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  1. Opinions are like a certain body part. Everybody has one. Here is mine. I recently bought a 2017 Tri Glide from Northstar HD in Sunbury. At 42,500 with taxes and fees its not a trivial investment, for me anyway. When I asked about the fact that the non adjustable clutch lever does not engage until it is almost fully extended a salesman suggested I get an adjustable clutch lever, which I did from Oberon. Without an adjustable lever if you have smaller hands get used to working that lever with 2 or 3 fingers, especially on right hand turns. Doesn't take long to realize that the Milwaukee 8 engine on that trike runs very hot. My previous bike was the 2053 CC Vulcan and it didn't generate nearly as much heat as this blast furnace. I'm a Viet Vet and plan on doing Rolling Thunder next year. I needed a solution. Harley used to make a 'parade fan' but they did not work well at all and they stopped making them about 3 years ago after too many complaints. HD Forums told me about the Love Jugs, an apparently super efficient cooling system for Harley V Twins. After checking things out I ordered a Coolmaster unit at $400. I like checking forums for opinions on products and the forums I checked gave rave review to both the Oberon clutch level and the Love Jugs. Good to go! Now this particular dealer is telling me that they will not install ANY after market part that is not HD. I took the case to a manager who took it higher and I was turned down. I understand as a private business they have that right, but the vendor (Steve at Love Jugs http://love-jugs.com/) tells me he's NEVER heard of a Harley dealer refusing to install his product. There is another dealer up here that has the same mindset, Iron Pony. They are your best friend until you roll out the door. Then its Fuck You!. So Northstar Harley can refuse me service (I even asked just for a one time exception) and I have the right to slam these assholes in every bike forum I can find.
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