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  1. I just need someone who knows their way around a bike cause I sure don’t. Lol. I have another post on here. Short story. 2012 Xr650l died on me last year now won’t start. I have tools just need know how. Lol. Thanks all.
  2. Thanks motocat12 will do tomorrow. I just don’t know why last year it wouldn’t start. When it died while I was riding I didn’t know what to do. Towed it home and parked it. If my floats were sticking would that foul my plug and give me no spark?
  3. Hey all last year rode my bike all over. At the end of last year went for ride and it died on me. Couldn’t get it to start back up. Now it just cranks and cranks. It sat over winter I replaced the CDI but with cheap one. Now when I crank I have gas coming out of air filter area. Not mechanically inclined. Please help. Moved to Chillicothe Ohio and know nobody. Thanks I’m advance.
  4. Ok awesome. I’ll get this thing down yet!! Thanks CrazySkullCrusher ?
  5. I found a buddy that’s going to help me with the “Dave’s Carb Mod” after that what size jets should I order before we begin? I’m in Cols Ohio and 1140 above sea level. Should I just order the Dyno kit or FMF kit or should I just go to jets r us and order 2-3 from there? Thanks all so much help. Love it. Stay safe out there.
  6. I know but hell I can’t even get the headers to seal right and I have a leak where the muffler and pipe meet. I just did half as but still. Just frustrating. I about to look up stoutsville and take a road trip. Lol.
  7. Well I like the looks and the sound of the after market pipes and headers. I have desmogged it. But now with new pipes people telling me need to do Dave’s carb and new jets. I can do car brakes and a tune up I just don’t feel comfortable tearing down bike and messing with carb. Plus don’t have a lot of knowledge of how to. Just wanna ride and hope I can meet new people and they can rub their knowledge of stuff off on me. Just rode as a kid xr100 and kx80s. Now I’m in 40s and got the itch again. Got it used and it had Big tank on it and that’s it. Thanks for your reply guys.
  8. Hello all well it’s almost time to get my Pig out. I just bought fmf powerbomb headers and the fmf q4 muffler. I need help with jetting and doing Dave’s carb mod. I live in Columbus oh and will pay for some help. Thanks all.
  9. Cool thanks all. I might do the spring adventure that B-mac posted. Def going to do the hand signals. Love to see some waterfalls down at dorr. Thanks again all!!
  10. Thinking about riding in Wayne Nat. I'm new at this and want to know is it pretty safe to ride by yourself? Are there any places I should avoid or must see? Thanks all!
  11. Where should I buy the smog block off kit and the kit to do daves carb mod?
  12. Thanks smccrory. Makes me feel mush better. I'd love to meet you and your friends at your next party PM being? Pre maintenance? I'm in Hilliard. My work schedule is weird too. Like I said I work in labors union and been laid off since December. Going back in next week or two. I normally work 7am-3pm m-f but some days when we have to close a freeway lane or close a road and off ramps I'll get off at noon go back at 7pm work till 5am but then have next day off. So it's weird and hectic makes planning anything a nightmare!! You can PM me anytime or email Marine3313@gmail.com. Thanks again. Richard
  13. Man super nice bike!! My sons in love and now he says he wants to borrow what he's short!! BUT he's short the whole way!!
  14. Thanks ScubaCinci. I think I might. I just watched a de smog vid on you tube. That one don't look too bad. And who knows. Maybe I'll run into a new buddy on the trails. Thanks again all and if you know of anyone pm me. Be safe. Thanks again.
  15. Welcome. I'm new on here too. I live in the west Columbus / Hilliard area.
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