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  1. What did you do to your bike today?

    Supertrapp on a Kaw........brings back some fond memories! Ya got about 18 disks on it? Sweet looking bike, BTW.
  2. What makes for a good "Day Ride".

    But if the goat consents.....?
  3. Which sport tourer is best sport tourer?

    Yeah...what the heck Honda. I was fired up when I saw the VFRX first pics - that awesome motor in a more upright seating position. Then they neutered it. BTW - the vfr1200f is one of the most amazing looking bikes big red has ever produced. And it's fast. Pony had a used one a few years ago I almost pulled the trigger on.....
  4. @modular your bike is definitely one of the, if not THE, best looking HD's I've ever seen. No shit - whoever HD had do the industrial design on that bike needs to do more work for them. The colors and textures alone are as good as any other design firm I've looked at. The HD badging is tasteful and understated. Well done. If your into design at all, check out https://www.kiska.com/ These guys do the design and branding for KTM, as well as other customers. Eye candy.
  5. Which sport tourer is best sport tourer?

    SV1000? Never road one, but they sound sweet, and can't recall reading anything sucky about them. One of my riding buddies had a pre-tec VFR800. I rode it several times while he'd take my ZX11 for a spin. The VFR's a beautiful bike, his was red with a polished frame, they sound great, but the motor had no where near the power the zx11 had. My buddy would usually get off my bike and ask for clean underwear
  6. New Member back in OH-IO

    Welcome! Good group of riders on here, and judging by some of the vids and discussions some really fast guys too. It's all good here bud, if you like two wheels with a motor, you're IN!
  7. What’s up?!

    Welcome! And you can just ignore the disturbing photo above, after your done vomiting!
  8. Any Benefits on wearing a rubber on your sprocket

    "Need to", no. Your bike has the rubber damper "cush drive" setup in the rear sprocket carrier, this takes care of the driveline shocks. The rubber covered front sprocket is for NVH purposes - might be a little louder sounding, but no harm will come from using the solid front sprocket.
  9. What did you do to your bike today?

    A few hours spent routing wire harness for the cruise. This isn't a technically challenging job, but making the install look factory takes time. This bike has such little space under the seat, tough to find the best route for the harnessm and still be able to reinstall the battery cover and seat. And, since this is really a prototype kit there are no instructions for harness routing, so I'm taking my time, and snapping pics every step. But, progress being made...
  10. What makes for a good "Day Ride".

    Ah.....the ride description sounds perfect, just to be perfectly clear. No sword fighting for me, and "exit only" are a few of the concepts I adhere to strongly. That being said, what a man does in the privacy of his own home, with another man, a goat, and a midget is none of my business!
  11. Random Thoughts thread

  12. Whiskey Throttle

    When's the last time you did that, and how'd it go? For me, was riding the dirtbikes around our little moto track with my 11yr old (I was on the EXC, he was on his CRF100). I hit one of the jumps, juiced the throttle a little more than usual - but was a gear lower than I thought. oops. I shot straight up, landed vertically on the rear wheel body position all out of wack, the front slapped down and whiskey throttle wheelie ensued. I came off the back of the bike and broke my tailbone. The boy rides up while I'm laying in the dirt - "you ok dad?" - yep. "that was awesome - your legs where pointing up in the air and you slid on your butt for 10 feet!" Yeah. That took over a month before it quit hurting to sit down. Never too old to be stupid
  13. Switch to ST1300?

    @hiro KBB gives $4300 as trade in value on this bike. NADA reports $4435 as low retail value. My dad (73 yr old and still rides) just sold his ST1100 last summer for $3000 with less than 20K miles. I rode it a bit, very comfortable, a little short on leg room for me, motor sounds sweet, but had some engine heat wafting up hitting my torso - a deal breaker for me. It had good sized factory side bags, and he put a givi top box on it. Other than engine displacement, I don't know what else Honda changed on the 1300's. I think the biggest change you will notice vs your 650 is the weight, and the handling won't be as sharp. Good thing is that the ST's are popular bikes, which means there are probably aftermarket solutions to anything you wanted to improve on it. If your like me, you'll end up spending $1000 on windscreens to find one the sucks the least.
  14. What makes for a good "Day Ride".

    @TimTheAzn sounds perfect.
  15. Which sport tourer is best sport tourer?

    @CrazySkullCrusher What's your budget? I love bike hunting, and based on the number of replies to your thread, SO DOES EVERYONE ELSE!!! Think we're getting an idea of what your after... Ooo......yeah....Tuonooooo. Love them things, but I sat on one at Pony and I hated to admit it but the pegs were too high for me. Leg crampage for me for sure.