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  1. Tonik needs sporty tires!!

    Agreed they are very quick. Just assumed that rush sticker was for overnight. I had to do that once. Ordered about 3pm and had them about noon the next day.
  2. Tonik needs sporty tires!!

    Looks like he dropped the extra $20 to get em quick. Profile looks a little round. Sport touring?? Let's see some damn tread
  3. Tonik needs sporty tires!!

    I see you stuck with black & round
  4. What did you do to your bike today?

    I put black widow full system on my white zrx. Not bad at all. If you go that direction buy directly from black widow. Cheaper that way. When added to cart with U.S. shipping destination the price drops. Shipping is pretty quick.
  5. Tonik's maiden voyage. 7-22-17

    Gotta try to take the day off Saturday. Then a coin toss to see which zrx makes it out of the garage. The decision gets tougher every time.
  6. Tonik needs sporty tires!!

    $60 rebate makes roadsmart 3's a no brainer in my opinion. Tread life seems very good. I'd say most my riding in a medium ish OR pace and I have never been without adequate grip.
  7. FZ6 Pointers

    Love these bar ends. Hate not being able to see well behind me.
  8. 2009 FZ6 with just under 500 miles on it

    Ok, so tires tomorrow. Where you riding Sunday.
  9. Tonik needs sporty tires!!

    Roadsmart 3 are really growing on me. Hooped them up before the gap trip and they hardly look worn at all. Plenty of grip and a great ride.
  10. tinted pinlock insert

    Pinlock is clear. No problems with reflections but haven't used it much after dark. Most companies offer clear or yellow drop downs. Mirrored shield isn't bad in town or anywhere lit up a little after dark but I usually just raise the visor and use the drop down.
  11. tinted pinlock insert

    Best combo I've found is mirrored shield with pin lock and a clear drop down just in case I need it. That's with my Simpson ghost bandit. My first pinlock and I absolutely love it
  12. Columbus Bikes

    Welcome if you don't have a motorcycle the link @Isaac's Papa provided would be perfect. You'll spend 2 days practicing and ride through the test course at the end. If all goes well they'll give you a certificate stating you've passed the course and you can get your license. For $50 it's a no brainer. They supply the motorcycle for the course.
  13. ducati supersport close call 536

    Thinking assured clear distance deals with following another vehicle traveling the same direction as you. The van pulled onto the road and into oncoming traffic. Not sure about speed but those damn Harley speedometers are notoriously inaccurate
  14. What did you do to your bike today?

    Did you get good mileage out of the roadsmart 3's
  15. How many more miles can I get on this?

    Just do left turns. It'll be like NASCAR