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  1. Can you tell me how to edit? The only options I see are "Report" and "Share". Thanks.
  2. Oops. Thanks - I'll do that now.
  3. 2009 FJR1300AE in great condition. Only 18,xxx miles. Electronic clutch model which is no longer imported into the US. This electronic clutch with the paddle shifters is my favorite thing about the motorcycle. Dunlop Roadsmart 3 tires new in late 2019 with less than 1,000 miles on them. Oil and filter changed at same time with full synthetic. National Cycle windscreen (original included also) is taller than original. This bike has the electronic adjustable windshield and ABS. It has a battery tender connection. The color is metallic titanium and is very pretty. This is a wonderful sport touring motorcycle I just don't ride enough to keep it. Full specs and write up here: https://www.totalmotorcycle.com/photos/2009models/2009-Yamaha-FJR1300AE FJR FJR1300 FJR1300AE AE Sport Touring Yamaha FJR 1300
  4. Any of those should be fine firearms. Get the one that feels and looks best to you. I had different requirements and went with the Beretta Nano. I like it a lot, and it fits under the seat of my Speed Triple:
  5. Beautiful Street. If I could sell my Speed, I'd be interested. Love the Speed, but wouldn't mind downsizing a bit. Good luck!
  6. Welcome! I'm in Columbus, near Grandview Heights. Other side of town, but not far.
  7. IP has most of their IXS jackets, pants, gloves(I think) on clearance cheap. And there are lots of them. (Of course not the mesh jacket that I wanted, though.) I had to talk myself out of a couple of their leather jackets that I don't need. I did buy a Mamba textile jacket for $58.99. Seemed like some really good deals, if anyone needs/wants such things.
  8. That sounds like just about the perfect tire to me. Awesome!
  9. Wow, sorry about that. Thanks for the correction. I am really liking mine, which I bought without knowing about the rebate, so I got lucky.
  10. I bought a set of the new Dunlop Roadsmart III's in August, without knowing that there was a $60 rebate on a pair at the time. They were right at $300 for the pair for my 2007 Speed Triple (before rebate). Now there is a rebate in September of $100 on a set. If you want/need a new set of sport touring tires, you should really consider buying these during September. I started riding again last year after a 26 year hiatus, so I don't have a lot to compare them to. And they are very new - 400-500 miles on them now. And all new tires feel great (or they should). But this is the third new set of tires I've ridden since early last year (New Metzerlers on a new Bonne, Shinko 705's on a 955i Tiger, and these), and these are pretty damn great so far. I've had them around Hocking Hills, all over Columbus, and they have been nothing but great. They feel good, handle well, and (so far) they handle uneven pavement (when there is a change in the pavement that tracks differently from your intended line) like it wasn't there. None of the tires on any of my other bikes handle changes in pavement like that, or even close. So yeah, that's all I've got. If you want $100 off a great set of tires, you're welcome
  11. You're going to look silly wearing all that Yamaha gear now Great bike - Congrats!
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