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  1. Killer_kaw

    Tuesday, Jan 14 Ride

    Looks like you put down some good miles. I’m a little jelly. New bike looks nice and otta be a mile muncher.
  2. Killer_kaw

    Winter entertainment!!

    Been a while. Been a mild winter but it still blows. Well shit got interesting. My son decided to tear down and redo my parts bike. That’s right 2 zrx builds going on at the same time. His is almost back up on wheels now. Stripped down, frame painted, motor back in and forks rebuilt. Gotta fix some wheel painting issues and she will be up on her feet. Got a few of his body parts painted gray, put them on my frame for grins and I think the gray will play well with the green frame. Maybe some green/ purple stripes added.
  3. Killer_kaw

    Best Duc evar!

    Made to compete with Harley Davidson fixed gear?
  4. Killer_kaw

    Winter entertainment!!

    Thanks Yep. Tank and plastics will cover abut half of it though.
  5. Killer_kaw

    Winter entertainment!!

    Starting to look like a motorcycle here.
  6. Killer_kaw

    Indian is getting with the program.

    Biggest downside to auto-blip is when you ride your other bike that doesn’t have it.
  7. Killer_kaw

    Winter entertainment!!

    Wonder who makes a good snow tire.
  8. Killer_kaw

    Winter entertainment!!

    Ahead of schedule
  9. Killer_kaw

    Winter entertainment!!

    Really liking this look.
  10. Killer_kaw

    Winter entertainment!!

    Actually more like this. It’s called Grinch Green
  11. Killer_kaw

    Winter entertainment!!

    Little more blast and shoot.
  12. Killer_kaw

    Everybody loves oil threads

    Let’s not let this turn into one. Found cases of Mobile 1 racing 4T full synthetic at Summit BOGO. So 12 quarts for $65 bucks. Smokin deal.
  13. Killer_kaw

    All I needed was some parts

    Anything is possible. Plan was to take what I need and part it out for profit but I don’t think I can bring myself to kill it. Bike is weathered but a couple hours draining old gas, quick carb clean and adjustment and a spark plug and she runs like a top. I had to have one as well. Now I’ve had five.
  14. Killer_kaw

    All I needed was some parts

    My Yamaha is starting to feel outnumbered
  15. Killer_kaw

    All I needed was some parts

    Guess I got plenty?