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  1. What did you do to your bike today?

    Sent my shock in to http://go-race.com/ for a higher rate spring and internals re-built on my WR250R, to help support my fat ass and lotsa luggage.
  2. Been uncharacteristically silent here as of late!
  3. Random Thoughts thread

    At least now you'll know how to sexually harass someone properly.
  4. New to Ohio

    Welcome! Jacket/pants/gloves, etc. should be able to extend that riding time to at least 8 months.
  5. Newbie Rider looking for Riding Partners

    Probably the main reasons the GSXR is not so easy at slow speed maneuvers is the low rake angle and short wheel base. That and the power curve tuned for hi rpms.
  6. Newbie Rider looking for Riding Partners

    Yeah, the gsxr and similar race rep bikes are absolutely the last bike I'd suggest for a beginner street rider. Well, perhaps I'd also not recommend the chopper/cruiser scrap heaps like the HD 883 Sportster and similar knockoffs
  7. Newbie Rider looking for Riding Partners

    Could be good, might be too much too soon! Certainly not the easiest bike to ride slowly!
  8. Which sport tourer is best sport tourer?

    That'll be Danimal in a year!
  9. Which sport tourer is best sport tourer?

    2015 GSA. Of What forum do you speak?
  10. Well, you pretty much gotta have people to have murders!!!
  11. Newbie Rider looking for Riding Partners

    They have the "advanced course" where you can take your own bike... http://www.motorcycle.ohio.gov/advanced_rider.stm But they are few and far between. Once you get a few more miles under your belt, the best place to learn is to take a beginner instructional track day! Seriously.
  12. Winter Sale 2017

    Do you carry HELD gloves??
  13. Newbie Rider looking for Riding Partners

    Welcome! I would advise the 'state class' as mentioned above. I assume he means this: http://www.motorcycle.ohio.gov/basic_rider.stm A great place to start, although you won't get above 30 MPH during the class! :-)
  14. Which sport tourer is best sport tourer?

    After coming off of sporty bikes ...VFR, R6, CBR1100blackbird, FJR, etc, I would fully agree, and add that my giant 1200GSA is fun to chase sportbikes with, if a bit much to toss from side to side. Then sit back, press the suspension soft mode button, hit the cruise and it becomes a highway machine. Then pull off onto a gravel road, press the "enduro" mode, stand up, and suddenly you're dual-sporting. And I can continue that for nearly 300 miles before needing gas!
  15. Which sport tourer is best sport tourer?

    With all this positive talk about the 1200VFR, makes me wonder why they've sold next to none. I'd say one big negative is how costly it would be when you lay it over. All that beautiful and intricate plastic is surely expensive. Have you priced insurance?