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  1. hiro

    Switch to ST1300?

    Sounds too massive for me, I guess. I was thinking, with something like that I could ride interstate, but realistically, I probably wouldn't go that far. It would probably get boring waiting for the road to curve a little once in a while.
  2. hiro

    Switch to ST1300?

    I came across an advert for a 2007 ST1300 for $4500 with only about 20k miles on it. All stock except tires. (Perfect condition, of course, according to the seller.) Would it be a massive change from a Ninja 650 and would it be a mostly positive one? I know it's a totally different class of bike. One thing I don't like about the Ninja 650 is the knee angle. Also, I can't carry much in just a tail bag. And there's just enough windscreen to increase windnoise. Other than those things I like it. There are other ST1300's that are a little older or have more miles for around the same price. $4000 to 5500, 17k to 52k miles. Sound about right?
  3. hiro

    Buying a Bike that has a lien against it?

    Did exactly that. The one time I trusted someone to mail me a title, it worked out, but I was very uncomfortable until it did.
  4. hiro

    An old memory of my 1st motorcycle.

    That is oddly appealing.
  5. hiro

    new fangled speeding ticket?

    Yeah, it was about right. They were surprised when it asked to do the program. They didn't even mention it as an option.
  6. hiro

    Race Tech Gold Valve Emulator review.

    Wow. I bet the phone was dirty after that. heh
  7. hiro

    Rice Paddy Closing

    Rice Paddy Motorcycles Closing, Land Bought by Developer http://www.columbusunderground.com/rice-paddy-motorcycles-in-weinland-park-closing-land-bought-by-developer-bw1
  8. hiro

    Race Tech Gold Valve Emulator review.

    I know it's an ancient thread... How heavy was Harb67 back in 2010? heh I'm thinking about Race Tech springs and emulators for my 2012 Ninja 650 and their calculator suggested the same spring rate, 0.95. I entered 155 pounds without gear. Stock is 1.2. Just wondering if the calculator is fairly decent based on other peoples experiences.
  9. hiro

    Apartment Parking: Free for the taking?

    Definitely keeping the blinds closed. It's a fairly well lit court yard in which the cars were invaded. Kinda bold, I think. Snow is another thing I didn't expect down here.
  10. hiro

    Apartment Parking: Free for the taking?

    Shortly after arrival, 8 cars had their windows broken! One car was right next to my wife's rental car. (Same or similar models. Chargers, I think.) No problem since then. At first they gave us a tiny storage room for the bike, but it didn't have power and it was only slightly wider than a standard door. We have a garage now which easily fits the car, too, and it has a window. ^_^ Bike looks sad a lonely though.
  11. hiro

    Apartment Parking: Free for the taking?

    That's harsh! Is that why your profile shows AZ now??
  12. hiro

    Apartment Parking: Free for the taking?

    People think I'm suspicious as it is! Would also need to watch out for dog walkers. The way it sounds, I don't know if people are staying in a pet hotel or pets staying at a human apartment. I'm imaging walking by doors and hearing a dog bark behind each one. heh
  13. hiro

    Apartment Parking: Free for the taking?

    A cover for a cover? Why not?
  14. hiro

    Apartment Parking: Free for the taking?

    There should be one elevator. I kinda don't want to draw any attention considering we will be over the limit for animals. I'll probably grab a cover, check into storage, and see if my wife knows anyone out there with a house.
  15. hiro

    Apartment Parking: Free for the taking?

    There IS an extra bedroom, but 4th floor. heh