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  1. I take credit for that. I overseeded $100 worth of grass that now needs watered every day! 😲
  2. Maybe not weird news, but here's a list of requested vanity plates rejected by the state of Ohio since Jan 1. https://www.citybeat.com/arts-culture/culture/blog/21143776/eatbutt-mehorny-and-fucovid-are-just-a-few-of-the-many-rejected-ohio-vanity-plates-in-2020?fbclid=IwAR0L5ZiZkQfP5Jb9tvvKOn1yCCQ6S_fo2yHtOpMDloHlP_oShesnt4dmPxA
  3. Nice pan, Derek! What did you shoot that with?
  4. MSerfozo


    Don't think I've ever known anybody who had a Wrangler that was "done".
  5. I'll let you know when I get around to it. A 3rd hand is always helpful mounting tires. How are your angels working out?
  6. Picked these up today. Now I just need some time to mount them.
  7. MSerfozo

    Dragon shortcut

    I'm pretty sure the dragon has been closed to trucks for the last few years?
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