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  1. I am very careful, fully aware of the dangers and my newbie non skills lol
  2. I agree, I was wanting to do the track day as well. Am I replying correctly to these post? I am new to this website.
  3. Thank you Tracy, I definitely would want a friend with me! I find it better to ride with someone.
  4. Thank you Derek, I will keep that in mind, makes sense!
  5. Thank you Qman, I will do that. I know they have classes once you have your license to ride to take classes with your bike.
  6. Yes, I took the initial to earn my endorsement but now that you mention I remember they stated there are also state classes for after you earn your license and you can take your own bike to. Thank you!
  7. I would have to agree, I have been on a long country road where I broke 60 miles and it was less stressful. I am excited to have found this website and look forward to this season! Thank you.
  8. Thank you, that sounds great Modular, but first i need to get to the point of riding on Freeways? I haven't gotten that far yet. I am that new As soon as this weather is good I will be back at practicing... But that sounds like fun, I feel more comfortable riding with someone or someones....
  9. Hello, I am new to riding, just bought my bike last year in August and would love to find some peeps to ride with this coming season!
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