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  1. Haas75

    AMA Bike Night Tonight May 13th.

    There is a bike night at the AMA motorcycle museum in Pickerington tonight. It starts at 5:PM and runs until 8:PM. Live band and the museum is open. I think it said something about a food truck also? Just thought I'd share the info on here. My wife and I are going to check it out.
  2. Haas75

    Newbie here in Columbus area.

    @2talltim I have been looking at screens. I'm on both zggtr and cog. I'm good with the stock seat, ( I came from a Hayabusa.) But the wife might appreciate a little more padding. Let me know prices on both.
  3. Haas75

    Newbie here in Columbus area.

    I can get it to do this. But not as a profile picture.
  4. Haas75

    Newbie here in Columbus area.

    I tried to make my bike my profile picture. (554kb) I have tried many different methods. Upload ( 1 file was larger than the maximum file size of 49.9712kb, and was skipped), URL (wasn't recognized), and Google photo (same as upload). Thank you for helping me understand this size issue.
  5. Haas75

    Newbie here in Columbus area.

    554kb I thought it would be small enough. Just a little too big.
  6. Haas75

    Newbie here in Columbus area.

    I'm 6'7" I have problems fitting all sorts of places.
  7. Hello all. Just joined the forum. I have been riding for 20+ years. I was looking for ideas for local rides and came across a video of Epic Ride. I think it was 2014. That is how I found this forum. I tried to upload a picture, but everything I tried was too big. I'll have to try again later.