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  1. Looking for a used Harley sportster seat (2 up seat) I've got a '14 harley 48 and would like to take the kid on some rides this summer.
  2. So I live in bellefontaine and found myself with some "me" time last friday. Really wanting to check out this cigar lounge in Delaware I took the bike from Bellefontaine thru the backroads to Delaware. Pretty good little ride through the country on 37 (I think). Went thru Raymond and magnetic springs, only saw one Sherriff the entire ride, decent roads. The cigar lounge, Woodland cigar LLC in Delaware was very hospitable, allowing me to park my bike behind their shop. Small but decent selection of sticks and a very nice lounge, I relaxed for a bit. Caught my bearings in the chaos of life and headed back. All in all great ride for me (one of the longer ones I've done yet 80+ miles). If you have a free afternoon, it's a nice ride in the country and you don't have to hang out on 33 watching for truckers.
  3. Good movie. Problem with legislation (even libertarian, by following laws you are giving up the ability to do what you want). Here lies the problem with some guy being a moron on a bike. I witnessed a bike accident on 33/270 yesterday where a guy was flying in cut me off and rear ended the lady in front of me. While it was minor damage to her car and on one was hurt, someone is bound to make a claim with insurance groups (A requirement to drive in this state). Police will be called to take statements/accident report (possibly). So, because this accident, statistics go up making your and my insurance possibly higher and our taxes higher (for police, safety lights, etc). Think about how fear and zeitgiest moves law in this country: Bike/bicycle helmet laws, seatbelt laws, no cell phone while driving law- all because other people had accidents or didn't wear helmets or seatbelts- I have to wear both and can't call someone while driving.... AND insurance is higher now than what it was 10 years ago and due to increased legislation will continue to rise as individual states require different coverage. All that legalism aside, IF a so called friend is a moron and rides like a moron, we have the common decency as friends to keep each other accountable. This also goes for kids racing and doing wheelies. Take that crap where it belongs- parking lots or race tracks. Not the highway where my family drives and could kill or be killed by your stupidity. Government isn't going to save us, it's up to us to hold each other to a higher standard.
  4. IMO learning to shoot with both strong hand and weak hand are imperative skills but lets be honest, a Brazilian motorcycle shootout (like youtube would make us believe happens all the time) is probably not going to happen here in the US very often. Especially for a CCW holder. So looking at really 3 points here: 1. Shooting (strong and weak hand), 2. Motorcycle riding/ Situation awareness, 3. Tactical survivability. 1. Shooting- You should be able to employ your weapon system in "survival manipulation"- meaning strong or weak hand effectively engaging threats at multiple distances. 2. As a motorcycle rider, we have the inherent need to be situationally aware of our surroundings at all times. Double that for the CCW holder. Defensive riding, where you park, what you wear, your attitude driving (not being a jackass) all comes into play. 3. Tactical Survival: IF one chose to shoot from a bike in pursuit, they would be retarded. Honestly, looking for a fight is the opposite of what it means to have a CCW. Most states require you to "flee" if you can. If you're on the bike, you have options to go. Any other reason I can think of, you would be off your bike looking for cover and concealment- Not jason borneing it from your Harley. In both worlds (riding and shooting) one should mitigate all risks and the idea of shooting a gun from a motorcycle while "bad ass", I'd rather hit my target consistently and not put myself in a legal situation where I could be charged with at least manslaughter. IF I was in a 3rd world country faced with the same situation, I'd dismount and look for cover/concealment and tactical advantage. Lastly- the days of Rooster Cogburn and shooting from riding a horse were not as true to history as some would imagine. Yes, it happened. Yes, historically for archery it happened a lot. Yes, cavalry used to shoot repeating firearms from horses (usually stationary- not in movement) and if they were in movement it was supressive fire not the precision marksmanship required by CCW. Tactically- from the 1800s to horse soldiers today, usually a soldier dismounts because an accurate shot kills the threat faster than a moving target is harder to hit. Just an opinion on history here.
  5. I've seen this a few ways and I just got my first bike a year ago. I see folks I know in small towns (my uncle) go ride without a helmet around the lake he lives by or maybe into town for a burger but that's about it. While stationed in florida, I used to see sport bike guys in, I kid you not, flipflops, shorts and tank tops doing wheelies in destin, trying to race and doing burnouts.... Most younger guys but still the stupidity alarm rang. I read an article on SSD (tactical gear stuff) about Magpul reaching harley brand name status in the sporting goods market....I have 1 harley shirt and some gloves (cus my army gloves weren't cutting it). I tried to find the lowest key shirt available (just a long sleeve that says HD in cut out letters like an old jersey). I don't want to have everything associated with the brand because I like multiple brands. I understand folks going from a shadow to an HD..not just for brand but style- I went HD sportster because I liked the old school styling. I was also looking at a Honda NC700X. My real style is a Ural, but didn't have 16K for a bike that only goes up to 70 on a good day.... Biggest thing to me for a poser is drinking the kool-aid and thinking because I ride and wear X, I must be able to do this or that (no gear, only for show- no long rides/commutes- just bar hoping and showboating). To me, that's a poser. The guy who gets a few things because he likes the brand and is excited about it- no worries. The bigger concern to me, if the guy is your friend is his safety and ability to ride. Be honest and upfront with him about why you don't want to ride with him. "Hey man, it seems like you're more interested in XX- being a HD dude than riding, and more importantly riding safe." That will be a shock to him, but if someone doesn't call him out on riding unsafe/shitty- then we aren't doing anyone a service. If he got in a wreck because of his stupidity, I would feel like an ass if I hadn't said anything....but that's just me. Hopefully he wakes up and realizes riding with no gear (seriously) is retarded.
  6. first thing to upgrade is sights. Ameriglo Hackathorn sights are awesome. I have Ameriglo sights on my G26 and Dawson Precision/Seveny on my G34. 2nd essential upgrade is an extended slide catch (either Glock, Ghost or Vickers tactical)- very easy to install. Lastly an extended mag release if being used for CCW. I like the Vickers tactical compared to the glock extended mag release. Those would be the essentials. Then invest in magazines and base plate bumpers (again if CCW or competition). Again, those are the only essentials for CCW. First one is new sights over the glock sights.
  7. Thanks guys- I guess I should have started with I was spoiled in Virginia and Florida with good BBQ whenever I wanted. Alaska not so much, and missouri was hit and miss locally (Fort Wood), but some places like Sugarfire in St Charles where my in-laws are at is the best place I've ever had. I'm a pulled pork man, brisket close 2nd. Ribs are her thing, and I partake whenever offered. Can't beat good BBQ. My daughters also love BBQ, and it's our daddy daughter thing to go get some. Thanks for the ideas, I'll be sure to check some out. Anyone been to 2G's BBQ in Bellefontaine? It's right up the road from me but haven't heard anything good or bad about it.
  8. every place needs a "fat man" to keep stuff on track.
  9. I don't know, maybe we should ask the disciples, most who were slaughtered for believing in Christ. Unfortunantly, whether or not church going is right or wrong (an individual choice), there are people out in this world who would aim to destroy just because you're there, just as much as any other "church" Nascar rallys, bars, football games, so on. I always thought it interesting biker gangs calling their meetings church....maybe widens that definition to a place of collective worship...
  10. I've heard of this one I think. I think it shared a spot with another restaurant? Didn't it close?...I used to live in Dublin off hayden run (LC Paddock).
  11. I went to a church for a while that had a security detail. Still friends with the guys who are on it. For the most part as I've understood it with CCW in a few states (using reciprocity), you have to have permission from the church to carry, otherwise it's illegal. That being said, I've also worked with churches who have had security for numerous reasons from Homeless people "utilizing" hallways for sleep and drugs (breezeway in my old church in california) to bomb threats/arson (both pranks and real threats) to peoples car's being broken into and even as far as belligerent drunks at service who had to be escorted out (thankfully not armed. The dude was a naked former member having a mental breakdown...(this is after I left home)....so There is some warrant to carrying while at church. Also given these days that people are out for victims they will go for where they know they can attack. out in the boonies shouldn't be an issue to not have a piece but if you are in someplace more urban, I'd rather have an not need than the other way around. Especially protecting my family or church from some jerk out to hurt em. Think it's best to ask the pastor and not to broadcast (hence CC in CCW) that you have a gun. that way you're obeying the law and not putting yourself in a spot to get the cops called on you. Best to have "written" consent to carry too in case the pastor is out sick and some old lady calls the cops on ya.
  12. So I'm relatively new to both Ohio (been here a little over a year) and just moved to Bellefontaine. I used to go to breweries and BBQ spots when stationed in Virginia (before I got a bike)....Does anyone know of "Good" BBQ in the area? City BBQ is well, a chain but probably the better one I've been to so far. Also looking for good breweries who have taprooms.
  13. lots of lube, some wine and "sweet talking".
  14. I've got the one that's cyan? (red but looks black from other angles)
  15. New to the forums. Been in Ohio a little over a year now after getting out of the Army last year and starting work with Honda. I'm originally from Sacramento, CA but been all over the states from being in the service. I recently moved from the LC Paddock in Dublin to a house in Bellefontaine, OH. I've have my bike a year now, a 14' Harley Davidson 48. Nothing fancy done to it yet other than nice saddlebag and daymaker headlight. Um, I've got 3 kids and one on the way....previously a bomb tech in the Army....like whiskey, Beer, cigars, guns and bikes....yup that's me in a nutshell. Glad to meet ya'll.
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