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    Free: Teknic Violator Boots 44EUR/10.5US

    I am interested in the Teknic boots. I work in Bexley and could meet you downtown sometime. Let me know. Thanks Greg
  2. GregWinslow

    Out of state bike purchasing (input needed)

    I bought a bike in Kentucky and the law there is that the seller is required to leave the plates on vehicle (I assume for the buyer to get home). You could check FL for a similar law and arrange that with the seller.
  3. GregWinslow

    2017 Ohio Riders Fantasy Football League

    I will play if this comes together.
  4. I went to this at the Dayton Air Show and you could only ride the bikes in the parking lot, not on the street. Max was about 20 miles per hour. Pretty disappointing to have demo rides advertised but only be able to ride in the parking lot.
  5. GregWinslow

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Took a ride to Huntington, WV and really enjoyed 141 and 775 through the Crown City Wildlife Area. Took 93 northbound home and enjoyed the stretch between Lisman (south) and Oak Hill (north). On a separate ride, enjoyed the fresh pavement and sweeping turns of 79 north of Newark.
  6. GregWinslow

    How would you invest your kids gift money?

    Professional advisers that are free to you are paid by the "products" they have to offer and are very biased towards their own earnings. I have had a few bad experiences with the recommendations these advisors make that benefit them more than me. You pay fee for service advisors and therefore they are less biased about the investment options they recommend. But they are very expensive related to my assets and certainly the funds your kids received. I recommend investing those funds on your own. The 529 plans are educational for kids in that they list the investment option you have chosen, the unit price, number of units held, etc so you can track the growth of their investments. The 529 does have tax advantages not available through other investments and the funds can be used in a variety of ways. I agree the other investment option is a CD but rates for those are low right now too. A savings account is also a good educational tool for kids when they get a bit older. Good for you for being so thoughtful about those funds.
  7. GregWinslow

    Epic Ride Video and Picture Thread

    I put some video together from the ride. Dash mount is the slow group and helmet mount is the medium group.
  8. Thanks to Derek for organizing an Epic Ride and Hellmutt and Snot for running a great medium group. Enjoyed my first run with OR and looking forward to more.
  9. GregWinslow

    2007 K1200GT