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  1. Was planning to change bushings & seals in my '03 Hayabusa forks as part of my winter maintenance but it seems these forks do not have replaceable bushings. Does anybody here have a 'busa and know about the forks? Has anybody heard about these fork bushings getting sloppy or do they just last forever? Do I need to buy new fork uppers to get bushings pre-installed? Can I get new fork uppers at a reasonable price anywhere? I've been running these forks since '14 with RaceTech springs and I've always kept clean oil in them and service them regularly. I got them 2nd hand so I have no idea what they've been through before I got them. Could they really be ready for the scrap bin?
  2. Looks like Pixar got the contract to design the new mail trucks!
  3. City BBQ, Penn Station, Qdoba, and Chick Fil A
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