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  1. That is a bummer, but good luck with the racing. Nelson and PIRC are about the same distance and even though it's more expensive for PIRC I'm going to spend my money there this year.
  2. I signed up for April PITT. April feels like a year away at this point.
  3. Took advantage of the weekend heat wave and mounted up a new Beringer Master Cylinder.
  4. I definitely welcome your feedback and what you are saying and watching a full session back makes a lot of sense. I did think in my head I had to slam on the brakes to get slowed down for the slow corners and was hard at the time to ease on the brakes and flow through the corner. Thanks for the link as well. I am really looking forward to spending a lot of time at PIR next year.
  5. Went to Carolina Motorsports Park this past weekend for Saturday only. Well worth the 9 hour drive. Facility was great and pavement was excellent. Still a lot to work on with body position. Intermediate had a rough day and was red flagged almost every session.
  6. I just booked the Nov 21st at CMP. I was not able to make it to Barber for the N2 event. If that ends up working for you let me know. We're not too far apart.
  7. Has anyone here have an opinion on Barber versus Carolina Motorsports Park? Trying to head south in November to get one more day or two in.
  8. Bell Race Star Carbon - $275 obo + Buyer pays shipping from 44601 Size - XL Build Date - 06/2016 Comes with 'PROTINT' transition shield, Red Shield, Clear Shield and spare 40mm Cheek Pads. Liner new for 2020 with 35mm Cheek pads.
  9. I spent some time with Chris on Saturday and he had me focus on my hand grip and that helped me a ton feel more comfortable. I hope to make it to Pitt Race in October.
  10. Watching this makes me realize how painfully slow my corner speed was this past weekend.
  11. 2016 Aprilia Dorsoduro 750 with ABS bought new as a leftover in January of 2018. Dominator Type R Slip On exhaust, o2 optimizer, Fender Eliminator and 60mm bar risers (stock bar risers included). Stand in picture not included. Located in Alliance, Ohio Price - $6,500 obo. Love the bike but looking to move to something dedicated to Track Days.
  12. It is now. Took a little work to get it comfortable. Luckily you can only go about 90 miles on a tank of fuel which is about the limit of sitting on the plywood seat.
  13. Oil Change in the APE last night for hopefully a social distancing ride today. Also got some safety wire done when track days open back up.
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