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  1. SEO Ride 08/19 or 8/20?

    You could take tomorrow off and head thru Kentucky with me...
  2. First bike, hello Ohioans

    Welcome to the circus!
  3. When to Replace Your Tire

    This is just ridiculous. I understand wanting to ride all the time no matter what, but when does common sense override rational thinking?
  4. My New Old Bike

    Pretty sweet looking!
  5. Motorcycle Compass??? Anything out there?

    What about one of those old fashioned bubble ones? That they used to stick on your dashboard?
  6. Overnight Kentucky ride

    Interested in seeing your route. Thinking of riding to my sister's in Lexington and looking for a meandering route over there aside from 60
  7. OR - We need to talk.

    I'd fall into the "you suck, go home" category or the "Go home, we'll call you if we get lost" category...

    I've got my kid the weekend of the 9th. Unless we'd do it on a Sunday, I'm pretty much booked solid for September
  9. What do YOU need?

    Looking at all leather, non perforated gloves for cooler temperature. Short cuff is fine, but may consider gauntlet style
  10. WV ride 08/06/17

    Maybe if you'd have taken that left turn at Albuquerque....
  11. WV ride 08/06/17

    Was a great ride today! You guys have got to make your way little further south sometime
  12. OR - We need to talk.

    I had fun and I don't mind running sweep for anyone long as they don't mind the wait. I've only been on a couple of rides and I'm still figuring out my pace buddies. You're welcome for the guidance @jacobhawkins and will gladly give route help when needed since its usually in my area.
  13. Tires, tires, tires

    If you can find a place to mount them, may try giving @RidersDiscountA shout and see what he can do for you price wise. Mike takes damn good care of us.
  14. Me and durk finally ride 8/5

    Glad to see you're ok Doc. Bikes can be replaced, people can't. Back in the big burg of Belpre. Great meeting all the new faces today. Thanks for letting me tag along in the back of the group. Hope i didn't hold everyone up too much. Look forward to riding with you guys again.
  15. What did you do to your bike today?

    I STILL do that and I've ridden a majority of these roads MULTIPLE times..and they're my backyard...