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  1. I can imagine insurance companies finding that appealing. Similar to when they were pushing to remove air bags from cars, because it was creating more injured people than dead people, thereby increasing their costs/claims.
  2. His health might decline VERY fast....ala Epstein!
  3. Wow...I looked it up...it's actutally a thing!
  4. "I started the pandemic..." We have the culprit!
  5. The fight over TP is laughable. Many calling it a "necessity". How can something be a "necessity" that didn't even really exist 150 years ago?
  6. But, it IS flat! I saw it with my own eyes on the side of a BMW!
  7. That's gotta be a real hoot to ride!
  8. https://www.sydneysolvents.com.au/will-isopropyl-alcohol-kill-germs
  9. FYI, My training has been that the ~70% alcohol solutions are more effective in killing microbes than the 100% alcohol. Just trying to help.!
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