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  1. JapanRider92

    2010 Honda Stateline

    bump $4000.
  2. JapanRider92

    Wet Floor Signs/Cones

    sold 5 of them. Have 10 or so left. Buy now, they're going fast!
  3. JapanRider92

    2010 Honda Stateline

    bump. Price reduced to $4200 for OR members.
  4. JapanRider92

    2010 Honda Stateline

    Bump. Would be willing to trade for a sporty bike of similar value, I just don't do long rides anymore.
  5. JapanRider92

    2010 Honda Stateline

    Will throw in a few wet floor signs to sweeten the deal
  6. JapanRider92

    bike 2010 Honda Stateline

    Hey everyone, Decided to sell my bike. Not in a hurry to sell. $4500 Checked out by Cadre Cycle in Blue Ash before the end of last year so no issues as far as I know. Cobra downswept exhaust and Mustang seat. ~26k miles Small scrape on gear case.
  7. JapanRider92

    2013 Ninja 1000

    interested. Let me know if the other guy fall through.
  8. JapanRider92

    Wet Floor Signs/Cones

    Is @Bad324 the pool table guy? I remember when I first joined every post mentioned trading for a pool table
  9. JapanRider92

    Wet Floor Signs/Cones

  10. JapanRider92

    Wet Floor Signs/Cones

    Can't blame a guy for trying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  11. JapanRider92

    Wet Floor Signs/Cones

    I have them posted to Cincinnati craigslist. Figured I'd post them here too. https://cincinnati.craigslist.org/bfs/d/hubert-wet-floor-signs-cones/6629389084.html
  12. JapanRider92

    Brand New FitBit Charge 2

    Mine sold, so not sure if you want to open a new thread for yours Tim. Bump for Tim.
  13. JapanRider92

    Brand New FitBit Charge 2

    Bump for me and Tim
  14. JapanRider92

    Brand New FitBit Charge 2

    I happened to get an extra fitbit charge 2. It's still in the box, brand new, and unopened. It's black with the large band. $100 firm.
  15. JapanRider92

    H.R. 5087

    But I don't think this is going to gain traction. All cosponsors are (D).