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  1. Buying a Bike that has a lien against it?

    Passed on the deal today....like 2-3 excuses of why his schedule wouldn’t permit meeting at his lender.....i passed. The search continues.....
  2. Buying a Bike that has a lien against it?

    Omg spell check killed my first post... lol
  3. So I think I've found a great deal... 2015 Vulcan S with 402mi.....$3500 but the guy has a loan balance. He wasn't to take my money and give me the bike and then send me the title later one. Thoughts on this transaction for protecting myself?
  4. New Guy...

    I'd like to buy a Vulcan S and figure out a way to bolt on another 50hp....but it doesn't seem like that's a reality.
  5. New Guy...

    Yes! I've budgeted for a pair of gloves, helmet and some riding boots/shoes for over my ankle.
  6. New Guy...

    Cool I'll check those out. My budget for my first bike is $3500-$4000... I'm hoping to find something fuel injected and with under 10k miles. I've found a few Vulcan S bikes in my range...I'm just worried about it being under powered for my size 330lbs.
  7. New Guy...

    A couple friends have discouraged me from the Bolt and Vulcan S due to their lack of power 60hp 41tq... A friend strongly suggested getting a Harley 1200 sportster/nightster...so I'm in the market for one. I really like customizing things... Guns/Trucks/Mustangs ETC.
  8. New Guy...

    I'm into mustangs... This is my screen name on all the mustang forums.
  9. New Guy...

    Hi I'm Rob... And I've decided 2018 is the year I'm getting into Bikes... I got my temps last Friday and enrolled in Ohio Basic Riders Course for 3/21. I've never even ridden a moped let alone a motorcycle. I thought I wanted to get a sport bike....and then I sat on one and being a fat kid, I wasn't comfortable. I then sat on a BOLT and a Vulcan S and I really loved how the Vulcan S felt.