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  1. Clutch question

    How about poor contact within the fuel pump relay? (I'm assuming that's how the system works.) I guess relays don't have problems very often. An error code or some type of meter or gauge might help about now.
  2. Clutch question

    What is the cost of a pressure gauge vs a new fuel pump? The gauge is probably much easier to hook up! The old hose theory has promise. But now that I've said that, someone will say age doesn't matter. heh Thinking of cars again, is it possible that the engine is sucking air, or have an issue with an evap system? (If it's more than just a cap and hose.)
  3. Clutch question

    Possibly water in the tank?
  4. Clutch question

    I'm imagining it like this: When the bike is cold there is some vacuum in the tank. The sound of the fuel pump is showing that. The bikes warms up and the fuel expands and relieves some of the vacuum. But then, after pulling fuel for a while, it starts to create the vacuum again. That might cause reduced fueling...but, that might not be consistent with the power suddenly kicking back in. A mystery. heh Probably something simple. Maybe it is the pump.
  5. Clutch question

    Another dumb thought: Could it be related to poor tank ventilation? Or was that covered already? Or maybe faulty wiring to the fuel pump?
  6. Electrical problem

    Is that true is multiple wires are connected together? Wouldn't there be little channels between the wires? (Overkill: Silicone the ends of the shrink tubing! heh)
  7. Clutch question

    Not likely, but one time my car had a bad temperature sensor connector and it got to the point that my engine wouldn't run. Telling lies to the ECU.
  8. This year's project bike

    The bars. heh I wonder how well those headlights work that adjust the beam based on lean angle.
  9. hey folks

    That sums it up pretty well.
  10. This year's project bike

    You will not be defeated! What fun is something that just works? heh
  11. Craigslist, eBay, Internet find thread

    I got it. Sorry. Sike. heh
  12. Starting my Blog soon. How honest to be?

    hehe I was wondering what I did wrong this time! Well, the hands aren't little, but the thumb looks small.
  13. Starting my Blog soon. How honest to be?

    That's a thumb. Just using 9news disposable eclipse glasses, sponsored by Grease Monkey. #BEON9 Hometown partner of the Denver Broncos.
  14. I'll go with that. heh It's consistent with the fact that my car tires are not that great. They sit outside 100% of the time and I barely drive it. The bike tires are inside a lot, and they will be off the ground over the winter. I just wonder if my car tire had the cracks before I had to drive on the tire at very low pressure. (It has at least one puncture in it.) Still, checking the date codes would show whether they're stock or not. Like I said, just curious. Not that it will automatically be catastrophic. It's just data.