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  1. thompsonian

    My wife’s knee replacement

    I'll second everything that @Shoop says. Ice and movement in her friend. I know the pain is atrocious, but the better/more you work at it, the more beneficial it will be. I'll also echo at what @Tonik says as well. Pain meds do a number on your bowels and that isn't something you need to compound the problem. If they didn't give her a device, make sure she is doing her foot pumps as often as she can. That will help lower the risk of a clot. Also have her walk on it as much as she can. Take the PT as seriously as she can. My therapist told me the harder I worked there, the more I'd reap the benefits once I was done. Best of luck to you both!
  2. thompsonian

    Random Thoughts thread

    IP dealt with me on my 15. I was out the door for $12200 on one fresh out of the crate. And since I had to wait so long for assembly I got the 4 year YES for the price of the 2 year.
  3. thompsonian

    Off all week, who wants to ride

    Thanks man. Had a scare about 10 years ago or so. Some bloodwork came back off and did the MRI thing. Nothing then, and shouldnt be anything now. Just trying to cover all our bases.
  4. thompsonian

    Off all week, who wants to ride

    Aside from the fact we dont know what the root cause is yet of the vertigo, I'm good. Have an MRI scheduled for the end of the month. Best case scenario is nothing is wrong and we travel another path to find the source. Worst case is possible brain tumor/damage of some sort from who knows what. I know...its hard to do a brain scan when there isnt anything there to begin with
  5. thompsonian

    Off all week, who wants to ride

    You're more than welcome to come take my FJR for a spin if you want. Lord knows I'm not riding it for the moment. My season may be over...
  6. thompsonian

    What do YOU need?

    Price check on a Klim TK1200
  7. thompsonian

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Justin and I, well mostly Justin, got the FJR about 80% reassembled Saturday night. Flushed the coolant while the fairings were off. Should be back all the way together this week.
  8. thompsonian

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Not quite. Getting closer tho. They changed my BP meds and its helped, but there's still some dizziness going on. Doing the exercises and getting my eyes checked as well this week just as a precautionary measure.
  9. thompsonian

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Parts came in last week. Hopefully will make it out to @JustinNck1 garage this weekend to get it all put back together
  10. thompsonian

    OMRL Adkins

    Guess I better not get one...talk about lapped traffic "Hey Dave, the race is over!" "OVER? I JUST NOW finished 1 lap!!!"
  11. thompsonian

    What did you do to your bike today?

    8rider6, If you're not a member of either FJRiders.com or fjrforum.com head over there and join. There's a member there by the handle Garauld. He makes some really nice add-ons for the bike and they're amazing quality.
  12. thompsonian

    How many FJRs on here?

    I'll have to try those out. Co-worker told me this am about a chiropractor here in town that specializes in folks dealing with vertigo. Had some neck x-rays done and have some degeneration around C5-C6. Looking at a CT scan next to make sure and rule out all possibilities.
  13. thompsonian

    How many FJRs on here?

    Thanks man. I've got some vertigo issues going on. I actually had the same problem at the end of the group ride this past spring. I chalked it up to possible dehydration or heat exhaustion. Turns out my BP was pretty high. Taking meds for it now, but am still having some slight dizziness feeling while driving. So I'm not even going to consider swinging a leg over the bike. I suppose if all else fails, I can get a Corvette...
  14. thompsonian

    What did you do to your bike today?

    That looks just like my bike...aside from the fact that yours has all the plastic intact and mine is going to be ordered this week. Be cautious with overloading that Givi. If you plan on keeping the FJR for awhile, I'd suggest getting the Givi SR357 rack. It offers a lot more support for the case and looks great as well.
  15. thompsonian

    How many FJRs on here?

    Lol...I wish...its more of a "I'm not able to ride anymore" kind of thing