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  1. kbrok

    Mid-Ohio Track Day 9-3-18 (Labor Day)

    I don't think anyone is saying the mid ohio isn't bad surface compared to most. Its not the best its not the worst. I had no problems besides rear end scooting out a bit on keyhole and that awful patch at the end of backstraight
  2. kbrok

    PIRC MotoAmerica - Aug 24-26

    Can we hide the xrs in the back of the Honda element so we don't have to pay for them. ALso does anyone know if they charge any extra for pets. I wouldn't mind bringing Lando because he just likes to hangout
  3. kbrok

    Mid-Ohio Track Day 9-3-18 (Labor Day)

    as far as facilities I don't know if anyone remembers last year at the OR trackday. I sat down on toilet and it wasn't bolted down and me and the toilet fell into the wall and I was pinned for a few seconds fighting for my life haha
  4. kbrok

    Mid-Ohio Track Day 9-3-18 (Labor Day)

    some people actually do that and make there dogs race with little saddles and fake cowboys
  5. kbrok

    Mid-Ohio Track Day 9-3-18 (Labor Day)

    I was not tagged so I will pass on this event. I have to race my dogs labor day weekend lol. Wiener dog races is life
  6. kbrok

    Mid Ohio 7/9

    no in that section your line is right
  7. kbrok

    Mid Ohio 7/9

    your video answered my question about my line in thunder alley. I felt something felt weird being on the right side and now I know I made the right decision by moving to the left
  8. kbrok

    Mid Ohio 7/9

    Thanks for staying and hanging out for our night session. Was good to see all you guys now just need to make a day where I can ride with you guys. I was glad after taking some time off I was able to get back to mid 140s at the track and was able to pinpoint where I was losing a ton of time. I'm kind of in the same boat as Andy where my gearing was killing me at powerout. So next time I will atleast be down a tooth in the front.
  9. kbrok

    Mid Ohio 7/9

    yeah but your dog is a dachshund and the rest of the dogs at the park are greyhounds
  10. kbrok

    Mid Ohio 7/9

    Damn Full Service. And yeah I have 44 posts I don't come on here much and prolly 40 of them is me being a sarcastic dick about something haha
  11. kbrok


    that bikes sweet man. welcome
  12. kbrok

    Gear garage sale

    how much shipped to 44109 for back protector
  13. kbrok

    NC Bike April 7-8

    Might be interested depending on what I work on monay
  14. kbrok

    New to the track

    Might be raining in south America on those days so I'm sure mid ohio will be slick
  15. kbrok

    Superbike School, Vegas, April 7-8

    Should of spoke up if you felt that you were not comfortable with what was happening