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  1. A man's work is never done. Everything looks great.. then the muffler blew from an earlier repair. Who makes this crap!? Does anyone have a muffler?
  2. My first brazing attempt with AL-3. I also bought some Alumiweld from Harbor Freight, but the AL-3 seemed to do the trick. I saw a guy preheat his block in a gas BBQ. I don't know if that is necessary, but from my knowledge of microchips and heatsinks it sounds like a damn good idea. Now I just need to unbolt the block from the frame and put it in my wife's oven and pre-heat it to 400F without her being home and knowing about it. Any comments and suggestions is appreciated, including excuses for the Mrs if she finds out.
  3. Thanks for telling me this. I'm just getting to know the material and the use of AL-3 and Alumiweld. On a practice piece I see exactly what you are saying. I melted part of the aluminum. Ouch!
  4. Finally after getting a long awaited tool, a Bristle Disk for aluminum, can proceed.
  5. Thanks... I appreciate your support. I'll definitely look up the PDFs.
  6. The engine is a 2008. I'll probably never use the puller again, but it's good to know that I can use it for many other things. And I'm glad you mentioned the seal. A friend of mine said go get a gasket and not use the JB Sealer. You echoing that convinces me to go get the right part. I'm concerned about the timing when I put it all back together. I'm glad I took a lot of pictures. Hopefully that will help.
  7. Alright... this is the first engine I ever opened... I don't think I'll every buy another Kohler if I can help it. One crummy bolt was loose and because of it the block cracked. For the future, if there's a future for this engine, I might be able to get to the bolt to tighten it without removing the fly wheel. As for Kohler to know that this design flaw exists on every vertical shaft engine of their's for years and not address the problem in my opinion says a lot about Kohler. I never had problems like this with Briggs&Stratton engines. For this project I had to buy a puller, another first, and discover if the bolts are standard or metric. Lucky me... this entire lawn tractor is mixed.
  8. With so many options to choose from and the reasons for not have one is diminishing rapidly I have to ask: 1) What action cam are you using with your bike today? 2) What action cam do you wish you had instead? 3) What available options do you like most now and what do you want to see in the future? 4) And why?
  9. That was back in 2012/13. Whatever became of that?
  10. http://www.greencarreports.com/news/1104090_2016-isle-of-man-tt-zero-race-electric-motorcycles-pushing-the-boundaries
  11. BeanCoAuto... conserves gas... fart in a jar.
  12. Questions like that didn't stop Ford or Edison. In fact Ford was all about selling parts because he knew that's where the money was... still applies today. Parts and service... a fricken nightmare.
  13. I saw that and immediately thought of the BMW in reverse. Yes... I think that engine is pretty sweet and I am surprised that BMW is not on that bandwagon.
  14. Yes, electricity has huge torque advantages over conventional engines and the batteries are getting much better. As for distances... you cannot beat gas, hands down, for now. According to claims... this type of engine is not only much lighter, consumes less gas, much smaller, less complicated and thus more reliable, it also has more power. But theory is doesn't amount to a hill of beans if your life is on the line.
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