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  1. SEO Ride 08/19 or 8/20?

    @JustinNck1 did you decide what day your going down?
  2. Nice bike and congrats.
  3. bike WANTED: Looking for my first street bike

    I have helmet, gloves, jacket, and riding boots. I'll probably order some pants soon and probably textile to go over whatever I'm wearing and maybe not be freezing when I'm riding in the high 30 degree mornings this year.
  4. New Bike Research

    So the wife sent this to me this morning. I think that means I should use this in any and all future bike purchase decisions.
  5. bike WANTED: Looking for my first street bike

    No I mean right now I'm in regular jeans not riding jeans. I was looking at the SR line of jeans actually this morning. Sr4 and sr6
  6. bike WANTED: Looking for my first street bike

    Hmm I'd probably have to sew in the waist. I'm 6'3" 215lbs or so
  7. bike WANTED: Looking for my first street bike

    34x34 sometimes 36x34 depending on fit
  8. First bike, hello Ohioans

    Welcome, and be safe out there. I dread riding downtown columbus anymore but will do it if I must. Taking rides in the country are much more relaxing for me with more nature and less cars.
  9. New Bike Research

    That is a great pic! Why do I have to work if I ever hit the lottery I'm taking trips like that all the time.
  10. bike WANTED: Looking for my first street bike

    I probably will one day. I of course need to get some riding pants as that is the last piece of Gear to make me ATGATT. I know let the hazing commence for riding in jeans . Been putting it off trying to decide on textile or riding jeans.
  11. New Bike Research

    Thanks yeah it is a very nice bike and great motor. I am looking at being able to take weekend trips to Wayne to hit the trails, Hatfield McCoy, and any other trails I can find on weekends. Also hit all the dirt and gravel roads I can find to enjoy the country. I think most adventure bikes are going to be to big for the dirt capabilities I'm looking for. I used to have a crf450x and I used to love to take that down to Wayne. Got rid of it due to back surgery but now I feel like a whole new man and can start enjoying off-road again. Of course still have to be careful and not do anything to crazy, but anymore I am finding I enjoy riding and don't really need to ride like I'm racing myself all the time.
  12. What did you do to your bike today?

    Yes it is the saddleman wide sport tunnel bag and I was wrong that thing is plenty big enough for anything I want to bring. Hell it fit gallon of milk and some other groceries one night. I did add straps to the bottom rings underneath and ran to the subframe because with weight it was shifting side to side but now seems very stable. They do make a smaller version that might fit.
  13. New Bike Research

    That is the thing I want a little of both. I am seriously looking at that KTM 690. Has enough grunt to get me to the trails with gear and will handle some serious trail riding. They seem like they are hard to find which is fine as I need to either talk the wife into a second bike and save up some for the bike fund or run the XSR a little more and decide if I can let her go.
  14. bike WANTED: Looking for my first street bike

    I know the feeling. I ride mainly by myself one because I left the military to move to an area where I know no one and two I took jobs where I work from home and everyone I work with is in different states. I agree with one of the great parts of riding is the friends you make and I miss riding with people but around here it is mostly cruisers and I'd say 3 out of 10 wave and those seem hesitant since I'm not on a cruiser. I had a time of no two wheels in my life and I'll take solo riding over nothing any day of the week.
  15. SEO Ride 08/19 or 8/20?

    I may be down there one day this weekend if things work out.