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  1. flashesbuck

    600 mile service & warranty

    Its a brand new bike, with only a 1 year warranty. If you service it properly, its not going to fail. If something does fail, its likely its a minor part. Anything thats going to fail internal to the engine will most likely fail outside of the warranty, and its your problem anyway. Although keeping records does help with resale. If I see a stack of paperwork, and/or a service manual (that looks used) when i buy a used bike, my offer goes up.
  2. flashesbuck

    Danimal's QSL Flea Market sale??

    This does. I would like to give it a shot. Please PM me with a price.
  3. Damn same... Been a beautiful here today, with just a little rain. I'm not blaming anyone, for the call, I mean it is Ohio, it could have snowed.
  4. Im out then, I promised the family a trip to the Zoo on Sunday.
  5. I'm seeing thunderstorms from 3pm till 5pm. I'm still a go if that's all
  6. flashesbuck

    What do YOU need?

    Kinda thinking about getting an airhawk seat for the bike
  7. flashesbuck

    Made the down payment on my first new bike ever.

    How does one get that same sticker.... I think one that same color would look good on my Suzuki?
  8. flashesbuck

    Made the down payment on my first new bike ever.

    That Suzuki is a GREAT bike. I spent a lot of time atop that bike during the demo days (state8 & IMS show), when i was working for Suzuki. Very good power. They basically used the same forks and brakes from the older gixxer, and the engine also. Suzuki seams to have finally sorted there transmissions also. That 1000 seemed to shift very smoothly for me on both occasions AND it had neural lock out (about time Suzuki). Its a very nice, "cool to ride" bike. In the mornings i would hop on the gsxr's because it was cool out, Then in the afternoon i was on either the gsx1000f or the sv650 and was nearly 98° that one afternoon. And it was tolerable. I was laughing at the suckers setting on those sport bikes in the middle of Columbus traffic in that heat. I rode the z900 & GSX1000F back to back down at Columbus last summer and would have to say its a really tough call. I like how light the clutch is on the z900 and the whole bike is crazy light weight, but i would want the fairings. Perilously, im dragging my feet on a new bike, and hoping maybe Kawi retires the old Ninja 1000, and replaces it with a new Ninja 900 built around that platform. But if i was buying today, I would for sure get that suzuki.
  9. I'm in, as long as it's not a crazy shitty storm, or 22°(which is still not out of the realm of possibility). Still hashing out details with @whaler
  10. flashesbuck

    NEO Donut Hate Parade Express to Epic Ride

    I have no idea if your working with @whaler but I would like to ride with one of you, I know he's at Medina, I'm in Brunswick and could really go either what in the AM.
  11. flashesbuck

    Sena 20S dual pack $250

    This is very tempting, I have been looking for a set for me in the other half... As if we ever get the chance to ride together
  12. flashesbuck

    Need a cheap 3rd row'er

    So we have an LX, is that what you have? Does it have factory remote start? They added the OEM Kia remote start and we are not happy with the way it works.
  13. flashesbuck

    Considering a job opportunity

    wholly smokes, If i could make that kind of coin doing inspections I would happily jump ship out of Engineering to do that. If I were in your shoes, I would take the job. I hate being at a place with the fear of losing my spot. Even tho it sounds like they will treat you right if it goes south. The horrible gut feeling every night around the dinner table does not go over well with me. The Vacation thing can be fixed, but walking away from 24K would sting a little.
  14. flashesbuck

    Need a cheap 3rd row'er

    We ended up leasing a Sorento , it's nice, checked all the boxes. It's a 3 year deal. Wife is already pissed at the remote start, other than that, it's an ok people mover. I agree on you with not keeping it past warranty. The journey was a definite no go, I didn't even fit in the back seat. And no Android Auto.