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  1. Really otta slip through Lynch Kentucky since you’ll be right there.
  2. Killer_kaw

    Brake free

    funny story here. I took my wife for a ride on my Connie once. That was the last time she threw a leg over a bike. I thought we had fun though.
  3. Well the dash was all done in cheap looking unfinished black plastic. So I painted it same color as the body. Gonna do a touch of audio work while I’m in there. dash fitted tonight
  4. Those do look comfy. You had that brand before?
  5. Winter sucks. Some of you won’t find it to hard to believe my few month old Indian wound up looking like this.
  6. Very clean bike. Bags are awesome. Somebody’s gonna get a nice deal on this.
  7. Not sure what changed here.... @Casper and @Tonik have been pissing each other off for years. And @Pauly has been ducking the man since I met him.
  8. Gone. Picked up the challenger the week I got back.
  9. Test ride cost me just over $20,000 Fueled up on my way back from the gap and walked around an Indian dealership just to stretch my legs and this was the end result
  10. Packed it up. Rode it to Kentucky. Drank lots of bourbon. Headed thru Lynch Kentucky and Hot Springs tomorrow on the way to cabin outside Robbinsville.
  11. I’ll try one of the spots in Helen for lunch. I wandered through there last year but didn’t make any stops.
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