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  1. Did the cost of Mid-O track days go up for 2021? They didn’t have a very good showing last year and I don’t think they did any improvements. Feels like it should go down as the track gets worse.
  2. Looking at the WERA link, it appears they do not separate 600 and 1000 bikes during the race. Maybe I am reading it incorrectly.
  3. At Nelson Ledges, why do they split up the 600cc and 750+ bikes during practice but not in the races? Looks like they combine the classes.
  4. Can’t say I have seen someone use just one lever guard before.
  5. Looks like it is going to be 60 degrees. With as slick as this track is normally, I would think that temp would be a factor. Anyone have experience riding there at these temps?
  6. All the bike requirements are in their website. I think you just have to remove your license plate and cover your glass. Also, no oil filters with a nut on the top.
  7. Yes, I had a buddy stop out last year to see if he wanted to try track riding. He had a high end camera and they let him wander all over the place and use the photographer cutouts. They even gave him suggestions on where to take some good pics.
  8. Finally got a picture of myself on track. Definitely need to work on body position but now I think I look as cool as I feel when I am riding. Haha.
  9. Went to Putnam this past weekend and had a blast. That track is really nice compared to where I usually ride (Mid-O). Was able to get through the race school so hopefully I can try out a race next year.
  10. If they let me sign up but didn’t take the cert if something came up, I would definitely sign up every Tuesday.
  11. I am a frequent rider and would rather use my ability to sign up late than lose my cert because of rain. Also, the website states “ All sessions will run rain or shine” I don’t see anything about cancelling because of low enrollment and I didn’t see it when I purchased the certs.
  12. Looks like you had a good day for it. I was planning on Sunday and Tuesday but they cancelled both.
  13. I can understand them cancelling for low enrollment but they sell gift certificates that expire so the sessions should already have some built in cushion in case people don’t show. It really sucks for people coming in from out of town but I had to convince my wife to waste a day of her vacation to watch the kids so I could go to the track. Try convincing your significant other to do that, haha, it’s rare when it happens. What really ground my gears was that they blasted out an email to everyone on their email list telling them there was a track day and that they needed to sign up by sending an email to Gwen because the site wasn’t working. Then when it was cancelled, they didn’t blast out another email saying it was’t happening. Also, if you can’t sign up on the website and you are not a frequent rider, you would not know to email Gwen so you have to show up the day of to sign up. They also are not taking calls from what I can tell so they had no idea how many people they where screwing over. if any of you know the mid-o folks, please politely let them know how f’d up that was.
  14. Well, showed up to the track day today and it was cancelled. Would be nice if they would tell people that.
  15. I will be there Tuesday.
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