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  1. the one on the right must be talking about herself
  2. Muckles and I road 555 from Duncon Falls to rt 7 yesterday fun ride
  3. Early out means early in🤣
  4. I can meet you in Carrollton at 9:30 where in Carrollton
  5. I might be interested but like Pauly said some of 18 sucks 74 to 18 to 180 to New Martinsville is better.What route are you taking to St Marys
  6. That was a fun loop 405 miles
  7. I'm getting ready to leave now hope your enjoying nc
  8. Going to ride 16 to smithville wv then 47 to cox mills then 47 to 74 to 18 anyone interested
  9. I wont have a problem with a relaxed pace see you there
  10. If you have a extra one I would go
  11. I enjoyed myself throughly....it was nice seeing you again Durk
  12. No it was just Pauly,Durk,Nivin and Skinny
  13. Put full Akrapovic exaust,sprint air filter,relocated iat and installed Bren Tune Stage 2 ecu tune all I can say is WOW
  14. 🤣No tacos for me if that's what it does to you
  15. Has anyone used balancing beads
  16. I did stop at the car wash to clean some of the grime off
  17. Would you be able to ride on Saturday or Sunday 

    1. NinjaDoc


      less likely, family stuff going on.  plus weather looks like big suspect. I will txt you if at all i can get out. 

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