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  1. 555, The Yankee Dragon

    Will be checking out section from 669 to 78 Sunday. I did hear a while back that there are plans to chip and seal parts of it on the southern end.
  2. 2006 zx14 front brake pulsating

    As mentioned above clean rotors. Then clean up the pistons while you're at it. Uneven pressure from sticky pistons will sometimes give a low speed pulse.
  3. New from Massillon...

  4. Random Thoughts thread

    Wish I could make time for that trip. Roads down that way are awesome. Definitely be going through there on the spring trip.
  5. What did you do to your bike today?

    Got all 3 of them washed up before the rain hit. Maybe give em a little wax tomorrow. Gotta mount up a rear tire for the red one. Damn thing melted right down the middle
  6. Sunday 9-24. New Concord to Hocking

    Wish it was tomorrow. The past 3 12hr work days sucked ass.
  7. Sunday 9-24. New Concord to Hocking

    Sunday 9-24. No ball games scheduled and I refuse to work. A buddy and I are planning a little ride thru Hocking. Meet up 10:30 Fuel Mart in New Concord kick stands up at 11:00. Fuel stop in Nelsonville before heading south past lake Hope. Plan to stop for a bite to eat at the corner of sr13 and rt40. That could be a good spot to split off. Anyone from the north could pick up 62 to shorten things up a bit. I'm usually an OR medium pace I think but in typical OR fashion the plan is to hold up at turns. This will have to do for now. Google maps and In-Route are not playing nice together. South on 83....R on 313...R on 146...L on salt creek drive....L on 60.....R on old river rd...R on 669....L on 555...R on 78....R on 33....L on 278....R on 56....R on 374....R on 664.....R on 256...L on 13 to the crossroads at rt40
  8. ROAR 2017 / Not so Epic Fall Ride

    I'm out. Gonna be tough to play catch up after juniors ball game. Work and football are taking a toll on my time on two wheels. Putting a ride together for the 24th though.
  9. Equifux

  10. bike 2001 zrx1200r

    You sir are welcome to a test ride. Maybe not 536 though.
  11. bike 2001 zrx1200r

    Still here. Mileage up a bit though.
  12. What did you do to your bike today?

    Hate to hear this but great to hear you walked away. Bikes are replaceable.
  13. Construction bubbies, got a question.

    Had good luck with similar projects. Ripped 2x for framing and got everything nice and level. Don't forget support for lighting especially if you plan on a ceiling fan.
  14. I did something stupid

    I gotta say this style of bike is a lot of fun. I picked up a mean streak this spring and once I finally got it sorted I do enjoy riding it. Bike goes over way further than you'd think. Just took a cruiser trip to the gap and I had way more fun than the rest of the bunch.
  15. New addition to the garage...

    Seems you got some skill in finding sweet machines. Odds are good next time I'm down by the river I'll see a trail of smoke somewhere.