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  1. Anselm Dewar

    Wooster/Akron/Cleveland Ride out 7-17-16

    Anybody down? Somewhere anywhere I don't care I just wanna ride. I have a great buddy of mine who owns a sports bar in Cleveland, nice little spot. T.V.'s, pool table, beer, food! Maybe we can spread the word and get a make shift bike night going. The days too nice not to ride!!! Meetup: TBD Time- TBD Call message or whatever if you'really intersted. 973 600 0555 Oh and I'm the dancing guy in the Epic Ride video if you forget who I am ???
  2. Anselm Dewar

    June 18 saturday NEO to SEO

    Sup guys, thinking about joining you folks. I think you guys should remember me? You know, the dude with the dance moves in the Epic ride video? Ninja I do believe I was in your group for that ride.... I just want to know if the pace will be pretty much that of how it was at Epic ride. I just need to do an oil change in the am and if I can get squared away with that, I'm in.
  3. Funny thing is, yall didn't know I'm in a dance crew from Tampa Florida haha Don't copy my dance move ladies n gents!
  4. Hey guys, I was the dude with the White Gixxer 750 that linked up with the NEO group in Wooster. After 250+ miles total I was pooped and knocked out when I got home. Just want to say thanks for the great ride. Had a blast and learned a lot and definately increased my confiden by a million riding with you guys. Being that I'll be moving back to Florida in the summer, it'll be my only Epic ride, but hopefuy I'll get to link up with a few of you all before I move to ride again.
  5. Soo you guys in 30!!! Ill have the white gixxer 750
  6. Add me to the list, I'll definately be going! May try to bring some along with me. Medium.
  7. Oh man great to know, I think I'll definately go. I may have to leave a bit early as I need to be back in town by 6pm though. Unless we'll be done by 4 or so. I'm unsure where the minut mart is, but I'll seach the location.
  8. Anybody from the Wooster, Ohio area going?
  9. Anselm Dewar

    New - Akron area

    I feel like I passed you on 30 last week...I was headed to back to Wooster.. Anyway I'm down to link up on the 21st!
  10. Anselm Dewar

    So who's riding this weekend?

    I know its only Monday, but the weekend forecast is looking pretty good (Especially Sunday) I live just west of Akron/Canton (Wooster, Ohio) I'll be down to ride both Saturday and Sunday if anyone is interested in getting a group together. I've been riding when I can since 2009 and just got my first bike (2000 Gixxer 750) still learning everytime I go out so it would be nice to meet some of you folks as well (I still dont know any good routes other than 83) Hopefully we can get something going. Idc where we meet up (Cleveland,Akron Area,Wooster) I just wanna ride!
  11. Anselm Dewar

    Re-New in Mansfield

    Commercial pilot (Freightdog) and live nearby in the Wooster area. Would be a pleasure to ride and fly with you sometime
  12. Anselm Dewar

    New guy from Wooster Ohio

    Thanks guys. If anybody is down for a cruise friday afternoon evening or Saturday, let me know!
  13. Anselm Dewar

    New guy from Wooster Ohio

    Well depending if I get my headlight and brake light issue fixed, I'll be down to meet up in Wooster this Sunday for some BWW and a nice little ride. Maybe not 500 miles as I'm on call starting at 2pm, but I'm sure we can put some miles in!
  14. Anselm Dewar

    New guy from Wooster Ohio

    Haha, actually you're the first. I do get the "Oh you're an Ace? What a fitting name" Regardless thanks for the info!Safety is my priority so I'll be sure to go over the road a few times before I really go in at it.
  15. Anselm Dewar

    New guy from Wooster Ohio

    Thanks man, I trailered the bike from NJ on Saturday so I haven't been able to explore. Usually on my off days I go to Florida or NJ and don't really check the sights, but now that will change since I have the bike.