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  1. What does my opinion of America have to do with the events transpired at the Capitol? I am not the one who stormed the House and beat a police officer to death. Maybe you should ask those fucking idiots what their version of America would look like, if they are intelligent enough to communicate in a polysyllabic fashion?
  2. Very good news for the missus. Glad to hear this, Kent.
  3. I took these today at a rest stop in NC.
  4. When you elect a clown you should expect a circus.
  5. I plan to do a ride with them once I can catch a break with weather and work schedule. So far, they are comfortable, but snug. The fitting instructions say to go towards the smaller size of their fitment guide, as the leather will stretch as they break in. I feel zero stitching or bunching, so far. If these get better with time, then they should be excellent gloves.
  6. No, but they come highly recommended. They arrive today, but I won't be home until next week. I will take some pics and post them.
  7. https://leeparksdesign.com/deersports-pci/
  8. I also dropped coinage at the Goldwing store. New cover and old-man touring gloves.
  9. Uh.... I spent some dodge on Touratech's webstore. B(ig)M(oney)W(asted) is accurate.
  10. Congratulations, Justin! I trust mom is doing well.
  11. As the resident "couldn't give a fuck" moderator, I feel someone should report this comment.
  12. Can we get a moderator up in this mother fucker?
  13. You did it once, and that was way harder than what you have ahead of you.
  14. I used to keep in shape. Now I ride a Goldwing and wear a modular helmet. Pretty sure that means I have given up.
  15. Pauly


    Especially at the Gap.
  16. Pauly

    Brake free

    I understand the idea, but it falls short in the convincing department. Just another thing to deal with before a ride, which is how most of us try to decompress. The perceived margin of safety is anecdotal.
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