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  1. I'm in for this! I'm an early riser so 10AM is no problem. It'll give me time to lube chain, air up the tires, and top off the oil. I'm looking forward to meeting OR guys and riding some different roads.
  2. Post up those pics! I love a good build thread. I've been streetfightering my '01 Bandit for 19 years now so I have a little experience. I'm also pretty good with electrical so feel free to ask. I'm not in NE OH though, Cols here.
  3. And where do we meet? I'll find out today if my customers are postponing their visit tomorrow. I might be feeling too sick to go to work tomorrow.
  4. I don't make them and the guy who made mine has moved on from machining motorcycle parts. I have a friend who has used these guys several times https://www.fastec-racing.co.uk/collections/yokes And I bought a fork extender once from here https://www.billetbikebits.com/forks Both do nice work and will do any custom parts you want.
  5. Unfortunatly, I guess I'm essential. I took 5 consecutive Fridays off to grind stumps, till, haul 5 yards of topsoil, rake, and plant grass. But this is what I have now.
  6. And here's a couple of the finished front end - if anything is ever really finished...
  7. I assume you want USD forks, then you'll definitely need different triples. I have a 2nd gen Bandit with Hayabusa forks. It wasn't too difficult. I had to use the stock steering stem but everything else is 'busa. There are a lot more guys in England who do things like this and a few machine shops over there that make custom triples to match your bikes stem to the forks you want. The US dollar is strong vs the British pound so, even with overseas shipping, it's not as expensive as you might think. You might try trolling some of the Brit forums for better info than you can get here. A 650 is also considered a bigger bike over there so more guys are modding them than you'll find on this side of the pond. Here's a pic of the top triple I had made in England.
  8. Not as much fun as bike building, but here's before and after in my backyard this spring. I had about 1000 sq ft of dying English ivy that is now lawn.
  9. With 11 months warning, I should be able to keep my schedule clear for this. Unless you're talking Jul 7th, 2022, I'm already booked that day. 😎
  10. And there are no blind hills or curves!
  11. You can thank me and my luck. Two days before Qatar was cancelled, I spent over $200 to get the VideoPasses for MotoGP and WSBK. Now that I've waited 4 1/2 months to use it and they show it on a cable channel I was already getting! Oh well, I got to spend the weekend watching some great qualifying and MotoE, 2, & 3 races. I'll get my money's worth. Today at lunchtime, a socially distanced group of friends and I watched the MotoGP on a big screen TV at work. What a race! This will definitely be an interesting season.
  12. Thought the front wheel looked Suzuki-like. What's the rear wheel? Is that from the Honda? Kinda looks like a Comstar but it's cast. The finned drum brake is retro cool.
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