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  1. Those old man gloves I purchased did awesome yesterday. Heated grips are a must.
  2. 77S to the office and then further to Bolivar for lunch. Then 212 to 21 and then made my way home from there. Weather was pleasant. I have heated grips and vest. Roads were filled with cars and truck. Do not recommend.
  3. Pics. Also, I edited the first post.
  4. Yeah. I am waiting on Issac to send them.
  5. You and me, both. I sent a reminder text to Cpt. Lazy.
  6. If this job has taught me anything.. it is that nothing is absolute. Ride is back on with a 10am departure time.
  7. Ride is scrubbed due to a broken whatchamacalit in Virginia.
  8. Brakes flushed. C'mon Little Miss Sunshine. Don't fail me now.
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