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  1. As long as I am not on the @TimTheAzn payment plan.
  2. Yeahhhhh I already scheduled the vacation days for it next year too. Maybe try and squeeze in a trip to either VIR, NC or CMP.
  3. Heard that. 9 MPG to Barber and back was not easy on the wallet.
  4. That's Georgina. Nothing like a little target fixation into that right hander before you jump the curb.
  5. Made the trek to Barber this past weekend with N2. 12 hour drive was worth it. Got down to a 1:48 so I was happy with that for my first time there. Track and facility was awesome.
  6. Another good shot from the Gopher.
  7. No it was a ZX10. I think he had an Arai Helmet. You guys do a great job. I had a great day on my end and got to ride with a CR for a couple of laps. I've been able to do seven N2 days this year and have been happy with all of them. I think there was 50 in Intermediate so I know it was tough for the CR's to be everywhere. I raced MX and Flat track/TT for 15 years so close riding doesn't bother me. Like you said after a wet day everyone seemed to have had extra confidence and less patience.
  8. Yeah my buddy had a nice little low side into 4 at the end of the day in Novice. I got stood up twice in corner entry by the same guy but it looked like Chris pulled him off and gave him an ear full. We wanted to do Road Atlanta and CMP but work has other plans. Hopefully next year.
  9. In the afternoon Chris told Intermediate to either get their shit together or he was parking the whole group. @TimTheAzn & @Jester_ are you guys going to make the trip to Barber in November? We are headed down for both days.
  10. Anybody know if the guy on the Harley at PITT on Sunday is alright?
  11. Another beautiful day at PIRC. Looking forward to being back on the 10th. My right hand was going numb Sunday about half way through the session and I need to work on getting that chicken wing down on the tank.
  12. Yeah yeah you were probably like not this squid again...LOL I'll wait till 8:45 to talk to you this time. Intermediate before an Endurance weekend was definitely like entering Thunder dome but a hell of a good time.
  13. I'll be there. #22 Black Honda CBR in Intermediate. Come say hi. I talked a buddy into getting a track bike and will be his first day too. You will not be disappointed with the track or the facility.
  14. I got the bump in the morning to I. Hopefully we can work together the next time you are CR for I.
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