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  1. flashesbuck

    Renting Your BIKE?

    Thanks for the input... So far I have not officially "listed" the bike. The liability part really puts it off.
  2. flashesbuck

    So this is what the fuss is all about

    Most likely I was your instructor. Do yourself a another favor and book another class, Perhaps just the Returning Rider course as just a refresher. Statistics show that people that have been trained more that once getting killed on a back is FAR FAR less likely. Once it warms up, Ill be getting the bike out. Actually thinking maybe Sunday ill get mine out and wash it. Some animal trashed it in the garage last winter. Welcome, Keep it shiny side up.
  3. flashesbuck

    Renting Your BIKE?

    Forgot to mention what your making on this. If you sign up, you will see for yourself. The Owner makes 70% of the rental fee. So the if I set my bike at $100/day, I would make $70, they recommended discounts for multi days. AND you can rent out gear also. I see the befit of have some old Helmets around for an extra $5 Bucks.
  4. flashesbuck

    Renting Your BIKE?

    Ok here I got one for you! An add popped up on my Facebook feed for bike rental.... aka "Bike Sharing", https://www.riders-share.com/ . I have never seen any add worth pursuing from Facebook before, but this one took my attention. So I signed up and started asking questions (i dont have to go live with the add until im ready), and reading into it. So far there are 2 other Bikes in this part of Ohio on there. Insurance? Well it sounds like the renter is covered up to $15K and the deductible is $2k, and the renter is given the option to "buy extra insurance" which is basically lowing the cost of that deductible for them. I messaged them about this, and if there was a claim, Riders-share, would handle the deducible to the insurance company and the "bike owner" would only need to file the claim. Its all handled through Riders-Shares insurance policy. As far as letting someone else ride my bike? IDK, its the liability thing that has me second guessing this thing. If someone wraps it around a tree, can they point a finger at me because say.... "chain was loose". It states in the fine print, I would have the right of turning away anyone I felt wouldn't be safe, or I dont think could handle the bike. To me, I was thinking of trading this bike I currently ride in on a new one, Its a GSX650F. But really, it would make a decent rental. Its got new tires, and is very reliable, looks fast, but not GSXR fast, and is actually quite comfortable. Its really not worth all that much and if I could make a few hundo on it a year, it would enjoy keeping it around. Whats your take on this "Bike sharing". Its much like Turo for cars.
  5. flashesbuck

    OR Bluetooth communication choice

    What could i use to hand to someone in a chase car? Anything? Would the app on the phone allow them to talk/hear without a headset?
  6. flashesbuck

    2019 Gap Trip.

    Frack... I'm teaching that weekend
  7. flashesbuck

    2019 Gap Trip.

    Did I miss something? Did someone pick a damn day yet?
  8. flashesbuck

    2019 Gap Trip.

    Can you please pick a weekend that won't rain this year... It was shitty last year and that's mainly why I didn't go.
  9. flashesbuck

    OR Bluetooth communication choice

    Message me
  10. I'll take 350 to a Ohio riders membe Only selling because I purchased a house that has a smaller yard. https://cleveland.craigslist.org/grd/d/brunswick-cub-cadet-riding-mower-38/6773435268.html
  11. flashesbuck

    Noobie from Marion

    I believe I was said instructor? You take my class at Polaris?
  12. flashesbuck

    2019 Katana at Intermot Today

    I just seen "Katana 3.0" wtf is that? Is the AOL all over again?
  13. flashesbuck

    2019 Katana at Intermot Today

    I like it... It's different. It's a throw back to something no one else is doing.
  14. flashesbuck

    Need a Well and Septic inspection

    Anyone have a Well and Septic inspector recommendation? Will need to be done around the Medina Area. TIA