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  1. gear Sena 20S dual pack $250

    This is very tempting, I have been looking for a set for me in the other half... As if we ever get the chance to ride together
  2. zx11.JPG

    You make that bike look tiny
  3. Need a cheap 3rd row'er

    So we have an LX, is that what you have? Does it have factory remote start? They added the OEM Kia remote start and we are not happy with the way it works.
  4. Considering a job opportunity

    wholly smokes, If i could make that kind of coin doing inspections I would happily jump ship out of Engineering to do that. If I were in your shoes, I would take the job. I hate being at a place with the fear of losing my spot. Even tho it sounds like they will treat you right if it goes south. The horrible gut feeling every night around the dinner table does not go over well with me. The Vacation thing can be fixed, but walking away from 24K would sting a little.
  5. Need a cheap 3rd row'er

    We ended up leasing a Sorento , it's nice, checked all the boxes. It's a 3 year deal. Wife is already pissed at the remote start, other than that, it's an ok people mover. I agree on you with not keeping it past warranty. The journey was a definite no go, I didn't even fit in the back seat. And no Android Auto.
  6. 2018 Mileage thread

    2000 Miles on an R1 is equal to 20,000 on a normal bike. No human body should be folded up like that.
  7. Nitrous. For bikes, cars, etc.

    Good chance you crack a ring... I think the swell up under the intense heat and pressure then ring endgap goes away, the failure. I'm betting a little research and a small amount of engine work would go a long way. I also think a super sport would hold up a bit better, being these engines are designed to handle the abuse a little better. The ex250 , although a great platform, I don't think would last long at all.
  8. What did you do to your bike today?

    Rode to work... Made the bike dirty.
  9. 2018 Mileage thread

    Some of the other forums do a "highest mileage" thread every year. Thought it would be fun to compare. Also its a convent place for me to keep track here. My goal this year is to put 10K on just this bike this year. I finally have a bike I think I can reliable do that with.
  10. bike FS: Suzuki GSX-S750

    Very under rated bike... May not be super powerful, they are very well rounded every day bike. I spent some time atop one at the AIMExpo and at the demos at state 8
  11. Still got your first bike?

    Nope, was a Buell blast, that thing was junk. Sold roughly 3 weeks after I got it. Made 700 bucks on the deal tho.
  12. NEO Dinner

    True story, friday night would be awsomer
  13. 2018 DR-Z400SM - The dark knight arises

    Everyone Kept saying EFI in 2018. They wont sell many until they do.
  14. Fun Podcasts

    There was a really good dirty talk show called Hidy and Frank, or something like that. But all of a sudden they went to a paid subscription to listen to their podcast, so FUKE that, ill listen to adds, but i will not PAY for a podcast.
  15. Fun Podcasts

    "Under the hood" "Motorcycle and Misfits Podcast" "2 Enthusiast"---- (motorcycles) "All About android" "The screen savers" "twit" I can get through all these in about a week, and they all put up weekly eposids. So in the winter when im caging it to work, this keeps me from killing someone in road rage.