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  1. Gone. Picked up the challenger the week I got back.
  2. Thanks man. I’m really digging it.
  3. Test ride cost me just over $20,000 Fueled up on my way back from the gap and walked around an Indian dealership just to stretch my legs and this was the end result
  4. Packed it up. Rode it to Kentucky. Drank lots of bourbon. Headed thru Lynch Kentucky and Hot Springs tomorrow on the way to cabin outside Robbinsville.
  5. I’ll try one of the spots in Helen for lunch. I wandered through there last year but didn’t make any stops.
  6. Thanks. Running the @Tonik loop one day. These should help sort the other. Spent some time down there last year but closed road on planned route so just wandered. Damn good ride but didn’t keep track of route.
  7. Headed to the gap with some fellas Friday. Plan to head to Georgia 2 days. Staying in Robbinsville area. What’s everyone’s favorite runs thru Georgia?
  8. Mounted up a fresh set of rs3’s, balanced the throttle bodies and added some rather expensive stickers.
  9. Killer_kaw

    Let them die.

    You asked why anyone would want them to fail. Take a hand out, brag about sales, squander your money, blame COVID and go looking for another handout. Bad business practices are supposed to fail aren’t they?
  10. Killer_kaw

    Let them die.

    Dude. You answered your own question. Big sales. Huge profit margins. Broke again??
  11. I’ve been through a few sets on the zrx’s and I’m thinking they all went around 4000 but I don’t run them bald.
  12. Well just got notification this morning my front shipped from Denniskirk but not the rear. Might go that route on the rear BB has them in stock. When I ordered I wasn’t completely disgusted with the road 5’s yet and figured I could wait. Just knew i didn’t wanna roll down south on them and DK was about $70 cheaper on the set. How are the 2’s coming around? I have a new set mounted up to the current zrx build we’re finishing up.
  13. Just gotta rant a little. Really disappointed with these tires. Initially I was impressed with these but after 2,000 miles I can’t wait to get them off the bike. Mounted them up on my tracer gt and have put them through nothing but Spirited rides on twisty roads. Been riding my Vulcan to commute and running around on in an effort to save rubber for a fall gap trip. Anyway these still have all kinds of tread. More so down the middle but tread depth seems great for mileage. However the bike started feeling kinda funky through the corners and after looking closely the tires were starting to loose there shape. I keep a close eye on tire pressure but double checked and 36f 39r right where the otta be. I usually hoop my own tires and static balance so I stopped by the shop to have them spin balanced to see if it would help any but no adjustment was needed. Guy at the shop said the cupping was due to inconsistent wear. The middle wearing slower than the sides and could be due to under inflation. That’s not possible I stay on top of it. Now at speed they are giving a little shake and vibes. In the end these were a huge waste of money. Might be great if I lived somewhere I had to slab a lot but apparently they turn to shit if you use the hole tire consistently. To top it off my go to roadsmart 3’s are on backorder most places. (COVID-19 related??)
  14. Put down 300 miles of twisty roads with a couple rookie ish riders. Kinda cool to see the fellas getting more comfortable on the bikes and confident with there lines. Looks like West Virginia woulda been a lot more fun but couldn’t get away for 2 days.
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