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  1. Pauly

    2018 Fall Gap Trip?

  2. Pauly

    2018 Fall Gap Trip?

    Do not tempt me.
  3. Pauly

    2018 Fall Gap Trip?

    You and me, both. Fuck that liquid cooled piece of shit.
  4. Pauly

    2018 Fall Gap Trip?

    Went to the garage and found a giant puddle of coolant under the bike. Definitely not riding this Italian shitbox anywhere for a while.
  5. Pauly

    2018 Fall Gap Trip?

    I am not going to make it.
  6. Pauly

    2018 Fall Gap Trip?

    I appreciate that offer, Jacob. If I take Izzy, you won't get her back. Count on that. I miss the shit out of that bike.
  7. Pauly

    2018 Fall Gap Trip?

    Well... it is a very steady leak. I drained the tank and will give the shop a call tomorrow. If they can turn it around quick enough I may be ok. If not, I am without a bike.
  8. Pauly

    2018 Fall Gap Trip?

    Tonight is the night.
  9. Pauly

    2018 Fall Gap Trip?

    There is a shop in Akron that I used for Izzy's tank. Sealed it up with a 3 year warranty. I will use them again.
  10. Pauly

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Did you seariously stand on a ladder to photograph the Italian luggage on your Kawasaki? Don't you ever say shit about my bike.
  11. Pauly

    Hi from Westerville!!

    Jesus... such great material here. Too bad I have turned over a new leaf.
  12. Hello Darkness, my old friend. Another bike sucks wind again. Because a tiny intake valve floating Left both its rider's ear ringing. And the valve was flattened by the piston crown; Not so round. Is that the sound of Triumph?
  13. Pauly

    2018 Fall Gap Trip?

    That leak is a little too close to the vertical exhaust pipe for my comfort level. I have reservations about riding a bomb. Shit.
  14. Pauly

    2018 Fall Gap Trip?

    So, something fun happened today. I found a leak in my fuel tank seam near the hinge weld. Shit.