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  1. Killer_kaw

    Let them die.

    This could work. R6 eco boost anyone?
  2. If my big brother wasn’t coming in town I’d love to chase you south looks like a good route. Speed safe hopefully I make the next one.
  3. Yep. Not hard to guess where I’m from is it.
  4. Shouldn’t be any damage control. The officers handling of a man in cuffs was obviously excessive. Why’s it so hard for a police department to own it and say they got a fuck up in there ranks.
  5. I’ll agree with that.
  6. The news calls them “outraged citizens” They’re criminals. I’m not talking about protestors. That I get. Definitely some shit broke but the person from the shop on the 911 call had faith that someone was coming to help.
  7. I just don’t get this double standard. For whatever reason that cop lost his shit and some poor fella died in handcuffs. Should never happen. Courts will decide what he’s guilty of but he should be held responsible for his actions. I don’t understand why everyone feels the need to look the other way or make excuses for those hundreds of people who also lost there shit and loot business, vandalize, set fires and all such shit. They should also be held accountable for there actions as well. Yes it would be great if cops that see bad actions by other officers would report them. But does anyone expect the guy dragging a Tv, Xbox, and a bag of dog food out of target to report the guy in front of him that cleaned out the jewelry counter. I just don’t get it. It’s like justifying burning down my neighbors house because I’m pissed off at my brother in law. Makes no sense to me.
  8. I was pissed the sale had sold out by the time I got to it. Feeling better about it now.
  9. Thought I saw you rolling thru AEP
  10. Smoked the clutch in the zrx. Slipping like a bitch once it’s wrapped up. Knew I shoulda looked in there when I had the bike tore down.
  11. Looks like it’s the same guy that designed the Connie
  12. Should be close. My vaquero took 5 and change. Hated checking it. That dipstick gets hot as hell.
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