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  1. I just watched a video on YouTube because I was curious about the front sight adjustment. It seems you can pretty much just bang it a little to one side or the other. I'd give that a go if you got time and want to DIY. Here's the vid I watched https://youtu.be/hGqpZZO2NqI . It's from 1:30 to 2:00 where he does it. If you're going to contact S&W, I'd be curious to know if this type of defect would be covered under warranty.
  2. That kinda sucks that the sights aren't adjustable, but I would guess that would be covered under warranty. Maybe contact them about only the sight issue? It sounds like they focused only on the first issue you mentioned, which is the magazine. When I read this, I went and checked my shield (I bought it on sale right before the 2.0 came out). Mine has some kind of tiny hex screw in the center of the rear sight so I think mine is adjustable. Does yours not have that?
  3. Tank bags and mens jacket are gone. Also, not pictured are men's size 12 boots, a couple of battery tenders, and a portable air compressor
  4. Just bought a new computer so don't need this one anymore. Would be a great laptop for a computer science or information systems student. I used it for my MS in Software Engineering and it ran everything like a champ. Dell Inspiron 13" 5000 series (5378 Signature Edition). Touchscreen/Tablet mode 256GB SSD 8GB RAM Intel i7 Processor - 7th Gen Laptop is like new with all parts working properly Charging cable will be included Got it posted on CL for $500. Would be willing to do $400 for an OR member.
  5. So I decided that motorcycling just isn't for me right now. My significant other and I lost interest as we had other things we needed to do. I'm selling our gear since we don't need it anymore. Prices are for each unit. Willing to make a deal with OR members. PM me if you want additional pics or info. Located in Sharonville. 2 - $20 - Magnetic tank bags (1 md, 1 lg) 1 - $20 - XL chaps, leather and textile mix 2 - $50 - Helmets, 1 Small and 1 Large 2 - $50 - Women's textile jackets, small (one is specifically for cold weather) 1 - $50 - Men's textile jacket, large 1 - $50 - Women's motorcycle jeans 1 - $50 - Women's motorcycle shoes, size 7
  6. I just got pulled over in KY going 92 in a 70. I also had a passenger without a seatbelt on. He said the ticket was $200. He let me off b/c of my Trump shirt 👍
  7. bump.. she's just sitting in my garage waiting for a new rider.
  8. sold 5 of them. Have 10 or so left. Buy now, they're going fast!
  9. bump. Price reduced to $4200 for OR members.
  10. Bump. Would be willing to trade for a sporty bike of similar value, I just don't do long rides anymore.
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