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  1. MSerfozo

    Supersprox Stealth Rear Sprocket

    Can you shoot me a price for one of these for a Galespeed wheel? 48T, silver center. Thanks!
  2. MSerfozo

    winter bike ritual

    And they actually prefer to be stored in cold temperature as long as they don't freeze. From what I can find, a charged lithium battery will freeze at -40oF so storage in an unheated garage in Ohio should be fine.
  3. MSerfozo

    winter bike ritual

    Buy a warm, windproof jacket and gloves and keep riding. My work commute is about 20 mins and I can handle it with unheated gear down to freezing temperature. I'm not a die-hard year-rounder but we have nice enough days to ride at least once every couple of weeks all winter. After a couple of rides in the mid 30s, 50o feels pretty nice!
  4. Yeah, traffic is one. They have worse drivers than Columbus, too. Taxes, politics, and property values are other factors. NE GA is beautiful but SE TN gets the nod for me.
  5. I couldn't take living near Atlanta either!
  6. Of the KY, TN, NC, GA area, TN wins because they don't have state income tax.
  7. MSerfozo

    Mental Health Weekend

    Loves me some Hardee's breakfast sandwiches. I never pass one up when I'm in the south.
  8. MSerfozo

    What did you do to your bike today?

    The bolts are still the steel ones that came on the Galespeed wheels. Only the nuts are aluminum. ProBolt's spec for them is 33 ft-lbs.
  9. MSerfozo

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Tonik was talking about getting a new nut so I went ahead and got 6. Couldn't find brass so aluminum will have to do. Nice parts through Amazon from ProBolt. Helicoiled and drilled for safety wire made them too cool to pass up as an impulse buy. About $3 apiece after shipping.
  10. MSerfozo

    Got me a bike.

    A friend of mine has a Boneshaker that he rides in local parades and such. I rode it around a parking lot for a while. All I can say is it's a good thing bicycles evolved from the high wheel era... It wasn't to hard to mount and start riding but it's a bear to keep going, especially if there's any uphill grade. Each time you push the pedal, you have to fight to pull the handlebars the opposite way. Dismounting is the hardest part, you can't just stop pedaling and kick your leg over - the pedal you are standing on will stop the wheel and cause an immediate stoppie!
  11. MSerfozo

    Random Thoughts thread

    I think those are old liquor bottles but I'm not sure if gas in a top shelf Bombay Sapphire bottle costs more... We only had 2 dinners in Cambodia but the best was a fish curry with a coconut milk sauce with rice at a cool little neighborhood restaurant owned by a French expat and his Khmer wife. She cooked and served and he walked around barefoot serving drinks and talking to customers. We did take a photo of a German sausage and convinced friends that we were eating cobra!
  12. MSerfozo

    Random Thoughts thread

    I'll see your tuk tuk and raise you a "Tomb Raider" tree and a Cambodian "gas station". And, yes, the food was fantastic!
  13. MSerfozo

    Random Thoughts thread

    I wish I could do it on a moto. Its 1:45 AM here in the airport at Kuala Lumpur. Flight to Siem Reap leaves at 6:40. Closest I'll get to riding a moto in Cambodia will be in the back of a tuk tuk. :{)
  14. MSerfozo

    Random Thoughts thread

    Going to Angkor Wat tomorrow! It's been on my bucket list for a long time. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Angkor_Wat.jpg
  15. MSerfozo

    Random Thoughts thread

    A couple of Christmases ago I was working with a guy from Syria who was Muslim. He drove to lunch one day and he had a Christmas music radio station playing in his car. He said, "I just love your American Christmas songs. They all sound so happy."