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  1. Hope you didn't get the beans on top of the frank!
  2. Don't know Kovac but I'll bet he gets the cement in this time. My wife has had both knees done by an Orthopedic One doc (McShane) at Riverside. Hope your wife's recovery goes as well as mine's did.
  3. Ouch, that sucks! Coming to Columbus for that is definitely the right way to go. Who is her new surgeon?
  4. Throwing those screws away was always the best choice even if they weren't damaged. I remember back in my motocross days, the local shops used to sell hex head replacement kits. Funny story About 6 months ago, I decided I liked my Vessel crosshead drivers so well that I jumped on Amazon and ordered a set that had flat and crossheads so I could take my Crapsman drivers to work. In a rare Amazon shipping snafu, the order got damaged and was delayed. I was showing the Amazon link to a friend who also likes nice tools and he asked if I could order a set for him so I did. Then a week later, Amazon told me my 1st order, was cancelled so I ordered again and got them in the usual 2 days. I had now ordered the same set 3 times in 3 weeks. Then, a week after all this, Alexa lit up and told me, "Based on your order history, you might need to order a Vessel screwdriver set." 😎
  5. Yesterday during the afternoon rain I finally got around to swapping my more than worn out tires for the new ones I bought a few weeks ago. I took the opportunity to give the wheels a good cleaning and added the 90deg valve stems. I had a great time working on the bike yesterday because it's the 1st time in a long while that I had plenty of time to get finished and I didn't feel rushed to get done. Kind of a "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" day.
  6. Funny, I just replied in the Chinese Grom thread about this. Another vote for Vessel crosshead drivers. Best I've ever used. I have both of those impact drivers you just ordered. From my research, JIS has merged with DIN to reduce confusion since they were almost exactly the same anyway. Phillips is the same as it has always been. If you only work on Japanese or European bikes & cars, throw out your Craftsman and Snap-On Phillips drivers, they just don't fit the screw heads. Vessel has adopted the new, more universal standard, at least for advertising purposes. I have some of the older JIS and some newer but I haven't used the newer ones enough to be able to tell if there's any difference. Here's how well a Vessel tip fits. Yes, that is a 150mm #2 being supported in a hose clamp screw by the tip only!
  7. If it's got crosshead fasteners, don't use a Phillips screwdriver! Get a JIS or DIN tip for those. And I vote RTV as a first attempt to seal that.
  8. All this masking/antimasking is one thing, but don't start with City BBQ! I love that place. Now, how do I upvote my own post?
  9. Are you talking about the 110? What are your plans to do with it when it's finished? I could see maybe $100-$200 for some heavier springs to suit your weight, but I can't see $800 worth of Ohlins.
  10. And to add to Pauly's reply: if you hit your head hard enough to sustain an injury even with a helmet, the ABATE folks say they would rather be dead than brain injured. They also claim hitting the chin bar could snap your neck under just the right scenario so they only wear "pudding bowls" when required. It's still a probability game and a matter of where you fall on the risk/reward spectrum.
  11. 1 & 2 - There are no absolutes in virus transmission. You have to think of it as a probability problem. If you wear a mask, you reduce the probability that you will inhale infected droplets. If I'm unknowingly infected and I'm wearing a mask, I reduce the probability that I'll transmit infected droplets. Neither are 100% but the reduction due to the mask is much greater for the transmitter than for the receiver. Since EVERYBODY is potentially a transmitter (and receiver), the transmission will be reduced most effectively if EVERYBODY wears a mask. 3 - The latest CDC statements are referring to aerosolized particles which are much smaller than droplets. There is some evidence that coronavirus can be transmitted by these but it's a much smaller probability than by droplet transmission. The CDC's apparent conflict is the difference between scientists who want to be as safe as possible and government policy to inform the public about what we can reasonably do. It's not reasonable to expect everybody to wear a respirator capable of stopping 2micron particles to make us just a little bit safer. Any time you have a cost/benefit discussion, there will always be a difference of opinion - in this case, the scientists disagree with government policy. Last Friday the CDC released the scientists statements and yesterday the government told them to stop saying it. If you decide to not wear your helmet and are killed is a crash because of it, that doesn't affect me (much). If you wear your helmet, your chance of surviving is greater. If you're shedding coronavirus and you don't wear a mask, you could unknowingly kill my Mom and Dad. If you wear a mask, my parents have a better chance of surviving a chance encounter with you.
  12. I've stayed out of this shitshow so far but you ask a reasonable question and sound like you would like a real answer so here goes. The mask I wear is not for me, it's for you. I'm not able to work from home and isolate myself from the world so that puts me at a higher risk for contracting COVID. If I'm asymptomatic or pre-symptomatic, my sneeze, cough, or even speaking could spray droplets carrying coronavirus. If you're not wearing a mask in public, you could, unknowingly, be spreading it to me or some other "higher risk" person that you love. At my workplace, I often can work distantly from others but I often have to be closer. We wear the damn masks when we're close, but mine is sitting on the desk in front of me right now. And, like Pauly, I'm about as politically conservative as you can get. But I believe the science that says that masks DO work.
  13. I take credit for that. I overseeded $100 worth of grass that now needs watered every day! 😲
  14. Maybe not weird news, but here's a list of requested vanity plates rejected by the state of Ohio since Jan 1. https://www.citybeat.com/arts-culture/culture/blog/21143776/eatbutt-mehorny-and-fucovid-are-just-a-few-of-the-many-rejected-ohio-vanity-plates-in-2020?fbclid=IwAR0L5ZiZkQfP5Jb9tvvKOn1yCCQ6S_fo2yHtOpMDloHlP_oShesnt4dmPxA
  15. Nice pan, Derek! What did you shoot that with?
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