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  1. So I've sold the 250...the 600r is up for sale...and I'm looking for a bike...I've currently saved up $800...so far to go to get a decent bike.
  2. I'm technically off Wednesday too but I get off @ 7am after 12hrs.
  3. I'm off Thursday this week, if that works.
  4. I've finally got boots ordered should be here by May. If I can get the bike running I will be taking it to the track this season.
  5. Carb adjustment issues. It originally ran only with choke on till it warmed up, and would die anytime given gas. After syncing the carbs it ran worse. I'm not very good with carbs, I've followed the clymer manual and attempted to get it back to factory settings but to no avail. Now it doesn't run at all. I need to get it somewhere to someone who knows what they are doing. I really want to be riding it this season.
  6. Holy cow...it's been along time since I started here with you guys....updates; 04 ex250: lost power on way to work, still runs but makes awful noise. 90 600r: still haven't gotten it up and running yet. I'll try to be more consistent....1 problem...the only thing I'm consistent at, is being inconsistent!
  7. Already got brand new o-ring chain, just waiting to install; especially since I'll need a new tire. What suggestions for tires, it's a 2004 ninja 250. Thanx guys.
  8. Here's some pictures of my rear tire to see if I'm going to need to replace it for the track day.
  9. Awesome thanx. Doesn't matter to me which. I'll get with you @ the trackday, as long as I can come up with the money for it.
  10. Track suit repair needed. I'm pretty sure it just needs sewn. Anybody know where locally I am probably able to get done for reasonable price. Thanx. I'm also going to post picture(s) of my rear tire, after I get off work, to see if I'm going to need to replace it.
  11. Looking for great deals on boots for trackday. Don't have lots of money to throw around. Sizes 8.5 or 9. Thanx
  12. What is the date choices? Essentially it's not going to matter cuz if I win I'm going, as long as I'm top side of the grass!
  13. I'm either 8.5 or 9 in boots; well I've never tried track type boots so I'm not exactly sure how they'll fit. Do they run bigger or smaller and does it differ between brands? Thanx to the new tax changes I'm working on getting everything cleared by the BOSS, I'm already running into resistance just talking about getting it plated and insured soon.
  14. Hey Tim, when is the drawing? I'm still trying to find some boots. I've heard that leather over the ankle boots are ok for novice, is that true or do I need riding boots?
  15. Anthony Sciortino please add me.
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