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  1. I sent this to our new IT AI assistant on Teams. It was more fun than it should have been. Does that make me a nerd?
  2. My buddy modified the Venn diagram from the previous post. I'm sure we can all agree.
  3. It was nearly new when the PO crashed it this spring. I'll check the code and then I'll dismount it to look inside. Maybe I'll keep it to use in a pinch. The rear is perfect.
  4. Those are beautiful! Let's see a pic of the bike with them installed.
  5. Spent a few hours stripping the crashed bike. There was some serious carnage inflicted. PO was lucky to survive. Damn, was it ever hard to pull that bent front axle out! Thought I was going to have a nearly new Angel front tire but it beat up pretty bad. Would you ride on it? It still holds air and the rim is OK. Good news - the shock is just like my Hayabusa shock but it's been fully RaceTech'd. I thought I'd have to swap the spring but the PO had an identical 800lb Eibach!
  6. And today I got the master cylinder mounted & adjusted and the brake light switch spliced in.
  7. Got the Brembos swapped from the wreck to my bike. Hardest part was stripping the old wrecked fairing from the donor. I'll never own a bike with a fairing. Naked FTW!
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