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  1. Love the VFR. Classic street bike perfection. Trick #2: Confidence is a byproduct of track days. Not the other way around. Get your gear and get out there. Welcome.
  2. This is a clean Duc. Super fast. Super safe. Super duper sexy. Almost as sexy as the GSA.... almost. Good luck, Ben. Let me know if you decide to dip your toes back into the pool. I'll roll with you any day, Friend. Until then, we will always have beer and golf.
  3. I may take the GSA w/ knobbies and put the BMW electronics through the gauntlet.
  4. Pauly

    Warrant to Convey?

    At least someone reads these threads.
  5. I'm offended that Shaquille O'neal won't return my phone calls. I have some medical bills that require his attention.
  6. Pauly

    shoulder holster

    Fish ain't biting today.
  7. "New Car Scent" air fresheners.
  8. That Hyper will eat a 1098 alive on the street.
  9. Dirty bike. Sparkle farkle. Fancy schmancy.
  10. Oil change for the Honda. Field tested the Harbor Freight 1000lb lift with satisfactory results. This is an older model which seems to have been built a little more sturdy than the new model? I read that on the internet and now so have you. Has to be true. This is the heaviest bike I have ever lifted with it. Detailed it and stared at the fancy front end for a bit. Too bad those orange reflectors shit all over it. Also farkled the BMW with a new oil fill plug. Cut another tool from my travel kit and looks better than the factory plastic plug.
  11. Pauly

    shoulder holster

    I am so done with this forum.
  12. This bad mama jamma is sold.
  13. Aftermath of my commute home.
  14. Not so much a bike thing, but I remedied my tool storage situation. I have been wrenching out of milk crates long enough.
  15. One season. Take your bike to the Smokey Mountains and start climbing.
  16. I did it the hard way for sure. Lol
  17. Bullshit. 1. Buy bike 2. Climb hills 3. Devour pizza. 4. Lose 50 lbs.
  18. How much for the lid and the Sena SRL?
  19. Not shoveling buckets of food down your gullet also helps.
  20. Rode to work today. Left the house at 10am and took 77S to 800/148/145/556 and over the river to New Martinsville. I picked up 180/18/74/47/129 into Weston for lunch. Somewhere along 74 my right pannier kissed the asphalt and I believe that deserves a celebratory glass of whiskey. Guess it can wait until I get home. After lunch I just took 33 into Elkins and stayed on 250 from there all the way to Stanton, VA. Nothing but 81/64 from there to Richmond, but it was a nice wind down stretch of freeway to allow all of my muscles to atrophy and ache. I am grateful for the ability to stand and ride on this bike. It was just about 500 miles from my house to the hotel and I stopped twice. Once for lunch and fuel in Weston and once in Whereversburg, VA for hydration.
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