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  1. Choose Me Helmet Color

    Eh, it's the thing these days. Can never tell anymore.
  2. More road morons

    I think I would either just pull over and wait for the vehicle to get further down the road, or just take another road and get lost and see some new places. heh
  3. Choose Me Helmet Color

    How do I get in?
  4. Choose Me Helmet Color

    All the smart guys would be there! Plus women know more about colors anyway?
  5. Please advise me on what bike to buy.

    Another thing I need to learn about: Sales. If someone has $20k and wants a new bike, sell a new bike! Better yet, up-sell!
  6. Please advise me on what bike to buy.

    OK, I finally learned this! Final answer: Choose your own GD bike! Yeah? ^_^
  7. Choose Me Helmet Color

    Innocence lost. heh Maybe it's what I need anyway. I get stuck in a meaningless loop sometimes. hehe
  8. Choose Me Helmet Color

    It doesn't exist. You imaged it. Honestly, I was about to place an order, but got hung up on the last consideration: color. So I thought a few opinions would fix that. Like good and bad reviews, people tend to speak up about what they love or hate so I thought it would be painless. Wrong again! haha Maybe this forum could use a noob-friendly section where silly, basic questions are OK? A safe, happy place? haha
  9. Tonik needs sporty tires!!

    Choose your own GD tires? heh My tendency would be to look for which recommended tires have good rebates. Then I would spend weeks comparing those. haha
  10. Choose Me Helmet Color

    Disco ball would be all colors and highly reflective. Valid.
  11. More road morons

    I'd rather have a person like that in front of me instead of behind me where he could run into me. I wouldn't see him coming the way my mirrors are.
  12. Choose Me Helmet Color

    So, the point of asking was to see what other people would like when offered limited options. I guess there are only two main factors; visibility for safety or just liking the way it looks. That shiny primer grey though, reminds me of so many muscle cars I used to see that were supposedly going to be painted one day. Usually ended up rusting first.
  13. Please advise me on what bike to buy.

    That was the first bike that came to mind. I only know that it's fast, cost a lot, and looks nice. Seems to meet the requirements.
  14. Please advise me on what bike to buy.

    Hello? I only know how to look for used bikes in the $2500 to $4500 range. I haven't ridden far, fast, or on a track. (I do want to get on a track one day.) I did give a ride to some cat food today! And the answer is white so my head will glow, although I really like orange.