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  1. EU54 is a US44. My old Teknic suit, which God knows where it is, was a US54 EU64. I lucked into it on eBay many moons ago for $100.
  2. New Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX

    'Zactley...lol. I don't need 145hp...wait...yeah I do to lug my fat arse around
  3. Let's also remember that is you are sized like myself, NO ONE will carry the size you need. Being a beefy American has its drawback. Yeah, I could lose weight, but even still...a US50 or US52 is damned near impossible to find. 9 times out of 10.
  4. New Kawasaki Ninja H2 SX

    You may not get all the "techy" stuff, but for north of 20k, I'd buy a new FJR ES, and farkle the hell out of it with the leftover.
  5. Michelin Road 5 Tires

    I'll pass. I've never really been a Michelin fan.
  6. 2018 Goldwing

    Retirement? What's that? I'll be able to retire at lunchtime on the day of my funeral....
  7. Well that doesn't look good......
  8. Don't hate me just because I'm from Michigan

    "Justin's Friend".....careful... @2talltim may get jealous you start honing on his "buddy"
  9. New to the site...

    Welcome to the circus!
  10. Considering Android

    If you're just wanting to track steps, the GearFit 2 for the galaxy series works pretty well. I had one that I got for free when I had my note 7 ( Still the best damn phone I've ever had ) and it sent/received texts, alerts for phone calls, tracked steps/activity, and the Samsung Health app wasn't horrible.
  11. I gotta try them out to make sure they're acceptable first...sheesh...
  12. Well... I guess I better tell the midget strippers to NOT go where I told them....sorry bout your luck...
  13. Giving up riding: is it even possible?

    When I got divorced in 2010, I sold the the bike I had and didn't ride at all for about 5 years. I borrowed friends bikes for an occasional ride here and there when the itch would hit me. It wasn't until 2016 that I got another. I don't ride nearly as fast as I used to. Too many other things in life aren't worth me dying over by riding over the limit. But I still enjoy a good curvy road. It's more of an escape for me. Like others have said. It's a way to clear your mind of distractions and think of nothing else but the road in front of you or where you're headed for the day. If you feel you need to take a break, then take a break. No harm in following what your gut says to do.
  14. Bt-023 tires. Who's had them

    I've run 2 sets of the 023 and 1 set of the T30EVOGT. I like them for the price, but I somehow manage to destroy them in around 3500 - 4000 miles. I'm also pushing a 700+ pound bike with my 300# ass on it. I'm not an aggressive rider by any sense of the words. For the price, I'd say go for it. I'm looking to go with the RoadSmart 3 next season or possibly the Avon Storm 3DXM
  15. Oct 7 Saturday

    Speaking as the guy who is normally at the back of the pack, as well as the one they're waiting on, this is all great advice. If you've never been to the SEO, there are some roads that will reach up and bite you squarely on the ass. They can get pretty technical in a hurry. Don't panic. Remember to breathe. Try to have fun. They really are a great group of folks with lots of valuable information. They just don't wanna see anyone getting hurt. And if you've got thin skin and can't take a fair amount of ribbing...you're in the wrong place man. Good luck!