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  1. I spent some time with Chris on Saturday and he had me focus on my hand grip and that helped me a ton feel more comfortable. I hope to make it to Pitt Race in October.
  2. Watching this makes me realize how painfully slow my corner speed was this past weekend.
  3. 2016 Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 with ABS bought new as a leftover in January of 2018. Dominator Type R Slip On exhaust, o2 optimizer, Fender Eliminator and 60mm bar risers (stock bar risers included). Stand in picture not included. Located in Alliance, Ohio Price - $6,500 obo. Love the bike but looking to move to something dedicated to Track Days.
  4. It is now. Took a little work to get it comfortable. Luckily you can only go about 90 miles on a tank of fuel which is about the limit of sitting on the plywood seat.
  5. Oil Change in the APE last night for hopefully a social distancing ride today. Also got some safety wire done when track days open back up.
  6. Thanks for the info. I've looked at the YCRS and it's a little more than I have budgeted to spend right now but looks very good. I will look into the N2 ATP Course.
  7. So this year I have decided to start doing some track days. I've read a lot of the information posted here under Typical Track Day Q&A and plan to do a couple of days between Nelson's Ledges and PIRC. My question is would be beneficial to do one of the Race Schools this year at either track or just stick to the regular track days? I've raced MX/Flat Track/TT since 99 but definitely not taking for granted the difference on riding on a track for the first time.
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