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  1. Funny picture thread.

  2. Starting my Blog soon. How honest to be?

    And how about the venerable Wr250R? Fuel injected, capable DS!
  3. SW-MOTECH Quick-Lock EVO Sport Non-Electric Tank Bag

    I have the "City" version of this bag on my GSA...love it! Very well constructed. Tried the Givi tanklock bag first...sent that back. No comparison! I like Givi products, just not that product.
  4. Silly riding.

    Too late. Better pull out the key and toss it!!!
  5. Silly riding.

    Better read back on this thread Dan. Those pain pills having negative effects?
  6. Silly riding.

    Thank you for verifying Isaac's Papa's previous statement.
  7. Considering Android

    The wife's got a pixel. She likes it a lot, says she will never go back to I-phones. The only thing it needs is more battery life. Only a few phones out there with more than 3 Amp-Hours....and my old Motorola Droid Maxx is one of them...4 years strong now.
  8. Silly riding.

    Yes, you are "forever the contrarian"!
  9. Silly riding.

    ...when visibility is best, deer are sleeping, and drunk drivers are few.
  10. Silly riding.

    OK, so virtually every person who has ever operated a motor vehicle is now a hypocrite.
  11. Silly riding.

    Cops are too lazy to do this sort of thing. Unless the event is huge and widely known, it aint happenin. They just know the best places to hide to entrap motorists for revenue generation.
  12. Silly riding.

    If I get busted for speeding for just 10 over the limit because they increased surveillance due to your triple-the-speed-limit, that's not being a hypocrite. Thats just gonna piss me off.!
  13. Silly riding.

    The laws could move from traffic to bike-specific restrictions, as in many other countries. For example, many European countries require you to start on a very small cc bike and graduate up to bigger bikes over time......quite a long time. Again, less freedom. You can find many other examples throughout the world of different bike restrictions. Many communities/organizations here in the US do not allow any motorcycles due to noise...how do you suppose those policies got started???? So now I cannot take my quiet BMW into these places. Another Lost freedom. The second point is a matter of exposure/risk. In SEO you have the luxury of little traffic, few LEOs, and not a lot of $$$ to do anything about your law-breaking. On the interstate, you have just the opposite.
  14. Silly riding.

    Short of new legislation, bigger fines, etc., repeated actions will be met with increased surveillance. And the next unsuspecting fool to get busted may be one of us. The other question is Why? Anyone with a sportbike can pull the trigger and hit 130 on a straight freeway. Take that bike to a twisty road and enjoy some corners. More fun to go faster in the turns than in straight sections.
  15. Silly riding.

    Yes, they are. People's actions that others find threatening and dangerous are often cause for new or more punitive legislation. More laws=less freedom. And no better place to showcase your brash and selfish behaviour than a busy 6 lane interstate.