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  1. This. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are different standards for wireless communication. That wireless communication doesn't have to mean internet.
  2. Cellphone app. Should work with the remote the same way. Yes just another form of a bluetooth connection.
  3. Tested and works without an internet connection.
  4. In a nut shell Wi-Fi is a radio signal of sorts. I can not comment on the need for an internet connection for it to work. I can test it out real fast gimme a sec.
  5. It's really Wi-Fi. Turning cellular data and Wi-Fi off, then opening the GoPro capture app, you can see Wi-Fi coming back on looking for your camera.
  6. Got my gopro today. Thanks for the great deal.
  7. Tried to send you a PM but I got an error saying you can not receive the message?
  8. tier10

    no mirrors?

    +1 I have bar end mirrors, and they do work really good for what's behind you, but I too find it a distraction while looking down and not being able to see what's in front of you. I'm going to look into those CRG mirrors.
  9. tier10

    NEO Dinner

    Swamped at work I'm out
  10. My apologies if my Saturday vote has upset this poll. Sundays are doable for me as well. Just need a heads up a week before it happens.
  11. tier10

    NEO Dinner

    I'm in as well.
  12. tier10

    Maybe my next bike?

    I personally don't like the way the tail section looks. Almost looks like it's missing something. The rest of it looks killer. I want to see one in person now.