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  1. I've got no nothing as far as shop recommendations go. But I can tell you the rear shock is a pretty straight forward and easy swap, and if your just doing heavier oil and springs it can all be done with basic hand tools. I went with .90 sonic springs and 20 weight oil in the front and a GSX-R rear shock.
  2. They are, It was my first bike and I've owned it since 2008. It was just her time to go.
  3. Said goodbye told an old friend Saturday, and picked up a new one today.
  4. Swapped out the dual Yoshimura slip-ons for the way fancier M4 race system.
  5. She's a rare find. She fully supports my motorcycle addiction and keeps pushing me to get on the race track.
  6. Thanks everyone, and no offense taken Pauly. The SV650 is probably one of Suzuki's greatest creations. I've got an 07 SV650S that I've put over 38k on and have always wanted to try the 1000.
  7. Well not the last time I checked. But Ducati is in Italy and the big 4 from Japan have made v-twins so... want a be Ducati might have been a better hint.
  8. Haha! I feel like all the random bases have been covered. Lets try the big 4 from Japan.
  9. Long time lurker random poster. So my wife got me an anniversary gift. Its a "want a be Italian " anybody got a good guess?
  10. I'm going on 4 weeks now waiting on SV parts from them.
  11. That awkward moment when you're stuck behind the demo truck, and know your not going to make the event.
  12. Congratulations. One of my favorite Z'S
  13. Finally got my quick shifter installed......and it's been pouring all day.
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