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  1. That manager probably thought you were cute. That's all. haha
  2. How was that organized? I'd like to protest the local library system not allowing concealed carry. If I rode to the library, I'd have to leave my pistol in a bag on the bike where it could be stolen. I noticed in one county in NC the library system allows concealed carry, but in my county they do not. But then, I think my county allows concealed carry in parks, but I visited another county park that didn't.
  3. So... not worth giving them the Dick's treatment? Was it just Dick's removing AR-15's that people protest?
  4. Wendy's is another place that prefers to not see your pew. heh
  5. I had a similar experience with two older women. I also saw an older woman in a Walmart open carrying. I later learned that that store closes early due to the crime rate!
  6. Because when I did a search I found similar events involving Walmart at different points in time. But, yeah, not much use mentioning the date. I also thought it was interesting that it's the 3rd, which is after the 2nd, almost as if they're saying the 2nd has come and gone! Haha I was also thinking of how some people open carry on the 2nd to make a statement.
  7. Does anyone care about Walmart's open carry policy change that other companies also adopted? Is the next step to not allow concealed carry? I'm thinking, I can't boycott all those companies, but I could boycott the biggest one who fired the first shot! https://www.businessinsider.com/5-stores-changing-open-carry-gun-policies-after-walmart-shooting-2019-9#-7
  8. Nice gauge, and I like the focus in the second photo. Oh, I didn't get the 15-22. I kinda wish I did. I picked up a Marlin 795 for $125 + tax to replace the conversion kit and to have something lighter, but I don't know yet. Zeroing indoors at 25 yards with a scope and a bipod, it was shooting tighter than the conversion kit. Super heavy trigger though and not a lot of options. I need to see how it does next time outdoors at 50 yards. It is not an exaggeration to say that it feels like the safety is on when pulling the trigger! My wife said spend $75 more and get a Ruger 10/22. Shoulda listened, I guess, but part of the idea was to have a really cheap 22. Cycles without any issues. We got the scope because my wife likes scopes, but I was leaning towards a red dot. The stock iron sights are cr*p.
  9. I found that I like this ammo more than mini-mags. https://www.ganderoutdoors.com/federal-american-eagle-suppressor-subsonic-rimfire-ammo-.22-lr-45-gr.-crn-203242.html
  10. M&P15-22 CONSUMER SAFETY ALERT https://www.smith-wesson.com/mp15-22-consumer-safety-alert/
  11. These ones didn't go bang. The conversion kit started good, had some problems, then it got better again. I did change out the trigger and hammer springs with lighter ones. "JP Enterprises AR-15 Enhanced ignition reliability spring kit...mil-spec trigger/hammer components to produce a 4- to 5-lb. pull..." Not sure if that's a problem or not. My wife figured out that we shouldn't rest the mag on the table. At least we got plenty of practice clearing malfunction! 20190302_180709_001.mp4
  12. Those two Kel-Tecs do seem interesting. Yeah, we should have gone with the 15/22. All or most accessories work with other AR's? I know it's lighter, too. Mine is around 7.6# without a mag right now.
  13. Aww, man... It was the M&P 15/22 that go me interested in a .22 rifle which led to building the 5.56. I was also considering a Ruger 10-22 down to a Rossi RS22 for $110. The conversion kit cost $169 with 3 mags which doesn't seem that good now, pricewise. (Testing this weekend.) For the price of Mini-Mags, I figure it would take over 1000 rounds for the kit to pay for itself, factoring in 10% failure. heh I also saw a dedicated .22 upper for...the same price as an entire 15/22 so that's out. Has anyone tried adding pre-load to the buffer spring to help hold the conversion bolt carrier in place better? Some people just replace the buffer spring with a dowel or something. This shows the "pressure plug" slug that slips in front of the buffer weight. Discussing it with my wife, she thought that being able to switch calibers and shoot longer distance would be cool. She voted for the .223. I think we got a little carried away. Added a 2-7x33 scope. I've never used a scope before, so I don't know if it's the best choice or not. There is an outdoor range where we could shoot up to 250 yards. I'm more concerned with it working at shorter distances though. I know it isn't a CQB optic, but indoor ranges might only be 25 yards. Wife didn't want a zero magnification red dot though. Also changed out the wobbly stock.
  14. Is there any reason to think that Mini-Mag hollow points would work any less well than round nose ones? I waiting on a CMMG .22 conversion kit for our AR 5.56. I'm also curious if anyone has used a "pressure plug" or anything to help hold the bolt in place. This is pew #3, BTW. Just built it. 16" mid-length. Planning to put a scope on it soon.
  15. That new rear sight! I can rack the slide off the edge of my pocket on my jeans! I had to file the front edge a little because it tended to catch on my hands as I let the slide snap forward. Less so with with the pew turned 90 degrees. Seems good now. Cleaner, more defined rear sight image and a nice glow in low light. The front sight glow is larger and brighter, and the white ring stands out as well as the original sight.
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