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  1. I wont have a problem with a relaxed pace see you there
  2. If you have a extra one I would go
  3. I enjoyed myself throughly....it was nice seeing you again Durk
  4. No it was just Pauly,Durk,Nivin and Skinny
  5. Put full Akrapovic exaust,sprint air filter,relocated iat and installed Bren Tune Stage 2 ecu tune all I can say is WOW
  6. 🤣No tacos for me if that's what it does to you
  7. Has anyone used balancing beads
  8. I did stop at the car wash to clean some of the grime off
  9. Would you be able to ride on Saturday or Sunday 

    1. NinjaDoc


      less likely, family stuff going on.  plus weather looks like big suspect. I will txt you if at all i can get out. 

  10. Just got home 300.7 miles to Hundred wv and back.
  11. I think I'm going to head south depending on how I feel may go to hundred wv
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