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  1. hiro

    .22 conversion, hollow points?

    Nice gauge, and I like the focus in the second photo. Oh, I didn't get the 15-22. I kinda wish I did. I picked up a Marlin 795 for $125 + tax to replace the conversion kit and to have something lighter, but I don't know yet. Zeroing indoors at 25 yards with a scope and a bipod, it was shooting tighter than the conversion kit. Super heavy trigger though and not a lot of options. I need to see how it does next time outdoors at 50 yards. It is not an exaggeration to say that it feels like the safety is on when pulling the trigger! My wife said spend $75 more and get a Ruger 10/22. Shoulda listened, I guess, but part of the idea was to have a really cheap 22. Cycles without any issues. We got the scope because my wife likes scopes, but I was leaning towards a red dot. The stock iron sights are cr*p.
  2. hiro

    .22 conversion, hollow points?

    I found that I like this ammo more than mini-mags. https://www.ganderoutdoors.com/federal-american-eagle-suppressor-subsonic-rimfire-ammo-.22-lr-45-gr.-crn-203242.html
  3. hiro

    .22 conversion, hollow points?

    M&P15-22 CONSUMER SAFETY ALERT https://www.smith-wesson.com/mp15-22-consumer-safety-alert/
  4. hiro

    .22 conversion, hollow points?

    These ones didn't go bang. The conversion kit started good, had some problems, then it got better again. I did change out the trigger and hammer springs with lighter ones. "JP Enterprises AR-15 Enhanced ignition reliability spring kit...mil-spec trigger/hammer components to produce a 4- to 5-lb. pull..." Not sure if that's a problem or not. My wife figured out that we shouldn't rest the mag on the table. At least we got plenty of practice clearing malfunction! 20190302_180709_001.mp4
  5. hiro

    .22 conversion, hollow points?

    Those two Kel-Tecs do seem interesting. Yeah, we should have gone with the 15/22. All or most accessories work with other AR's? I know it's lighter, too. Mine is around 7.6# without a mag right now.
  6. hiro

    .22 conversion, hollow points?

    Aww, man... It was the M&P 15/22 that go me interested in a .22 rifle which led to building the 5.56. I was also considering a Ruger 10-22 down to a Rossi RS22 for $110. The conversion kit cost $169 with 3 mags which doesn't seem that good now, pricewise. (Testing this weekend.) For the price of Mini-Mags, I figure it would take over 1000 rounds for the kit to pay for itself, factoring in 10% failure. heh I also saw a dedicated .22 upper for...the same price as an entire 15/22 so that's out. Has anyone tried adding pre-load to the buffer spring to help hold the conversion bolt carrier in place better? Some people just replace the buffer spring with a dowel or something. This shows the "pressure plug" slug that slips in front of the buffer weight. Discussing it with my wife, she thought that being able to switch calibers and shoot longer distance would be cool. She voted for the .223. I think we got a little carried away. Added a 2-7x33 scope. I've never used a scope before, so I don't know if it's the best choice or not. There is an outdoor range where we could shoot up to 250 yards. I'm more concerned with it working at shorter distances though. I know it isn't a CQB optic, but indoor ranges might only be 25 yards. Wife didn't want a zero magnification red dot though. Also changed out the wobbly stock.
  7. Is there any reason to think that Mini-Mag hollow points would work any less well than round nose ones? I waiting on a CMMG .22 conversion kit for our AR 5.56. I'm also curious if anyone has used a "pressure plug" or anything to help hold the bolt in place. This is pew #3, BTW. Just built it. 16" mid-length. Planning to put a scope on it soon.
  8. hiro

    Tritium Pro sights

    That new rear sight! I can rack the slide off the edge of my pocket on my jeans! I had to file the front edge a little because it tended to catch on my hands as I let the slide snap forward. Less so with with the pew turned 90 degrees. Seems good now. Cleaner, more defined rear sight image and a nice glow in low light. The front sight glow is larger and brighter, and the white ring stands out as well as the original sight.
  9. hiro

    Tritium Pro sights

    How about just having a flash light in your other hand? That would illuminate your sights and your target and allow you to scan a room without sweeping it with the gun. Could also have a light, laser, or combo on the gun itself. One person used a scope mount to clamp a regular flash light onto the rail.
  10. hiro

    Tritium Pro sights

    In daylight, a dark rear sight and a bright front sight is supposed to be quicker to put on target. Here's an example. Probably just Sharpie'ed rear dots. From what I've read, competition shooters like that arrangement. It also automatically places more emphasis on the front sight which everyone preaches. My problem is, the narrow rear slot and the small dots fuzz out. The white fuzz of the dots make the inner edges disappear. I can still see the outer edges, but elevation is hard to judge because only the inner part is adjusted for elevation. The stock front sight is great, but maybe less so in a low-light defensive situation. My wife was shooting the SR9c high and she admitted not noticing the rear sight during aiming. When she made a point to find the rear sight, the shots came down. I'm not sure if blacking out the rear sight or maybe going with more visible rear sight would be better for her. I know she liked the front fiber optic in the shop and so I was considering full fiber optics. But we need to keep in mind that this is a defensive carry pistol. (Time for a range pew!) I fount that I aim better using the large 3 dots on the Shield M2.0. At the same time, my focus ends up shifting between the front and rear sights, which isn't ideal, I guess. I'm not willing to test if blacking out the rear dots will help in that case. Maybe I just need good glasses!
  11. hiro

    Tritium Pro sights

    TruGlo is just the brand. Tritium is the radioactive stuff that glows. My wife did this using the built-in laser on our Shield M2.0. A laser will not help it total darkness, of course, but in some light and given enough time to activate the laser, it will definitely help with quick shots. The built-in laser has a strobe and steady mode and didn't add much to the price. Maybe $20 more retail.
  12. Anyone use these sights? I just ordered a set for my SR9c. The rear sight on the SR9c just doesn't work for us. Plus, the TruGlo rear sight enables one-handed slide racking and who doesn't like some radioactivity? I was going to try a fiber optic front sight and just black out the rear dots, but I figure the TruGlo sights might be better for a defensive carry gun? Found this photo in a review.
  13. I think I messed with it too much to send it in for the original reasons, and I'm getting better at using a hammer and punch (brass bolt) to move the sights. The front sight on the Ruger moved very easy. Not sure about the Shield yet. The rear sights on both put up a fight!
  14. My crude work bench. haha
  15. hiro

    2nd gun out of these?

    Saw a deal for the original Shield with 4 mags and night sights for $300.