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  1. Yeah but I can hardly blame the guy. Spammers suck.
  2. Gnarly. I have done one SaddleSore 1000 on the Multistrada. I used a rigid Camelbak backpack that I would fill with ice when I stopped for fuel. I carried several 32oz Gatorade bottles in my panniers and refilled every time I refueled. I snacked on a PayDay or granola bar at every stop as well. I mounted an EZ Pass and wore earbuds to keep my brain awake. I did stop for lunch at a service exit and managed to pull it off in just over 19 hours. I almost fell over in the last few miles because I forgot to put my foot down at a stop light. I damn near ran the thing because I forgot to pull the brake lever. The first 18 hours were a breeze. That last bit where I had to navigate city streets and intersections damn near got me dead a couple times. I was exhausted... and that was 1000 miles and less than twenty hours. I can't imagine doing something like this in one stretch.
  3. i am old here Welcome!
  4. My guess is it's more about the tires than the wheels.
  5. I got the same model but mine came with a few Klingons.
  6. Pauly

    New color?

    I have always been a fan of the matte blue Kawi put on the 636 in the mid-2000s.
  7. Pauly

    Honda Fury

    If you like the bike and it fits your budget... cool. If you want an opinion on the bike.. it looks boring, slow and uncomfortable. I would not choose that for a cruiser bike.
  8. Pauly

    Honda Fury

    As in it isn't very Fury-ous.
  9. Pauly

    Honda Fury

    It has an ironic name in my opinion.
  10. You really need to stfu about this until I can get my hands on another bike. Erbody know the wing is shit.
  11. EBC HH and call it a day.
  12. Excellent! How do you like the ST, Joel? Seems like a solid mile muncher for sure.
  13. Glad you're both safe. That's a fun but very dangerous road.
  14. I have no pertinent input other than my new Corsair is incredibly comfortable and was never in my way.
  15. Pauly

    i want peni

    Wherever Jen happens to be, I hope she is flying high and loving life. #slappyhands
  16. Basically. I just ride the thing at this point. It has zero flaws minus being a tad under sprung. It's faster than I am, for sure. I moved through the gap faster than I ever have and with less effort than while riding the Supersport, 748 or the Multistrada. My last solid run was on the FZ6 chasing you. I hadn't ridden it that quick on any of the Ducs. This time was considerably quicker. Never touched a peg.
  17. You would think so but not one time have I touched the center stand in a corner. I also ride the bike in its lowest suspension setting because I am vertically challenged. I have only touched foot pegs a few times and the right pannier once. Now the Multistrada used to scrape the center stand all over when I first installed it. Then it finally ground enough metal to keep it off the road in corners. Never once touched a peg down on that bike. I only touched my left pannier when I fell over after hitting that Mazda on the BRP. Doesn't count.
  18. I have scraped footpegs and panniers but never the center stand.
  19. Noon to four pm isnt a large window but we are attempting to be there today.
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