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  1. Which sport tourer is best sport tourer?

    I had an SV1000S. Sold it to buy my first FJR. I went so far as to run Helibars and the SV Comfort Gel seat on it. I was finding out that I liked rides that were longer than the usual 110 miles, and riding the same route over and over got repetitive. Having a sport touring rig really opened up my eyes.
  2. Which sport tourer is best sport tourer?

    I can't really add anything that no one else hasn't said already. It comes down to budget and what you like. There's TONS of aftermarket support for all the major players in the game. And you can usually find one that's been farkled up pretty good for a decent price. Since I don't know you personally, are you a taller or shorter person? Is your torso longer than your legs or vice versa? Are you nutrionally advantaged or Starvin Marvin? Each of these could play into your decision just in how the ergos are on each bike. I went with the FJR since I had an 06 as my last bike before my kid was born. Sold it and took a few years off. Bought a used Sprint ST1050 but since I've had both knees partially replaced, my legs kept hurting. Upgraded to a 2015 FJR and haven't looked back. Was seriously considering a Multistrada or possibly the new BMW R1200RS but the price tag and cost of maintenance didn't agree with my budget. Go sit on a bunch, maybe find a dealer who will offer demo rides, do lots of research. In the end its just a matter of personal preference.
  3. I've got a wedding to attend that weekend and I have the boy. I'm out. I'll keep an eye out if the date changes.
  4. What makes for a good "Day Ride".

    Any time I get to ride and come home in 1 piece is a good ride to me.
  5. No More Excuses

    There is going to be an FJR gathering in Yosemite in 2019. The same group of folks from EOM. If you're a member of one of the forums, there's a post about it.
  6. Time to play your favorite game!

    Vstrom 1000? I saw someone guessed a Wee Strom but not the Vee Strom
  7. 2018 Mileage thread

    That would be me...the fat guy who destroys high mileage tires in half the time...
  8. Still got your first bike?

    It wasn't a liter, but I only had the F4i for 3 months before I traded it for a 929RR. I REALLY miss that bike....
  9. What do YOU need?

    Sent a PM regarding some Swedish goodness...
  10. Still got your first bike?

    Mine's long gone. First one I learned to ride on was a 72 Yamaha D200. My first bike I actually bought and rode was an 01 F4i. I'm sure it's long since been totaled by someone else.
  11. Olympia Expetition Jacket

    I've got one of their suits. I like it.
  12. Hi, I'm Dave

    Dave's not here man!! Oh wait...yeah he is. And so am I. Welcome from another Dave!
  13. It's Time.....

    What is this "retirement?" I won't be able to retire until lunchtime the day of my funeral
  14. It's Time.....

    I can almost guarantee you that by the end of February or March it'll be past the break in period...
  15. It's Time.....

    If I thought he had to wait a long time for me to catch back up before....now he'll be able to have a 4 course meal before I get to the next turn....