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  1. Ohio Riders Unofficial Mid-Ohio Track Day 2018

    i'm close to six feet and that sucks because it makes it hard to fold up out of the wind. if i were 5'8" life would be a lot easier.
  2. How much should this cost me?

    putting a tight tire on is easier if you use a rubber lubricant like P-80. it's super expensive but a little goes quite a ways. i use it on tires, seals, O-rings, and so on. goes away after it dries. https://www.google.com/search?q=p-80+lubricant&source=lnms&tbm=shop&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjH1fzz8f_XAhVP02MKHSBlBzwQ_AUICigB&biw=1143&bih=549&dpr=1.63#spd=2267592297128014198 ^^^this is really cheap, for 200 ml. i got an $800 jug for 20 bucks on eBay once.
  3. trackbike

    sure have a ways to go still . . .
  4. trackbike

    lol we'll see what comes in the mail. still haven't seen the frame.
  5. trackbike

    you're right at that. i was originally going to build a 750 and put a disc brake on the front, at least. but then i thought, well, maybe it would be interesting to compete with it after all. for the AHMRA stuff, the machine would be in "classic sixties," which nixes increasing the bore, and limits the machine to period brakes, suspension, and carburation. that puts some pretty severe limits on things, but the forks are in pretty good shape, anyway: just need some tubes and new rubber bits
  6. trackbike

    okay you folks have got me hooked on trying out track days. but i don't have a machine to run that way, so i'm gathering up parts for a 650 triumph, because that's what i understand. got a frame coming from georgia, and a rear section i already have with fuel and oil tanks, pegs, motor mounts, tin ware, controls and instruments, an ignition and carburetors left over from another project, and even a seat. no wheels until i found a guy north of detroit who had these: two twin leading shoe front wheels in the bunch, plus a couple of 50s-60s front wheels i can flip to pay for what i needed out of the lot. there was more i brought home, but the 60-year-old stuff isn't useful for what i need here, except to sell on eBay to help pay for it. the motor and head are street-tuned stuff i have left over from the mile bike. if i put in a hotter cam along with a rebore, i might have something that can hold its own in the corners, although the straights will be a totally humorous matter. most of the fork assembly is coming from northern california, a late 60s unit with rebound damping. hard to get those these days, so i'm building it up with old hard parts and new tubes. this will be a slow-motion build, as i don't have time or money much to spare, but it will happen. stay tuned.
  7. How much should this cost me?

    this is all you need: i've never had three. buying a set of tire irons would be cheaper than paying somebody else to do it, and you have the irons afterwards. forty minutes.
  8. Truck driving

    this is the biggest trucker internet forum https://www.thetruckersreport.com/truckingindustryforum/threads/tanker-comanies-that-pay-o-o-i-c-percentage-pay.254908/page-3?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIvMzVnoHL1wIVEcZkCh0Hlg4mEAAYASAAEgLaevD_BwE#post-5043016
  9. Truck driving

    i've driven a truck for a living for almost 10 years now, in a bunch of different configurations: van, reefer, and flatbed OTR, dump, brine transports, water bottles, rolloffs, and currently sand boxes: i took roehl transport's contract system. they pay you to drive up to wisconsin, spend three weeks in training, take your test, and then put you in a semi over the road with a trainer. two or three weeks later, you're on your own. if you stay with the company a year, the school is free. quit early, and you pay back a prorated amount. their training is excellent, the pay is entry-level. most drivers move on to something better after two years. OTR is not for everybody. i'm mostly home every night doing the sandboxes, but atm i'm in eastern pennsylvania parked in a flying j, home tomorrow after two weeks living in the sleeper.
  10. Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    if i cut out food carbs and tequila, i can lose two pounds a week. went from 210 to 186 in about 90 days, in time for ECTA in 2016. giving up the tequila is lots harder than cutting the carbs.
  11. Ohio Mile - Standing mile top speed bike

    speaking of slow stuff and how to avoid it, a friend of mine worked bonneville as the two-mile-mark spotter this year. he told me they had to shut down the event because a bunch of tourists had wandered out into tbe race track midway and had to shooed away. the course is so long he never saw any of it and followed the comedy over the radio.
  12. Ohio Mile - Standing mile top speed bike

    well, yes, but if safety was what it was all about we wouldn't be riding a motorcycle in the first place. gotta start somewhere.
  13. Ohio Mile - Standing mile top speed bike

    i'm looking more into track days than vintage racing. vintage racing seems to be for people that are into serious history, and so there are various requirements for period authenticity in terms of what changes you can make. plus there will be serious ex-professional machinery there. i'm not really interested in authenticity as much as function, or in competition as much as just learning to ride better. that sounds much more like the track day system. i do have a 97 buell that is way faster than any of the old stuff i ride, but it shifts on the wrong side and handles poorly. it would be lots better if i made a project about dialing in the suspension, but it would be more interesting for me to just gather up some stuff lying around my shop and build something simpler. if there's room for a machine that tops out around 115 or 120 on the same track as the newer stuff, then that's what i'm looking for.
  14. Ohio Mile - Standing mile top speed bike

    boy, that's a temptation. never thought about that one
  15. Ohio Mile - Standing mile top speed bike

    nah, the mile bike isn't even barely streetable without a steel jock strap. . i have a 2500-foot airport runway to tune it on, though, and it can be doing close to 100 there before i have to shut off. but that's just tuning. competitive LSR is spread pretty thin. there are only about three to six times a year i can take it out, and it's expensive to get there. loring is 1100 miles. arkansas is 663. both are investments of about a week. that's a major reason i'm listening to you road race people. what are the classes at the ohio tracks? all my stuff is slow, by modern standards, and shifts on the right.