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  1. MSerfozo

    ABS vs Non-ABS

    I watched 2 friends crash right in front of me from locking up the rear entering a corner, then releasing it and highsiding. ABS would probably have saved both crashes. Would have helped this guy too https://jalopnik.com/racer-who-grabbed-another-riders-brake-lever-could-be-i-1828964861
  2. MSerfozo

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Got the old tires dismounted from the old wheels so I could weigh them to compare to the new Galespeed wheels. Best scale I have is a digital bathroom scale but it seems to be weighing consistently. Weights are in lbs. Stock B12 Hayabusa Galespeed --------- -------- --------- Front 10.6 11.0 8.8 Rear 14.0 12.0 Cush 4.5 1.2 The biggest difference I notice is the 20% reduction in the front. It feels a lot quicker to turn in and generally more nimble (if you can call just under 500 lb nimble). The rear is a lot lighter at 28% but a big chunk of that is the cush drive. A few more pics - 1st shows how much sleeker the rear hub & cush are, 2nd is where I drank my coffee every morning in Murphy waiting for the fog to lift, 3rd is a 4 day old Michelin Power RS.
  3. MSerfozo

    Snap on tools and misc stuff

    Do you seriously need a 10mm socket or was that just an excuse to post the meme? The only piece of Snap-On I own is a 1/4" drive 10mm socket - don't have any idea how it came to live with the Craftsman stuff in my toolbox. If you need it, PM me and you can have it.
  4. MSerfozo

    Post Labor Day BRP and Gap trip

    I was on the southernmost 10 mi of the BRP on Aug 21st and it had recently been chip-sealed. Road had not been striped at that time and there was not a huge amount of loose stone, but enough for concern. I'm not sure how far north the new paving goes, we turned around at Balsam Mountain picnic area. Have a safe trip.
  5. MSerfozo

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Thanks, howabusa. You won't find another like it! I've had it since new, never let any shop touch it, and I've never stopped modifying it.
  6. MSerfozo

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Took a picture of it today since the sun was finally shining. Wednesday I put the new Galespeed wheels on with new Michelin Power RS tires. They look great but I haven't ridden on them enough to be able to give a ride report. Leaving in the morning for Murphy, NC so I'll have lots of opportunities to try them out. Front wheel weighs 8.8 lbs Rear wheel weighs 12.0 lbs Cush adapter weighs 1.2 lbs vs 4.5 lbs for the cush parts from the stock wheel. I haven't had time to dismount the old tires to get wheel weights for comparison.
  7. FINALLY! Just got the shipping email. Wheels are on the way from Japan. I switched from the silver ones in the OP to black. And just last week I received a pair of Michelin Pilot RS tires to mount on 'em. But I don't get home from this work trip for 2 weeks...
  8. MSerfozo

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Upgraded the starter cover. 😎
  9. MSerfozo

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Rebuilt my seat/helmet lock with some old internal parts I had from the original that broke years ago. Glad I'm a pack rat! Once I got the seat off, I saw the wiring for my SpeedoHealer was frayed from rubbing against part of the frame. Lucky it was only cut through the outer jacket and foil shield - all conductors are OK. Some electrical tape to reinforce it and all is well.
  10. MSerfozo

    Anyone Own an IXS Suit??

    I have 2 pair of the IXS RS-200 gloves and I'm very impressed with the quality and comfort. I have found myself choosing these gauntlets over other gloves on my shelf even in the heat we've been having. Don't buy them without trying them on first - I thought sizing was way off. IP has them on the clearance rack in several colors.
  11. MSerfozo

    Indian FTR1200 is happening

    To be a decent street bike it needs 17" wheels, 2 front discs & USD forks - then it would be a nice hooligan!
  12. MSerfozo

    Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2018

    May I recommend the Haywood Smokehouse in downtown Dillsboro. Been there several times and always had a good meal. Best banana pudding this side of a Southern Baptist Church potluck. And a couple local area craft beers on tap. That's a Green Man IPA in the mason jar...
  13. MSerfozo

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Pushed it out of the garage to make sure it would start. Gonna ride to work tomorrow after 2 weeks working out of town...
  14. MSerfozo

    Random Thoughts thread

    31 bags here. Trimmed shrubs and planted some new crap to maintain later. All day yesterday and most of today!
  15. MSerfozo

    Pain while riding, or "I'm getting old"

    Here's a tip from a 60 year old who's not planning to stop riding anytime soon. My Bandit has pegs up and inch and back an inch and drag (flat) bars. I avoid the slab whenever possible but when I can't, I find posture and core support makes all the difference. When droning, make sure you are squeezing the tank between your knees and push down with your feet - try to push your heels below or even with the level of the pegs. This lower body posture will tighten your core and take a surprising amount of weight off your arms, shoulders, and upper back. The "heels down" will help stretch the calves and keep them from cramping up. Once you get the load off your upper body, practice keeping arms and shoulders loose by flapping your elbows frequently - think chicken dance. And after you get this down, you should notice you don't have to hold the grips very tight at all. Make sure your gloves fit well, I find too thick or too loose gloves will cause arm pump from gripping too tight. I don't think more than 400mg of Ibuprofen at a time helps to alleviate pain any better. Higher doses are great for reducing inflammation but 400mg before you start riding and every 4hrs or so will be adequate. And, as mango said, Throttlemeister FTW! Pricey, but a very well made product.