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  1. Looking forward to make this, slow group i guess. i did ride this past weekend with the CSBA and i was right behind @JCMathis so it shouldn't be a big deal. I'll be meeting with in @Hellmutt Columbus and then ride there. certainly this will be my first Epic ride but i've been riding for a couple years.
  2. Looking forward to meet you guys at Columbus stop.
  3. BrayanRdgz7

    Hello from Hilliard

    Sure, There is one!
  4. BrayanRdgz7

    Hello from Hilliard

    Most of the time i'm riding by myself, but sometimes is good to ride with some guys and hang out. you know.
  5. BrayanRdgz7

    Hello from Hilliard

    Thanks guys!
  6. BrayanRdgz7

    April 16th CSBA Ride

    I'll be there with my uncle!
  7. BrayanRdgz7

    Anyone want to ride the wknd of 4-8/4-9?

    It looks like Sunday will be cool... i'm in the Hilliard area, but i'm fine venturing out.
  8. BrayanRdgz7

    Hello from Hilliard

    Hello guys, i'm new here. i just got my 2010 Bmw S1000RR. anyone who wants to ride please feel free to invite and i'll be there.