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  1. My cats are miserable, too. Poor little bastards.
  2. They turn red the harder you beat them.
  3. https://khn.org/news/lost-on-the-frontline-health-care-worker-death-toll-covid19-coronavirus/ "Totes not contagious, tho..." -some guy at a mall.
  4. Yeah... Democrats suck. Perhaps I will sit this one out. Seems to be a game one is unable to win.
  5. Yeah.. In the beginning I was also impressed with the president's actions. I was convinced I was voting for Trump all the way into May & June. His most recent about-face and dismissal of the situation is where he lost me, but I will make a deal with you. I will wait for the second half of this video before I cast my vote.
  6. Oh, before op thinks I am ragging his ride... totes not doing that. Just cracking Tim's sesame seeds. Your bike looks dope. Congrats and speed safe.
  7. You should ride mine. I have a step ladder you can borrow.
  8. The blame lands solely on the president. It is his role to lead the nation. He hasn't been passively causing harm. He has actively subverted science and testing to whatever agenda they want to pretend doesn't exist. Our leadership is laughable. When we let morons do dumb shit that endangers themselves, that is called freedom. When we let morons do dumb shit that endangers the infrastructure of our healthcare system, that is called enabling. That is a huge red flag that shines a bright light on the maturity level of the American public. All the president had to do was put on the damn mask, get on the damn television and tell the American people that he knows this shit sucks. "I knows its hella inconvenient and makes this year suck royal balls. Like it, or not, a shitstorm of suck is heading our way. No, we did not create it. Yes, China fucking sucks. However, if we would like to avoid the worst of the shitstorm, then we need to come together and fight this on a united front. Pretending this isn't a big deal is irresponsible and I will not allow any Americans to die needlessly as a result of the apathy of ignorance and greed." Economy saved to the very best of American ability and efforts. Americans united for the first time in his presidency. Flatter curve on the spread. He would have my vote come November. Discounting a very real threat is dangerous leadership and not something that should be dismissed due to the stock market figures. Working within this threat is how we overcome it. This is the new normal, at least for the next few months. People need to get that shit through their thick skulls and stop making petty excuses for not helping out.
  9. Probably anyone lame enough to equate a Suzuki SV with a Ducati anything. And I would ride a 650SV. Those things are a hoot. They're just like real motorcycles.
  10. Get your faggy science out of here, pal.
  11. Oh, snap... why couldn't I make the connection?
  12. I am sure sweet baby jesus will protect all of god's children too ignorant to educate themselves on the science of viral spread and mutation. Sure would be nice if I had a talking donkey to tell me what to do. Oh, wait...we already elected one.
  13. Social distancing ride with the 3rd Reich to finish off the last of the grippy bits on my front tire.
  14. I think mine is the same, but don't really know. I just know the entire system is the best I have ever used. I do know that I can set mine in "Enduro Pro" mode and the brakes unlink, the rear ABS is disabled and front ABS is set to "offroad ABS", whatever the hell that is. Not that I will exert the energy to plug in the dongle to activate the "PRO" modes. Plain, old factory settings are sufficient for my riding style.
  15. I was not in my right mind the other evening, but I stand by my rant. I had some shit to say, apparently. I will do more to social distance from politics on this forum and more to further the sport I love. Stay tuned... Speed safe. Happy 4th.
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