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  1. Rodehard

    I'm the new guy

  2. Rodehard

    Educate me on Pole Barns

    Note sure I can put a measure on the heaters efficiency......I have a 200gal propane tank for the shop, and it gets filled 3 or 4 times during the winter. Not cheap. But, I work out of the shop so the thermostat is set to 65deg 50hrs/week or more. I'm in Delaware north of columbus. Shoot me a PM sometime we'll see if we can make a riding day out of it.
  3. Sounds like an awesome trip guys, have fun. I am super jealous... Some day.....
  4. Rodehard

    Educate me on Pole Barns

    come on over, I like to drink beer and exaggerate about how fast I used to be. If I did the shop over again, I'd put in 12ft wide garage doors - can't back my trailer in thru the 10 footers. It's always something....
  5. Rodehard

    Educate me on Pole Barns

    The radiant heaters I've used are suspended from the ceiling. The burner is at the end of the shop near the two garage doors, and it shoots the flame horizontally down the "chimney", which runs horizontal all the way out the opposite end of the building. A sheet metal reflector is mounted above the chimney (about 5"dia), and as you can imagine reflects the heat downwards. This link below is same type, but LP fired. Grainger calls them infrared heaters. https://www.grainger.com/product/7D842?cm_mmc=PPC:+MSN+PLA&s_kwcid=AL!2966!10!8973610371!1102900019075&ef_id=W1fR0gAABH6jPVMz:20180725012642:s Glad to help.
  6. Rodehard

    Educate me on Pole Barns

    Sorry you can't swing the shop now, but I'll throw in my pole barn experience after owning three just for future reference. My current 30 x 50 12ft ceiling pole barn cost $40k to to have built by a contractor including the materials kit and trusses from Sutherlands, grading the ground, cement floor and 30 x 25 outside cement pad/sidewalk, 200amp service/electrical work plus drops for lathe and compressor, lots of insulation, two 10 x 10 garage doors, propane fired radiant heater, interior walls/ceiling finished with OSB, and fiber optic cable run from house to shop (for work purposes). The contractor was recommended by Surtherlands, he was an odd dude, but his crew did great work. The shop is solid and not a lick of issues in 11 years. It always stays about 15deg cooler than outside during the summer, and never gets below 40 in the winter if I leave the thermostat off over the weekend. $40k isn't cheap. It's downright painful, but 11 years on it was money well spent (or borrowed!). Insulation and heating has always been the main issue with the shops I've owned. I've used wood burners, built double barrel wood/oil burners, fuel oil fired forced air heaters - all suck for one reason or another. The overhead radiant heater is the best system I've used, it heats up the floor and everything in the shop so that when you open the big door to pull in your truck/whatever it's still warm right after the door gets closed. Electrical service is another thing not to skimp out on. Blowing the main mid-weld because the furnace was running and the compressor kicked on really sucks, you end up tripping over crap trying to get to the breaker box in the dark! And...no matter how much you are in a hurry, paint the walls and ceiling before you start moving stuff in.
  7. Rodehard

    Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day 2018

    Thanks @TimTheAzn for getting this ball rolling, had an awesome time and was great to meet some of the guys from OR. After the first post-lunch session it was obvious I was done, felt the dehydration headache coming on so I loaded up and headed home about 2:30. Drove thru a torrential downpour on the way back to Delaware! Man, I'm slow. The keyhole is a bitch - can't get pass the sphincter pucker no matter how many people tell me that crappy looking pavement has grip. I started the day in @DerekClouser's group, but I can't hang with you guys! So I dropped down to group 3, but ended up spending every session behind a guy who almost crashed at least twice each time out - so I hung waaaayyyy back from him. Nice guy, pretty good rider, but I did NOT want to hit him if he went down. Late August when I get my vaca time replenished I'm doing another track day! @CrazySkullCrusher , @J_Copeland and I pilfered your garage spot - sorry you couldn't find a ride in dude! Next track day we can both get to the garage spot is on me. @J_Copeland thanks for hanging with me, enjoyed chatting with you. Some pics from the day. I never got a knee down (again), but did manage to grind some pegs and eliminate the chicken stripes from the rear tire😀! And......the Ducati dudes from Detroit in the garage next to us brought a V4. Boner.
  8. Rodehard

    Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day 2018

    Loaded up and ready for some fun! Yeah it will be hot. Yeah it might rain. But hot/rain at the track is better than working every time!
  9. Rodehard

    Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day 2018

    k...paid the $210 for the TRACK DAY!!!!! YES! Can't wait. Slow guy on a fast bike - should be funny to watch:) I was thinking about riding the bike there, but hard to carry a cooler on it. So, a tiny bike all by itself on a 17ft open trailer. No wonder my boys call me "Nerd". C-yous guys there
  10. Rodehard

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Their service dept. does suck - been there twice and they either pissed me off for scratching the crap out of my freshly painted rims, or couldn't figure out how to recharge my shock. However, I have scored countless deals on gear for myself and my sons on clearance. When the kids outgrow their stuff every year, ya shop the clearance racks. And, I bought a new Shoei RF-SR in January there for $30 less than any online retailer. Granted, most of their stuff is either full retail or same price as online sellers, but good deals can be found. And it's right there ready to take home.
  11. Rodehard

    Trunks top cases

    Once I put a top case on a bike, I never took it off. May have felt some extra blowing around on a windy day on the freeway, but ya just ride the bike. I had the Givi V46 on my ZZR1200, and could fit 2 large full face helmets in it, plus gloves and other small stuff. It's nice to be able to lock up your helmet and gloves when stopping on long trips, especially when it's raining. Wish I could fit one to the SDR, maybe someday.
  12. Rodehard

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Yeah! Needed an evening like this....rode the SDR to my oldest son's game, and had a blast lofting that front wheel over and over. Third gear is my favorite, roll that throttle a little past half at 65mph and it will just carry the front for a quarter mile. Second gear wheelies are scarier - anywhere near 1/2 throttle and the front jumps up quick. I don't even try power wheelies in first anymore, 'bout looped it out last year and filled my shorts. I know you guys are all itching to ride this season, and SO AM I!! Glad to see folks are getting out for some play time.
  13. Rodehard

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Got a quick test ride in with the new MCCRUISE cruise control system finally installed. And it even WORKS! And it didn't kill me! Freakin' awesome for those long freeway grinds. It isn't that hard to install, the harness connects to all the bike's connectors (clutch switch, front brake switch, rear brake switch, TPS connector, diagnostic port), no cutting or splicing. They even added a canbus bridge so I can piggyback the KTM race dongle. Good folks at this company "down under".
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    Akron RIder

    Welcome from another old fart