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  1. Totes jelly of your pic. Glad you're vertical!
  2. Pauly

    My mom

    That sucks but sometimes you have to do what you have to do. It's sad that his response is to not see her versus growing the fuck up. Family sucks.
  3. Pauly

    My mom

    Can you set it up with Administration to keep him out of there until he learns to act like an adult?
  4. Like you have shit going on.. please.
  5. I did a thing... should be here next week. Needs a white saddle and bar tape, but basically aesthetically perfect.
  6. I am doing alright. Slowly getting back into things. I will be released for work on the 17th but will be relegated to pointing at things and training our newer techs. I was planning on attempting a short 10-20 mile bicycle ride tomorrow, but the cold is brutal on my chest and shoulder. I may be staying inside.. which I am absolutely tired of at this point. Amanda starts PT next week and is doing better each day. We haven't murdered each other yet, so I think things are looking up. Thanks for asking. Take care, man.
  7. Could we maybe use an invisible theme?
  8. I think @Howabusajust makes stuff up to talk about. Poor lonely bastard...
  9. I may look like shit, but at least my steed looks Aces. Time to put in some work.
  10. Well, I haven't thumbed the starter yet. It's taken some time to get reacquainted with driving the car in traffic without getting jittery. I might be moving too fast but I won't know until the day comes. I am just pushing my comfort level slightly. It won't break my heart to park it for the season and just work on my golf game. I do know that I have to suit up and climb on sometime. I'd like to see some miles this year just to prove to myself that I am still inside this skin suit. The crash was rougher on my psyche than my body and I have some demons to evict. Better get cracking.
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