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  1. Skinny guy

    is winter over by this week ?

    If the weather permits I'll be there 😎
  2. Skinny guy

    is winter over by this week ?

    Your a real dreamer 🤣
  3. Skinny guy

    2019 Gap Trip.

    I'm still waiting to see if I'll have a job after April
  4. Skinny guy

    OG the most hated guess bike thread after many years :)

    Ducati multistrada
  5. Skinny guy

    SEO this weekend 10/12-10/13

    What time saturday
  6. Skinny guy

    Ride 9/29

    Rode 326 miles with Shoop had a great time
  7. Skinny guy

    What did you do to your bike today?

    How many miles did you get out of it
  8. Skinny guy

    Ride 9/29?

    I will be there
  9. Skinny guy

    Ride 9/29?

    That sounds really good I'm in
  10. Skinny guy

    Ride 9/29?

    I'm riding on Saturday just not sure where. I really like the wv ride
  11. Skinny guy

    Ride 9/29?

    That's perfect riding weather
  12. Skinny guy

    Ride 9/29?

    Have you decided where your going to ride to?
  13. Skinny guy

    Ride 9/29?

    I don't think so
  14. Skinny guy

    Ride 9/29?

    I'm interested if you don't mind waiting at every stop