honda East team for some time. Time to make a decision on tires and mounting. Mounting tires around here is expensive, $35 per wheel if they are already removed from the bike. I have been thinking of purchasing the tire changer from HF. Anyone change their own tires?
  10. I had intended to still use it on the street but the street plastics are so difficult to remove I can’t see spending that much time switching it back between track days.
  11. Changed the fluid in the forks and was surprised how dirty it was. The bike barely has 3000 miles and the previous owner almost seemed scared of it so I don’t think it was ridden very hard. Oddly enough, the rebound side came out black and the compression side came out like brand new. Definitely taught me to change my fork oil at least every season.
  12. List of things I am working on installing Hotbodies track fairings Attack Performance Triple Clamp Attack Performance bottom link Attack Performance rear sets WWB ceramic wheel bearings Sato shifter spindle T-Rex racing full protection kit
  13. Not a lot of conversation happening in this topic in the winter so I figured I would post my project. Picked up a ‘14 675R and am turning it into my track bike. Finding parts in stock for this thing is much harder than I thought it would be. Going to have to stock some spares. Kindof a shame to turn an immaculate bike bike into a track bike but also a shame if don’t use it for what is was designed to do.
  14. I have not had the chance. Someone at the track started it up, put it in first and pulled it onto my trailer for me. It is still sitting on my trailer.
  15. It has a yoyodyne slipper with the OEM equivalent clutch plates. This is the first season I have used a slipper so I figured I was doing something wrong. Coming off the back straight, I pulled the clutch, dropped two gears and dropped the clutch...all seemed fine
  16. I guess the verdict is driver error which I am actually glad to hear. I can always get better and if I loose confidence in my equipment, I won't feel comfortable out there. Most seem to say I need to rev match, do you all still rev match with a slipper?
  17. Thanks for the replies. It looks like the majority believe it was driver error with a downshift and I think you could be right. Some things to consider: the bike has a yoyodyne slipper that I typically use to go from top gear down to second on the back straight I a never get wheel hop or lock up and that is with full braking in front. Also, I just installed the gear indicator and it doesn’t appear to be working correctly. Seems like it is meant to determine gear with rpm and speed but doesnt know what to do with high revs and high speeds. I am guessing the slipper also throws it off
  18. First of all, it was great meeting some of you at Mid-o on Tuesday and I definitely appreciate the offer to ride the mini's but unfortunately I did not fair well on my last session. Going into the carousel, something happened with the bike or I made a mistake. I am really not sure what happened so I figured some of the folks on here would have some thoughts. At first I thought one of my front shocks gave out, torqued my wheel and pressed the brake pad to the rotor harder than I intended. This could still be the case and one of the instructors and I were messing with the front suspension 5 laps prior and he said they were in bad shape (definitely should have done some maintenance). When looking at the video, I am not sure it looks like a front tire skid, it almost looks like a rear tire skid. I ended up saving it and standing it up but by that time I was headed straight while I was in a curve and tried to keep it as upright as possible in the grass, heading for the barrier, I figured it was better to ditch in the grass than hit the tire wall. Unfortunately, the pegs, frame slider, handlebars, etc dug and stopped the bike quicker than by body stopped and my thumb got caught up on the bars so I am out for the season with surgery on Monday. So, if anyone is interested, lets see if we can figure out what happened. Video is at the following link: https://youtu.be/bVKemjhj6vk I uploaded the entire lap so you can see if there are issues elsewhere. It actually looks like I may have had some front slip at around the 1 minute mark. I am very serious about figuring this out, I don't really want to get back on and repeat the same mistake or have the same failure
  19. I will definitely look for you. Are you all in the advanced group?
  20. Anyone want to share a garage at mid-Ohio on Tuesday?
  21. This bike was purchased as a non-runner and had been sitting in the previous owners heated garage for 8 years. He was the second owner and crashed the bike on the road in Virginia. After crashing the bike, he turned it into a track bike and used it often until moving to this area. I purchased the bike to try to convince friends to join me at the track and to use as a hot spare in case I downed my current track bike. The bike needed some work to get it running and make it safe, the biggest issue was the fuel tank and fuel system as the previous owner left race gas in it for 8 years and it essentially corroded everything. The following has been done to the bike: Fuel tank replaced Fuel sending unit replaced Fuel pump replaced Fuel pressure regulator replaced All fuel system related o-rings and seals replaced Fuel rail disassembled and cleaned Fuel injectors disassembled, cleaned, tested Rear brake master cylinder was replaced Front and rear brake fluid flushed and bled New mobil1 racing 4t oil and filter Flushed cooling system New radiator cap Battery New high strength o-ring chain (not installed) The bike is essentially stock except for the Vortex rear sets ($400 new) and upgraded front springs but in its stock form it is over 100hp so it will have no problem keeping up with any newer bike on the track. The bike is fuel injected and has dual throttle bodies so it is very responsive and involves less maintenance than a carbureted bike. Everything works as it should but you will want to replace the tires as they are 8 year old track tires and are rock hard. Honestly, you should replace the tires on any bike you plan to take to the track unless they are new. The bike has been low sided a time or two so the fairings are not pretty but they are serviceable. Bike is straight, runs, drives, and stops. I have not personally had this on the track or on the road as it is not street legal and the tires and dangerous. Asking $1400
  22. Weather permitting, I will be there. Last year they cancelled the April session.
  23. Has anyone done the Lean Race School? I am looking for a bit more info than they have on their site and figured some of you may have tried it. I ride middle of the pack in intermediate so I am probably not competitive enough to race but thought it might be interesting to try out the school. Also, it says it is all Advanced but I think that is speaking to your bike setup and not necessarily your skill level.
  24. Added a few other track days to @ludwb675 list. This list is everything near me (Findlay, Ohio) at a track I want to try this year. This is not an all inclusive list but I figured others could use the compiled information. Summer Schedule.pdf
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