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  1. Killer_kaw

    All I needed was some parts

    My Yamaha is starting to feel outnumbered
  2. Killer_kaw

    All I needed was some parts

    Guess I got plenty?
  3. Killer_kaw

    Winter entertainment!!

    Definitely won’t need a tank badge to tell it’s a Kawasaki.
  4. Killer_kaw

    Dream Bikes

    Kawasaki ZRX. Was about to own a brand new one in early 2000’s before getting out of motorcycling. Over a decade later when getting back into it I put one in the garage. It’s still there and outlasted the 5 other bikes that have come and gone. It’s old with no technology or rider aids. Carberated, loud, far from cushy, not always compliant and has to be driven hard out of corners to settle. Just a very mechanical bike and I love it. Really don’t think I could part with it. It will however get completely tore down this winter and massaged a little.
  5. Killer_kaw

    Indian is getting with the program.

    Also drives me insane with bikes coming through town or at gas stations and such but....... I gotta admit my Vaquero was rolling with a top of the line competition level pro audio setup. 10 speakers, 3 amplifiers, and a digital sound processor. However never blasted through populated areas. Think I mostly did it because I could, I was bored and it really pissed off the Harley crowd to get drowned out by the “Jap” bike when they were showing off. Back on topic. I looked at all brands before buying the Vaquero including HD. Hands down Indian impressed me the most. Very very nice. Almost bought a chieftan dark horse but really wanted a frame mounted fairing. If this woulda been out then I’d own one. Not sure how HD competes with them.
  6. Killer_kaw

    Winter entertainment!!

    Well that was fun
  7. Killer_kaw

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Pretty sure there’s no end to that motor. My nuts disappeared before the power did.
  8. Killer_kaw

    Most Accurate .22 Rifle?

    That’s very nice. CZ’s are top notch
  9. Killer_kaw

    winter bike ritual

    Try to do this every off season. After a season of road grime and riding in the wet the suspension and brake fluid look like complete shit.
  10. Killer_kaw

    Sunday 10-20 seasons ending ride

    Only put in about 250 today but it was nothing but the good twisty stuff. Great day for a ride.
  11. Killer_kaw

    Winter entertainment!!

    Or busted knuckle money pit. All in how you look at it I guess.
  12. Killer_kaw

    Cryptic Photo

    I hope it’s an awesome deal on a used bike. Or maybe your picking up something to go with that Halloween pirate costume.
  13. Killer_kaw

    Saturday the 19th

    Ride posted for Sunday. I’m off Monday and most likely headed somewhere. Let me know if you wanna meet up Monday
  14. Killer_kaw

    Sunday 10-20 seasons ending ride

    Headed out tomorrow with @FORD with no particular route. Will be the normal OR medium ish pace. If anyone from the north wants to jump in we can do a meet in Millersburg say 10:00 if needed and bring them down 60-208-93-83-as far south as time permits. Otherwise we’ll be heading south out of New Concord and spend the day headed to the river.
  15. Killer_kaw

    winter bike ritual

    First off. Easy on that slumming shit. Secondly I think my first ride with any of the OR fellas was January or February of 2017. Had a blast running those salt, cinder, and sand covered roads to Hundred and back with you guys. Of course it took about two days to clean all the shit off the bike but totally worth it. I believe that was the same ride that in a matter of about 3 corners Jim’s taillight completely disappeared on 536. I was amazed how smooth and fast that entire group of riders were.