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  1. Moved the rear sight using a 5/16" x 3" brass bolt and tweaked it with a sight pusher. Photos don't show it as well, but I can see it. Went maybe a hair too far, but now I know the sight pusher can move it a little. The spring I was about to cut, but I tried a temporary test by wrapping the last coil around itself. Now the 7-round mag seats just about the same as the 8-round mag as it should.
  2. Now they're saying I could ship the mag, too. heh I wonder if they were even reading the messages before. Not going to bother.
  3. Yeah, I'll probably use a brass bolt or punch to kick the rear sight into alignment. It's only a tiny fraction of an inch off. S&W sent me a shipping label, but stated to only include the firearm. Also, that they will be shut down for 2 weeks during December. Normally turn-around might be 7-10 days. Not worth it considering one of the problems is just the 7-round magazine. They won't confirm if either is a warranty issue or not until they look at it. I'm able to move the rear sight on my Ruger using a sight pusher, but after using a sight pusher I think a hammer and punch is probably the more versatile and cost-effective solution. I just hesitated to do that the first time working on sights. Plus, or more accurately, minus, I don't have a bunch vise anymore, so that was an obstacle. I am planning to replace the front sight on the Ruger with a fiber optic one, so I'll need tools anyway. I'm thinking about getting a cheap drill press vise like this:
  4. hiro

    Sig p365

    A friend of mine mentioned the tendency to ride the slide release, which might explain the slide not locking back. Did you only have one mag to work with? Maybe it was the mag?
  5. My sight does have the hex screw. Technically, the sight can be moved a little. There is a spring on the right side for the striker blocker which is probably why S&W doesn't want the sight moved much. The manual recommends moving the front sight if needed. The thing is, if the rear sight were centered properly, the front sight probably wouldn't need to be moved at all. My sight pusher won't work well with this type of sight. I did pick up a brass bolt to try to use as a punch to kick the sight a little, but I thought I should check with S&W first. (Not my sight in the photo.) Some people report that that sight is extremely hard to move so I haven't been in a hurry to try. Plus, I don't have a vise right now. I'd have to clamp the slide to the steps in my garage. heh
  6. Question: Should I bother to give up my gun for however long and mail it to S&W, or should I just try to fix the problems myself? I contacted S&W about the 7-round mag for my Shield not clicking in when fully loaded without the slide being locked back first. I also mentioned that the rear sight is not centered and that the manual states that the rear sight is not adjustable. It's also hitting left, which matches the rear sight alignment. They responded by offering a pre-paid label for me to ship the gun and the mag for inspection, but didn't say anything in regard to the issues. They also pointed out that if the problems don't qualify as warranty issues, they would bill me. Not sure if it's worth the trouble. I'm pretty sure the spring in the magazine is too long for the 7-round mag. It's the same length and physical weight as the ones in the 8-round mags. The 8-round mags click in without a struggle. I mean, I could just cut a coil off the spring.
  7. hiro

    How many magazines?

    For me, three or four mags for each seems like a good start. Enough for the range, to carry, to have at home, or to use in training or competition like IDPA. I don't do all that yet. heh
  8. hiro

    Sig p365

    Being a small pew, did you make sure your thumb wasn't rubbing against the slide? Might cause cycling problems. Being new probably isn't working in its favour either.
  9. hiro

    Ammo Deals.

    I heard of feed problems with flat nosed target ammo. As far as shorter barrel pistols like a small .380, I've been hearing that XTP rounds are better. For our still kinda short 9mm 3.1" and 3.4" barrel pistols, we have a box of FTX. I choose Critical Defense because of the description that it penetrates a little less and is more likely to expand than open hollow points. I'd prefer lower barrier penetration and human pass-through.
  10. hiro

    Ammo Deals.

    Is Blazer Brass Black good? There is a $20 rebate on it right now, up to $100, and Academy has it on sale. It's $85 for 500 rounds of 9mm before rebate and tax. Free shipping. For me with 7% tax that works out to 14.19 cents per round if my maths is correct. Other calibers are $80 for 300-350 rounds. Also noticed Hornady Critical Defense 9mm for $17. https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/blazer-brass-black-pack-9mm-luger-115-grain-centerfire-pistol-ammunition https://www.academy.com/content/dam/academysports/rebates/OT1103_BlackPackBucks_Promo_Coupon_Print_f.pdf https://www.academy.com/shop/pdp/hornady-critical-defense®-9-mm-luger-115-grain-handgun-ammunition
  11. hiro

    Who has edc experience with LCP?

    Minimalist pocket carry?
  12. hiro

    2nd gun out of these?

    My photos come out too huge! The Shield M2.0 was /excellent/ to shoot! Hitting to the left though, probably due to that rear sight. Elevation was good at the only distances that I was shooting at, which was 7-10 yards, I think. For some reason the Shield was stinging my wife's trigger finger and pinky a little. She said she thought it was better if she held the trigger back after the shot. She was killing* it with the SR9c though. I mean, I was impressed. I'd happily shoot the Shield the whole time anyway, although it seemed to have a longer trigger reset compared to the Ruger. Not a problem. *No actual harm or death occurred.
  13. hiro

    2nd gun out of these?

    gunprime.com Shipped quick and provided excellent tracking. No extra fees.
  14. hiro

    2nd gun out of these?

    Picked up the Shield M2.0. Planning to shoot it tomorrow or the day after. I added the Hogue grip immediately. It adds a little palm swell and feels much better in the hand. The 3rd mag is a factory original for the older Shield. I needed to sand the spacer a little to get it to seat as easily as the M2.0 mags. The light is nice, but the knife doesn't seem useful as a defensive tool at all. Doesn't matter. I can see that the rear site isn't centered and the manual states that it isn't adjustable?
  15. hiro

    I think I lost my passion for riding

    Very cool. There are at least two different ways to measure vitamin D levels, so I'm curious about that. And what caused the deficiency? Is it just lack of sun exposure, really dark skin, or lack of dietary intake? Extremely low-fat diet? Or maybe your body doesn't absorb vitamin D well? Magnesium is another nutrient that tends to be deficient, but not as easy to supplement without digestive issues.