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  1. Warren

    Saturday (or Sunday?), July 2/3 ride

    It was kind of a spur of the moment thing. I didn't know I was able to get off work untill that Friday night, but next time I'll definitely give ya more of a heads up!
  2. Warren

    Saturday (or Sunday?), July 2/3 ride

    Its hard to catch somthing the flies off as you zip past me into the lead lol. But it was great meeting you as well! Thanks for the tip in the corners. And ill do my best to catch your gear bud, better zip tie it next time
  3. Warren

    Saturday (or Sunday?), July 2/3 ride

    I had an excellent time with all you guys. I was definitely the new guy in the group, but it was great to meet everyone. And thanks for the pointers and tips for me to make improvements in my riding. It was an awesome route jacob! Can't wait to join in on another group ride, as long as I'm able.
  4. Warren

    6/5 NEO-SEO & back.

    I'm out too, this rain doesn't exactly have the best timing.
  5. Warren

    6/5 NEO-SEO & back.

    Well I am still interested in this trip, though I still have to find out as to what my Sunday has in store. Sometimes I work sundays, sometimes I don't. I don't usually know untill Saturday afternoon. I let yall know
  6. Warren

    6/5 NEO-SEO & back.

    After you said somthing about the gear, I went out and bought a jacket and pants with the protective armor and also a pair of gloves. But I will probably sit this ride out given that it wI'll be at a pretty hot pace
  7. Warren

    6/5 NEO-SEO & back.

    I am fairly new here, and I havnt rode with anyone besides jacob. I guess I'll wait to hear from him and what he suggests
  8. Warren

    6/5 NEO-SEO & back.

    I am not familiar with Jims pace, but thanks for the heads up. I'll wait to hear what jacob recommends
  9. Warren

    Piqua bike fest 9/16-17 2016

    This sounds like a great time. Is there a decent group that normally goes down?
  10. Warren

    6/5 NEO-SEO & back.

    I'm interested as well
  11. Warren

    From the Ravenna area

    Thanks for all the greetings. I currently live in ravenna, but I do spend quite a bit of time in all parts of the state. Can't wait to ride with yall
  12. Warren

    From the Ravenna area

    Hey all, I met a rider around the hocking hills region and he showed me some roads I havnt been on before. He also referred me to this forum. I have a couple years of on the road experience on a cbr, and I've grown up racing motocross. Just looking for rides and meeting new people. I'm sure this is the right place.