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  1. Killer_kaw

    Got me a bike.

    would be pretty cool till you face plant trying to stop.
  2. Killer_kaw

    Ride 9/21

    Damn. You sure know how to sell a good time.
  3. Killer_kaw

    Fuel pump issues continue

    Had similar issues years ago with a used zrx I bought. This may not apply to a fuel injected bike though. Carbed bikes are strictly gravity fed. The vent in the cap was plugged and it locked everything up. Cracking the cap loose let it run just fine. Might be worth a try if your tank isn’t slam full of gas.
  4. Killer_kaw

    Last minute. Why the hell not. Gap trip.

    54 hours, 6 states and close to 1600 miles. Good times. One of these trips I’m gonna have to stay in Georgia and explore a bit. I left Townsend before daylight Thursday along the creek to make a run through the park when the sun came up. Absolutely worth it. Zero traffic made for the best route on the trip.
  5. Killer_kaw

    Last minute. Why the hell not. Gap trip.

    Good call fellas. I’ll see what I can find.
  6. Killer_kaw

    Last minute. Why the hell not. Gap trip.

    Now. About the GT...... damn this is a nice bike. Half my trip today was slab. All the suspension travel soaks up every bit of uneven pavement and floats on the slab. Set the cruise. Kick on the heated grips and seat when you get a chill. In the twisties the suspension keeps everything planted nicely. Even the shitty stock tires. It’s hard to believe how comfy these dirt bike lookin class of touring bikes are. The 900 triple really is an odd duck but in a good way. It spools up nicely and somehow manages to be able to lug around like my Vulcan. One thing I don’t care for is packing the bike. Those bags don’t look all that odd shaped until you start filling them.
  7. Killer_kaw

    Last minute. Why the hell not. Gap trip.

    That’s the usual spot when I stay here. Went for something different. Very good.
  8. Killer_kaw

    Last minute. Why the hell not. Gap trip.

    Nothing like a big ol ribeye to wash down a 650 mile day. Made it in the area and rode the skyway, the tail, a little 28 and both ends of the foothills. Tomorrow it’s off to Georgia.
  9. What the hell it seems like a good idea. Plan to bail out in the wee hours of the morning Wednesday and make it back for Friday night football. Early mornings, lots of miles. Guess I otta plan some routes.
  10. Killer_kaw

    What did you do to your bike today?

    That thing must be a three peckered billy goat.
  11. Killer_kaw

    Best time for a late season gap trip ?????

    If nothing else I’m betting those heated gloves would be awesome along with my heated grips.
  12. Killer_kaw

    Best time for a late season gap trip ?????

    I’ll check that stuff out. Looks like all the heated gear is a big investment. Been rolling in the cold weather with insulated icon raiden jacket/pants and UA base layer guess an upgrade wouldn’t hurt. At least gloves and jacket liner.
  13. Killer_kaw

    Best time for a late season gap trip ?????

    Will do. May fall into this description Guessing I otta look int this heated gear stuff. Suggestions?
  14. Thinking of taking off sometime for a 2 night trip down south. Never been there after August. Probably watch the weather and go short notice so that won’t be an issue. Just wanna avoid the minivan season. Not sure when that is.
  15. Killer_kaw

    Ride, Sunday 8/18... Open Invite

    Was a nice little trip to Hundred today. Liking the tracer more and more. Home now. Pauly, Kent I had a blast.