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  1. TMC Customs

    Random Track Talk

    Added a few other track days to @ludwb675 list. This list is everything near me (Findlay, Ohio) at a track I want to try this year. This is not an all inclusive list but I figured others could use the compiled information. Summer Schedule.pdf
  2. TMC Customs

    Typical Track Day Q&A

    Looking for some tire information. I have been to 5 track days at Mid-O and no place else. I see a guy there with a trailer full of tires and the mounting equipment. I assume he sells tires or he will mount your tires for a fee. What type of tires is he selling? What is the cost compared to buying online like STG and getting them mounted locally? Is this typical to all tracks? What other work can I get done at the track such as suspension adjustment? Is there websites for the folks that do this work? sorry if this is in the thread earlier but I breezed through and didn’t see much on track services.
  3. TMC Customs

    Random Track Talk

    Last I checked it was up but you had to search through the calendar on their website. They revamped their website and it is pretty bad. The size of the webpage changes with their scrolling bar at the top of the page so if you are on a phone, it is useless. If you are on a computer, it is really annoying. The page size changes every 3-5 seconds.
  4. TMC Customs

    Random Track Talk

    I heard Mid-Ohio has some kind of Black Friday special where you can get a good deal on track time. Can anyone give me info on that? I couldn’t find anything on their website.
  5. TMC Customs

    Mid-Ohio 9/17

    Looks like a lot of forecasts changed for the better. Fog has been added until 8am and I suspect the dew will be heavy on the track for a while.
  6. TMC Customs

    Mid-Ohio 9/17

    I plan on being there. Looks like today’s rain is starting to bleed into Tuesday’s forecast. Hopefully we get a dry day.
  7. TMC Customs

    Mid-Ohio Track Day 9/11

    I did not end up going but it looked like it would have cleared and potentially dried out early. I rescheduled for 9/18 and we will see how that goes. Seems there has been a chance of rain for most of the track days this year.
  8. TMC Customs

    Mid-Ohio Track Day 9/11

    I had off work tomorrow to head to Mid-O but with this rain and drizzle, it looks like it may be a bit wet. Anybody live close and have a good feel for how it will be tomorrow?
  9. TMC Customs

    Mid-O Cert - WTB

    I am also looking to purchase a cert if someone has one to sell. I am not trying to jack your thread What but it looks like you got the cert you were looking for and I didn’t want to clog up the forum with more cert requests. I am trying to go 9/11 and 9/18.
  10. TMC Customs

    Mid-Ohio Track Day 9-3-18 (Labor Day)

    That was a great day of riding, couldn’t have been more than 30 people there. In novice, I was the only person with my instructor most of the time. My tent is the green one in the background. The guy next to me with the Suzuki wrecked pretty hard in front of me doing leap frog. I still haven’t met up with any of you but in novice, I don’t get much time to mingle.
  11. TMC Customs

    New to the track

    I just picked up a track bike hoping to get my first track days under my belt this year. I have traditionally ridden cruisers and old Honda CB’s but from what I read, the novice group should work out great. I plan to be there May 15th and 16th. Is anyone else planning to be there on those days? I can’t seem to convince anyone else I ride with to get on the track. I plan to bring an enclosed trailer, a cooler, and a generator based off of the suggestions I read here.
  12. Hey everyone. My name is Tom and I am from Findlay, Ohio. I have a cruiser and a few old Honda CB’s but I wanted to do a track day so I picked up a 2007 CBR600rr. I will make a post in the Track is Crack looking to see what days people will be there. Stay classy.