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  1. treelimb.1

    AIM Expo 9-22 & 9-23 who's going.

    I'm probably going to do the ride/ subd thing from Iron Pony to Aim but head home after that working third shift makes it a long day for anything past noon. just be nice to hang out with other riders for a change.
  2. treelimb.1

    New Keltec KSG's in stock

    do you take kidneys as payment? i'll give up one of those, or a lung, how about an eye got two of those too... testicle?
  3. treelimb.1

    Organizing a Ride from Columbus

    ha ha thanks. glad to be around, seriously though a group ride would be cool. i try to get out on a joy ride at least once a week other than that i ride to work when its not raining. i haven't been to any of the bike nights if c'bus yet because most of them happen when i'm working. hows the euro bike night at that haufenbraus (german place that i'll never pronounce or spell right)? i know i ride the bastard of all bastards a metric cruiser but i think it would class the joint up a bit.
  4. treelimb.1

    Organizing a Ride from Columbus

    I'm on the south side of columbus, i'd be up for a ride if you get something together. oh and i'm one of the slow ones, not like drooling all over the place slow but i probably should wear a helmet full time.
  5. treelimb.1


    thanks for letting me know about the ride, i have to work or i would go.
  6. treelimb.1


    Thanks for the welcome. When do you guys do most of your riding? I try to get out in the morning on monday thru wednesday on my days off, and sunday afternoon. If anyone wants to go for a ride hit me up.
  7. treelimb.1


    Hey guys just found this site, started riding at the end of March. I'm from the Columbus area and hope to meet some people to ride with.