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  1. Skinny guy

    Saturday the 19th

    Enjoy your ride it looks like the season may be over after this weekend
  2. Skinny guy

    Saturday the 19th

    This has been the best riding season so far for me howabusa if you still want to ride give me a time and place to meet
  3. Skinny guy

    Saturday the 19th

    Anyone still planning on riding Saturday
  4. Skinny guy

    Saturday the 19th

    Haven't thought about where to go will determine that when we see how long everyone can stay out
  5. Skinny guy

    Saturday the 19th

    Anyone interested in riding on Saturday the 19th
  6. If I didn't have to work I would be there,maybe ill call off 😎
  7. I'm still holding out hope for Saturday because Sunday would be no go for me😡
  8. The weather dont look very promising for Saturday
  9. Skinny guy

    Sat 10-5-19 ride?

    Fun ride Nivin I think I've turned into a mach retard hooligan
  10. I plan to attend not sure what group
  11. Skinny guy

    Poll: Dates for Fall 2019 EPIC Ride

    I'm old 63 later this month
  12. Skinny guy

    Ride 9/21

    I enjoyed myself throughly....it was nice seeing you again Durk
  13. Skinny guy

    Ride 9/21

    No it was just Pauly,Durk,Nivin and Skinny
  14. Skinny guy

    Emergency fall trip.

    You said ball🤣