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  1. Good! Buy it before I do!!
  2. Now that is a pair of full-time idiots.
  3. Just got home from Ol' Miss... holy hell was it warm and soggy down there. How do people live like that?
  4. Word. Hey @2talltim, earn your paycheck and stitch this mutt up.
  5. Illinois taking credit for a Kentucky boy.
  6. Those damn horses live better than most people.
  7. List a price or your posting will be deleted. Please and thank you.
  8. Word. I fly to Memphis tomorrow and will be back on Monday. No rush.
  9. Yeah, because a highway blast through the TN/KY mountains on a RT will be so miserable. Anyway... @Blitz, I will put in for vacation as soon as you give the dates for early-mid September. I like the idea of avoiding the holiday insanity.
  10. Yeah...reserve a bike for me and I will parachute as my ride flies by.
  11. 7am or GTFO!! Enjoy the ride guys. My only day off this week is Thursday and it will probably snow that day. Speed safe!!
  12. I now officially know three riders that have ridden a Heavybusa as intended.
  13. I don't want to dampen his spirits.
  14. https://forum.concours.org/index.php?threads/setting-the-suspension-on-the-c14.11199/
  15. https://www.motorcyclistonline.com/suspension-setup-101-part-ii-all-about-damping/
  16. No. It would be tomateno.
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