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  1. Po ta toes

    The potato is so significant, that a company in Milwaukee has successfully mass-produced a 2-cylinder internal-combustion engine to match the sound of its name.
  2. Must be some really good $hit growing amongst that corn! Sadly, he doesn't remember where it is!
  3. Sweet!! If she only knew what adventure lay ahead!
  4. Pope Accused of Spreading Heresy

    The wheelchair rocks???
  5. Put some of those Sena conversations on GoPro for the rest of us!!!🍺
  6. Wish you were doing this 2 years later, id be begging to roll along.
  7. Weight loss/ lifting/ dieting thread

    It's because everything's backwards!
  8. Pope Accused of Spreading Heresy

    That ain't what Dave Mustaine told me!
  9. Pope Accused of Spreading Heresy

    Kill one, you're a murderer. Kill many, you're a conqueror. Kill'em all, you're a God!
  10. Im not dead..... glad to be back

    Sweet! Do you paint helmets also?
  11. Very happy with my Forma Adventure boots. Had a lot of SiDi over the years, not sure ill ever go back.
  12. Bought a freight train

    I,d bet they are losing a significant amount of sales without that option. I use cruise a lot more than I thought I would. Just to be able to give your right hand a break, and to set a safe speed in a questionable area. With a powerful bike like that, I think we all know how easy it is to inadvertently vary your speed. Hit a small bump and you're 20 mph up!!
  13. Ive tried on dozens of different helmets. I have a fairly oval shape. The only thing that seems to fit is Shoei. And frankly, I dont see what people like in Arai's. Ive tried on probably 6-7 Arai's, even had the rep measure me and fit one up to my skull. Uncomfortable, painful, and cheap are 3 words that come to mind.
  14. Bought a freight train

    Connies dont have cruise control yet, do they??
  15. All inclusive beach vacations

    Scored a swim-up room! And yes, thats a pool bar 50 ft from the room! The guy was feeding us piña coladas at 9 am . Life's tough!