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  1. This morning on the way to work I crashed. I'm OK and the bike is just a little rashed. It's still rideable and I got out of there before I had any "police attention". I was exiting I71-N to make a left at Polaris. The light was green and I was in the rightmost of the two left turn lanes. Right at my turn-in point I must have hit something slippery because the front just let go and the bike went down on the left side so fast that I couldn't even process what happened. Everything went to slow motion and I remember feeling the bar end grinding on the street while I was still holding bo
  2. When I was young, I was poor. Now, after decades of hard work, I'm no longer young.
  3. No, the outer ring is hard steel and permanently riveted to the anodized aluminum hub. For what you get, the prices aren't too outrageous IMO. For normal wheels, you can buy Supersprox from allballsracing in the US. I had to order directly from Supersprox Europe because of my Galespeed wheels.
  4. I was excited when I saw durk post a ride because I hoped I could ride with you again, but I'll be out of town that weekend. I hope we can get together for a few rides later in the season.
  5. Ordered a fancy new sprocket from Europe for the Galespeed wheel on my Bandit. It'll take them 3 weeks to make it and shipping is estimated at 35 days so maybe I'll get it by 4th of July?
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