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  1. Meh, they were old and beyond their prime. Hardly worth the effort of masking.
  2. Are they shipping the Yammie to you, or is it gone?
  3. We aren't even busy yet. Just had a meeting to discuss the next year and it's about to get really rough. Same job. Covid has allowed a giant corporation to shift into high gear. We support this "essential" business.
  4. I work 70 hours a week and am hiding from my government.
  5. Pauly

    Near miss

    Hoe. Lee. Chit. Is that @DerekClouser?
  6. Huh, looks like hail. HITLER?!?!
  7. I know a guy that had brain surgery after a crash where they were wearing full leathers and a Snell lid. They (those goddamn lying crackpot surgeons) cracked his skull to relieve the swelling pressure. But downvotes are cool, too. You don't happen to be a chess master, by chance?
  8. Helmets do not prevent brain injury. They greatly reduce the chances of brain injury. There is a difference in helmet effectiveness between manufacturers and safety standards. They are not an absolute, either. Quite similar to the masks.
  9. As an American who has never cast a vote for a Democrat for President, I find your "Republicans are free-thinkers" comment quite amusing. You can be a Republican and not be an idiot. I know, because I am not an idiot and I used to be a Republican. However, you cannot claim masks do not work and not be seen as an idiot... because that is an idiotic thing to proclaim. This has fuck all to do with political ideology. It boils down to the painful truth that a lot of America is really, really dense. A lot of of America is really, really selfish. A lot of America is very un-American.
  10. Turn the channel. God Bless America.
  11. Again... It isn't fear. It's respect for those most susceptible. Not that a twelfth explanation is warranted or remotely effective.
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