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  1. Pauly

    2019 Gap Trip.

    What are the official dates for this trip?
  2. Pauly

    You Can Place Orders Now!

    Performance Bike?
  3. Pauly

    2019 Gap Trip.

    Awe, hell. Now I HAVE to go.
  4. My road bike is all set, Jim. You have my number.
  5. Pauly

    The fucking Catalina wine mixer

    Pick a date so I can let Isaac know when to take off from work. His temps arrived in the mail last week and he is scheduled for his OBR class in March. We pick up his first motorcycle this week.
  6. Pauly


  7. Pauly

    OR Bluetooth communication choice

    I have the S3. Works well. Not a huge device, but big enough to operate with gloves. Long lasting battery. Just described my manhood.
  8. Appreciated, but not necessary. Everything works out in the end. I have no regrets about it. The FZ6 will be much more fulfilling to own. Nah.. sold it with worn out PR3s. I have a set of Metzlers in the basement that I bought for it. Kept those.
  9. Alright. ALRIGHT!! You can come down and touch my penis. Just stop whining, already.
  10. Find contentment within yourself and you can ride any bike in a state of oneness with your environment. Except for that fucking Ducati ST3S. FUCK that POS.
  11. Pauly

    2019 Gap Trip.

    They love chicken curry.
  12. Congrats, Doc. Don't fuck with it. Just ride it.
  13. Pauly

    The fucking Catalina wine mixer

    I live even closer, now. Close enough to leave the bicycle at home and ride the Yamaha? Possibly.
  14. Pauly

    2019 Gap Trip.

    Ah, shit. I might have to make it down this year.
  15. No Ducatis. I will bet money on that.