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  1. Random Thoughts thread

    four days off. rain has just started.
  2. Random Thoughts thread

    this is a random thought.
  3. Anti-Trump Rally

    that was genuinely profound.
  4. Ohio Mile - Standing mile top speed bike

    tonya runs the show, and she'll be able to answer any general questions. if you want to just go all-out stupid fast, motocat is right, the busas will do it. but it's pretty rarified and pretty expensive to play up there. the busas do 240 or so, and the big harleys do 200. or just go nuts:
  5. Ohio Mile - Standing mile top speed bike

    and another thing . . . lol you don't need to build anything special to get started. the production class is just that, production-- you aren't allowed to change anything that shows. tune up whatever you like to ride and race it, and while you're there look at what everybody else is running and decide how fast you want to spend. life is short. race now.
  6. Ohio Mile - Standing mile top speed bike

    you need to get hold of a rule book, because whatever you build will be judged against the rules of the class you get put in. if you build a great machine but just happen to choose a configuration that puts you in the bottom of the next higher speed class, you'll have fun but you won't be competitive. here's what i mean. i race a 1965 triumph bonneville at the ohio mile and at loring, in maine, M/PG 650/4. that means naked bike, modified production frame, no more than 650 cc, pushrod valves, 4-stroke gasoline. i run against other 650 pushrod gasoline bikes only. it's competitive in that class. but my machine is 649cc, bone stock. if i bore it 0.040 over, the motor is over 650cc, not much , but over. so if i bore it, even just to clean up the cylinders, i'll have to race against the 750s, and they'll clean my clock. i knew that when i built it, so i started with new cylinders to stay in the 650 class. th ekey is to build the absolutely fastest machine you can, while staying inside the rules for the slowest class you can enter it in. i can do 128 mph with mine right now, against the world record of 133. my machine is still in development, and i'm looking for 134 this spring. you'll have the choice of naked, partial streamlined, streamlined, gasoline, fuel, stock, modified, altered, and so on. you can get into anything-- i've seen 240+ mph hayabusas waiting in line alongside 50cc nitrous injected sidecars that topped out at 46 mph. the odd stuff is the most interesting, and you'll see it all. get a copy of the rules from tonya turk, at ECTAmembership@hotmail.com, or let me know your address and i'll send you a copy of one of mine from last year--they don't change much from year to year, and you'll be able to see what sort of machine interests you. but you can race absolutely anything you're interested in riding.
  7. Ohio Mile - Standing mile top speed bike

    bonneville is kind of iffy these days. not enough salt left to run every year.
  8. Ohio Mile - Standing mile top speed bike

    don't want to be a wet blanket, but the ohio mile is currently dead. wilmington declined to renew the relationship at the airport, and the ECTA is still looking for another strip. last i heard there was a dim possibility of getting wilmington back. people here have been going to loring, maine instead. they raced there last weekend. https://www.flickr.com/photos/101319891@N08/sets/72157667980099782/with/26321517534/
  9. What did you do to your bike today?

    heads off. looks like detonation on the left . . . but on the right the carbon is chewed up nextto the plug . . . got no idea what's going on with that
  10. Random Thoughts thread

    working too many hours a day these days. no time for anything.
  11. What did you do to your bike today?

    put the LSR up on the lift. it's got close to 30 runs on it and i need to get the motor out and see if i have any rod bearings left.
  12. What did you do to your bike today?

    took the carbs apart on the commando to see what the mains were. i was reminded of an old norton mechanic i once knew who explained that when commandos were built, the factory hung the airbox up in the air and then assembled the rest of the motorcycle around it with zero clearance. i think he was right.
  13. 1965 triumph bonneville

  14. What did you do to your bike today?

    took the norton out, first time since the kickstand self-destructed. no fun riding it when i have to look for a tree to lean it against whenever i stop. super slow. carburetors are lean on the main jet, good everywhere else. i need to look inside and see what's in there. nothing fell off!