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  1. Rodehard

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Their service dept. does suck - been there twice and they either pissed me off for scratching the crap out of my freshly painted rims, or couldn't figure out how to recharge my shock. However, I have scored countless deals on gear for myself and my sons on clearance. When the kids outgrow their stuff every year, ya shop the clearance racks. And, I bought a new Shoei RF-SR in January there for $30 less than any online retailer. Granted, most of their stuff is either full retail or same price as online sellers, but good deals can be found. And it's right there ready to take home.
  2. Rodehard

    Trunks top cases

    Once I put a top case on a bike, I never took it off. May have felt some extra blowing around on a windy day on the freeway, but ya just ride the bike. I had the Givi V46 on my ZZR1200, and could fit 2 large full face helmets in it, plus gloves and other small stuff. It's nice to be able to lock up your helmet and gloves when stopping on long trips, especially when it's raining. Wish I could fit one to the SDR, maybe someday.
  3. Rodehard

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Yeah! Needed an evening like this....rode the SDR to my oldest son's game, and had a blast lofting that front wheel over and over. Third gear is my favorite, roll that throttle a little past half at 65mph and it will just carry the front for a quarter mile. Second gear wheelies are scarier - anywhere near 1/2 throttle and the front jumps up quick. I don't even try power wheelies in first anymore, 'bout looped it out last year and filled my shorts. I know you guys are all itching to ride this season, and SO AM I!! Glad to see folks are getting out for some play time.
  4. Rodehard

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Got a quick test ride in with the new MCCRUISE cruise control system finally installed. And it even WORKS! And it didn't kill me! Freakin' awesome for those long freeway grinds. It isn't that hard to install, the harness connects to all the bike's connectors (clutch switch, front brake switch, rear brake switch, TPS connector, diagnostic port), no cutting or splicing. They even added a canbus bridge so I can piggyback the KTM race dongle. Good folks at this company "down under".
  5. Rodehard


  6. Rodehard

    Akron RIder

    Welcome from another old fart
  7. Rodehard

    New here

  8. Rodehard

    Newbie Rider looking for Riding Partners

    Welcome to the forum!
  9. Rodehard

    New to Ohio

  10. Rodehard

    Hello, looking for some riding buddies

    Welcome to the forum!
  11. Rodehard

    New member for 2018 - Happy New Year gang

    Well, back to work after my step-daughter's funeral yesterday. Everything is weird, with a giant chunk of my soul ripped out. She suffered horribly these last 2 months, but now the pain is gone. She is at piece. My sons, my job, and love of bikes will make each day a little brighter. I soooo need to go rip some wheelies....
  12. Dude, why is your profile pic one of mine?  My bike, sitting in my shop????

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    2. Rodehard


      It's easy, just go to your profile, then click the little gray square button by your profile pic, then you can select another picture saved on your computer/phone whatever you are using.

    3. Skinny guy

      Skinny guy

      I tried it says file size too big?

    4. Rodehard


      Ah, no trouble there.  On your computer, go to the folder with the picture, click the picture just once, then click it again using the right button on your mouse/laptop touchpad.  you'll see a menu open up, scroll down the menu to the "open with", a flyout menu will then appear - select Paint.  The picture will open in a program called paint.  In the upper left corner of the paint app is a button that looks like an old 3.5" flopppy - click that, then select save as.  Type in a new file name to save the picture as (so you don't mess with the original picture).  Click the "resize" button in the upper left area, a dialog box will open, and you can resize by percentage.  Notice there is another option to resize by pixels.  I'd use percentage (try 30% for both horizontal and vertical), then click OK.  The pic will get smaller.  Keep doing this until you get the picture down to about 260ish x 260ish pixels.  That should be the right size for the profile pic, that's what mine is.

      If you have trouble, just send me the pic and I can resize it for you.  Happy to help.

  13. Rodehard

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Supertrapp on a Kaw........brings back some fond memories! Ya got about 18 disks on it? Sweet looking bike, BTW.
  14. Rodehard

    What makes for a good "Day Ride".

    But if the goat consents.....?
  15. Rodehard

    Which sport tourer is best sport tourer?

    Yeah...what the heck Honda. I was fired up when I saw the VFRX first pics - that awesome motor in a more upright seating position. Then they neutered it. BTW - the vfr1200f is one of the most amazing looking bikes big red has ever produced. And it's fast. Pony had a used one a few years ago I almost pulled the trigger on.....