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  1. Doesn't HD have a "Why ride it there?" app for this exact purpose?
  2. Pauly

    New to me bike

    Can you find used dog bones on ebay?
  3. Do you have any specific objections to the article?
  4. Tim will be your most reliable source of info on this model, for sure. Hi, @2talltim.
  5. I prefer putting kids in prison.
  6. 450 miles today. Left the house at 6am. Got home at 6pm. The Wing needs a larger fuel tank. Gosh-darned GSA has me spoiled.
  7. The Dakars on my GS may be a permanent fixture. More than enough traction for street duty and just in case... ready for the Zombie Apocalypse.
  8. In the words of @NinjaDoc... "Daaayuuum".
  9. Enjoy yourself. I will be on the road for another 3 weeks. Grumble, grumble.... Anybody want to buy a BMW?
  10. You one them sheepdogs I hear about? Ever vigilant.. waiting and watching in the darkness like Batman. Do you have a cape and fancy car with missiles and switches?
  11. Lol.. when did your brain make that up? I said helmets weren't an absolute in preventing brain trauma, which is what you said they do. You may have caught the Biden memory bug.
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