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  1. "everyone wears a fucking mask, dude" If 10% of the greater Akron area is wearing a mask in public, I will eat my shorts. Hell, I will eat your shorts. The only ones consistently wearing masks are people working with food, and even that is not 100%. There is no way you and I have remotely close to the same vantage point. I see the breakdown in our meeting in the middle, now.
  2. You been to a lot of places in a mask, have you? I was in Raleigh when that Subway was bombarded with assholes carrying AR-15s because they were protesting all of this fake, Covid bullshit. The fucking true believers are the shittiest ones in the group. I have yet to be in a physical confrontation(thankfully) , but I have been approached more than once. Not everyone carries their cell phones around their neck with the camera rolling... and there are plenty of vids online. Not all of thit is made up. However, for the sake of what actually matters, let's talk about the healthcare system. This is the infrastructure that WE ALL RELY ON TO KEEP US ALIVE AS LONG AS POSSIBLE. What does their version of America do? FREEDUMB!! all the fuck over the place, when they could just wear the mask because it is in their own best interest, let alone yours and mine. Can we agree that we shouldn't need a law prohibiting fucking kids, but we have a law prohibiting fucking kids for a reason? Sometimes we need to protect ourselves from the absolute lunacy of ourselves. We. The. People. need to make sure our government works for us, even when we need them to. It's why it is there. Don't hold my hand, but use some of that money you get and do something about this whole "this century's plague" thingy. I can't believe our educational system has failed this miserably. We are a nation of idiots. We can do better.
  3. How is making vaccines mandatory for school (childhood general population) any different than making masks mandatory for the workplace, malls and such? Both pose a serious health concern. Both are in place to protect the life of the other person and society as a whole. I will be the first to stand up for your right to defend your life with a firearm... hell, by any means necessary. I see the greater good in the right to self-defense and carry rights. These people saying I am not American because I am standing up for the right to not be harmed by a controllable organism (other countries have all but squashed the spread) because they're too entitled to throw on a lung condom can suck my patriotic dick. Fuck them and their regressive vision for my country. Since when did being American include reckless disregard for your countrymen? We can do better. We need to do better, or we are not going to make it. "Life. Liberty. Pursuit of happiness." Note the one that the other two depend on. Now they're going to tell me what the fuck it means to be an American? Blow me.
  4. Woah... hold the phone, Steve. I didn't call you anything. I asked a question. It's simple. If America would mask up, the discussion of mandatory masks would not be on the table. If Americans slowed their role just a bit, they might understand that masking is the best way to avoid an economic shutdown and a complete onslaught on our healthcare system. It is in EVERYONE'S best interest to put on a mask. This is undeniable, scientific fact. I am sorry if their Bald Eagles are a little bunched, but a very large majority of the population is beyond tired of the mindless drones shitting all over the place. The extreme "my feelings matter" lefties and the uber annoying "jesus loves murica" righties need to sit the fuck down and let the smart people do the driving for a few decades. Americans can do better, but here we are.. pandering to the spoiled brats.
  5. Cause and effect seem to be a sticky wicket for most of you guys. You all realize the mask is the best way to avoid a hot spot, right? Percentages are a funny thing, too. It wasn't sent here via smoke bombs, so the whole "low percentage safe community" argument is seriously stupid. New York, Washington, San Fran... were all low percentage communities at one point.
  6. Do you believe vaccines should be mandatory?
  7. Everyone has to make their own decisions based on their vantage point, Rick. Just remember, not everyone gets to avoid the population or work from the safety of their Amish community. My point of reference is a little cluttered with self-entitled, spoiled assholes that feel the world shouldn't stop churning out their cheap, plastic goodies just because people are dying. It's cool, though. I don't mind not seeing my kid for a few months, missing his 21st birthday or being stuck in a hotel away from my home for weeks at a time, eating in my car because everything is locked down, driving 18 hours to a job site because somehow designer purses and makeup are essential to the American public. Hey, so long as you can all can wipe your asses with clean toilet paper, buy all the booze you need to cope with your boredom, or get your motorcycle tires on time... I know I can sleep at night. I am mostly salty about the shitty looks and comments I get when I try to keep others safe by masking in public... but I am sure I won't catch anything. Totes appreciate the support, though. Speed safe and maybe I will catch you on a ride next summer.
  8. I used to trail brake exclusively with my rear. Then @what told me it was dumb. So I stopped. Now I just downshift to oblivion or stop being a bitch and carry too much corner speed. Now? My brake pads are mint and I buy tires every other week.
  9. That's good mileage. I usually replace rear pads before fronts.. not sure how that happens.
  10. Which is why I avoided the cameras. Fuck those cops.
  11. I peed outside in WV and almost got a ticket. Ask @Skinny guy.
  12. No. I am done. All the evidence is available. Anyone not convinced already cannot be convinced.
  13. That was much more polite than what I originally typed. You can do all the talking from now on. Thanks.
  14. Pauly

    Anyone else looting?

    Yeah.. childish cops wont stop their tantrums. Guess the looters better get back to burning it down.
  15. Drive past a Swensons. The one in Fairlawn looks like a swap meet.
  16. They're fucking stupid. It's as simple as that.
  17. I have only been banned from one subreddit.. and it was that one.
  18. ..and without people wearing masks, we will be forced into another shutdown. The patients are running the asylum.
  19. It is a funny picture, but unless we have two suns... it's a fake.
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