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  1. Skinny guy

    Ride Friday 5/25

    I will just plan on being in Beasville at 1:30.I don't mind waiting I'll just grab a bite to eat see you there
  2. Skinny guy

    Ride Friday 5/25

    If you know what time you will be in beasville I would ride back with you
  3. Skinny guy

    Made the down payment on my first new bike ever.

    I could help you on Friday let know
  4. Skinny guy

    Saturday 5/5 or Sunday 5/6 ride

    I would be interested if the pace is reasonable like med.Saturday
  5. Skinny guy

    SEO Spring Ride Friday April 13th

    Finally made it home at 6:30 had to deal with more one lane roads,a detour and a wreck .great ride thanks for posting it.367 miles
  6. Skinny guy

    SEO Spring Ride Friday April 13th

    Perfect thanks
  7. Skinny guy

    SEO Spring Ride Friday April 13th

    Can we meet in Caldwell instead?
  8. Skinny guy

    SEO Spring Ride Friday April 13th

    I'll be there,if the time changes post it
  9. Skinny guy

    SEO Spring Ride Friday April 13th

    No someone changed my profile picture?
  10. Skinny guy

    SEO Spring Ride Friday April 13th

    What time
  11. Dude, why is your profile pic one of mine?  My bike, sitting in my shop????

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    2. Rodehard


      It's easy, just go to your profile, then click the little gray square button by your profile pic, then you can select another picture saved on your computer/phone whatever you are using.

    3. Skinny guy

      Skinny guy

      I tried it says file size too big?

    4. Rodehard


      Ah, no trouble there.  On your computer, go to the folder with the picture, click the picture just once, then click it again using the right button on your mouse/laptop touchpad.  you'll see a menu open up, scroll down the menu to the "open with", a flyout menu will then appear - select Paint.  The picture will open in a program called paint.  In the upper left corner of the paint app is a button that looks like an old 3.5" flopppy - click that, then select save as.  Type in a new file name to save the picture as (so you don't mess with the original picture).  Click the "resize" button in the upper left area, a dialog box will open, and you can resize by percentage.  Notice there is another option to resize by pixels.  I'd use percentage (try 30% for both horizontal and vertical), then click OK.  The pic will get smaller.  Keep doing this until you get the picture down to about 260ish x 260ish pixels.  That should be the right size for the profile pic, that's what mine is.

      If you have trouble, just send me the pic and I can resize it for you.  Happy to help.

  12. Skinny guy

    Saturday 10/21 Repeat Ride

    Looks like I can't make it