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  1. I can understand them cancelling for low enrollment but they sell gift certificates that expire so the sessions should already have some built in cushion in case people don’t show. It really sucks for people coming in from out of town but I had to convince my wife to waste a day of her vacation to watch the kids so I could go to the track. Try convincing your significant other to do that, haha, it’s rare when it happens. What really ground my gears was that they blasted out an email to everyone on their email list telling them there was a track day and that they needed to sign up by sending an email to Gwen because the site wasn’t working. Then when it was cancelled, they didn’t blast out another email saying it was’t happening. Also, if you can’t sign up on the website and you are not a frequent rider, you would not know to email Gwen so you have to show up the day of to sign up. They also are not taking calls from what I can tell so they had no idea how many people they where screwing over. if any of you know the mid-o folks, please politely let them know how f’d up that was.
  2. Well, showed up to the track day today and it was cancelled. Would be nice if they would tell people that.
  3. I will be there Tuesday.
  4. I think most people run them flush with a stock setup but the attack triples have a different offset. With that and the attack bottom link, the geometry changes a good bit. You are definitely right about preparing for the turn early, that is something I need to work on. I just like to pick the bike up and keep my body low coming out of turns and that usually involves me moving my knee on the tank a bit. I’m just going to have to get better at setting up my position correctly the first time and not adjusting.
  5. Yes, I worked with GPR yo get them to make a fit kit for the Attack Performance triple clamp with the GSG steering stop. It looks like a tumor sticking up from the stem but I kindof like it. I took the body work back off and installed the track fairings. First track day was June 9th and it was great. The bike doesn’t have any more speed than my 600rr but it gets up to speed quicker and turns much sharper. My body position was absolute crap the entire time partly because I am out of practice and partly because I installed some really sticky tank grips. When I lean into a turn, my leg is absolutely glued to the tank, no chance for adjusting without making a major movement of my lower body. I like some grip but I also like to be able to lean more if I need and you just can’t do that with these grips.
  6. That’s a pretty bike. Determining the value of these is difficult and really the best way, as stated before, is eBay sold listings. The exhaust on that bike alone is $2000. If you are looking for a deal, check local auctions or work with someone that doesn’t have a 4 into 4 exhaust. Barn finds are typically not worth your time. I purchased a barn fresh 72 CB750 to build my CR750 and I have literally replaced everything except the frame. You are a few dollars ahead finding one that needs some work but is in generally good condition.
  7. I finished putting all the track goodies on, rebuilding the suspension, and changing the tires. I was debating just leaving it track only but with the ‘rona virus, I decided it would probably be best to prep it for the street. Doesn’t sound like track days are going to start on time this year, I hope they startup at some point. Here’s a time lapse video, sorry about the messy shop
  8. I am sure this is a nice setup but it is more than I am willing to put into changing tires.
  9. I actually purchased Mojo blocks, not sure why I called them no mar
  10. It actually will be pulling double duty at the beginning of the season. Last season I out my bike down and had to rebuild my thumb. The culprit was not throttle blipping so I am going to work on that on the street before going full track bike with it. I was just dumping the clutch and relying on the slipper to do the work. Some people say that’s ok, some say it’s a major no no. I am doubting the stock slipper on the 675r will slip enough for me to bang down gears and drop the clutch I ride in the advanced group but I plan to go back to intermediate until I get back up to speed.
  11. I am definitely impressed by your ingenuity but I don’t think I will pursue that route. I was hoping to use MCJ motor sports and I was able to get in touch with Mark but he never got back with me. Mainly I just wanted help with suspension and geometry this year. Once I change from the stock exhaust, I will have to get in touch with the Dyno Shop. I am on the fence deciding what tires to try. Most on the triumph forums are going with either Pirelli Supercorsa SC or TD but last year I used the Michelin Power RS and they were great. The Michelin’s are definetly cheaper. Dang it! I already pulled the trigger on the HF tire changer and no mar blocks. $60 for a tire changer so I figured I would give it a shot. I plan to get the no mar bar as well.
  12. Got it all torn apart to install the triple clamps and the rear shock is off at Witchcraft Racing getting rebuilt and serviced. Anyone ever use Witchcraft? Seems like they have a nice website and appears they backed the Honda East team for some time. Time to make a decision on tires and mounting. Mounting tires around here is expensive, $35 per wheel if they are already removed from the bike. I have been thinking of purchasing the tire changer from HF. Anyone change their own tires?
  13. I had intended to still use it on the street but the street plastics are so difficult to remove I can’t see spending that much time switching it back between track days.
  14. Changed the fluid in the forks and was surprised how dirty it was. The bike barely has 3000 miles and the previous owner almost seemed scared of it so I don’t think it was ridden very hard. Oddly enough, the rebound side came out black and the compression side came out like brand new. Definitely taught me to change my fork oil at least every season.
  15. List of things I am working on installing Hotbodies track fairings Attack Performance Triple Clamp Attack Performance bottom link Attack Performance rear sets WWB ceramic wheel bearings Sato shifter spindle T-Rex racing full protection kit
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