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  1. I like it. Chain or belt?
  2. WD-40...on tires!

    Consider that mineral spirits is not good to gargle, but it's also not good to inhale the fumes for long. It just takes longer to have an impart. (I just bought a respirator to work with oil-based primer in the house. Two door frame in a small bathroom and I wasn't feeling so great.)
  3. WD-40...on tires!

    I wonder if WD-40 vapor could do anything if trapped inside the wheel. I guess there would need to be a lot of it to have any effect if any at all.
  4. new fangled speeding ticket?

    BTW, I was told the total cost would be $135. No record.
  5. WD-40...on tires!

    Wow, never thought that WD-40 would be used on tire beads. And I just learned that steel wool has machine oil on it. The second one makes sense to me. heh
  6. Android charging hack

    Seems a little weak, but charging a battery fast all the time might not be good for it. Not sure. Wireless seem cool dho.
  7. WD-40...on tires!

    "Clean Tires: Revive tired-looking tires by applying WD-40 and scrubbing them down with finest (0000) steel wool. Whether black-walls or white-walls, they’ll gleam with new life." Sounds like a good way to die. I guess that tip is meant for car tire sidewalls! Wait, are those car wheels?
  8. Android charging hack

    Wow, so the phone is pulling about 1.5A from a 2.1A USB port. Impressive! If my phone still discharges after trying the new work-around, I'll try a Battery Tender port. Unless my phone's issue is battery calibration or something. It dropped into the 80's from 100 with the cable connected for navigation only.
  9. Android charging hack

    Looks like I got caught with my clutch cable lock nut undone.
  10. Android charging hack

    Looks pretty good. Is that through the Battery Tender? How about without the charger connected?
  11. new fangled speeding ticket?

    Wow, what was the charge? Disqualified from the Diversion Program!
  12. Android charging hack

    BTW, I think Ampere shows the charging current minus the discharging current. So if it shows -250mA without the charger and 750mA on the charger, it's really pulling 1A from the charger.
  13. Android charging hack

    All better phones than mine. Maybe I should get one of those. (I never really cared for a smart phone before, so I just got a cheap J1.) Higher current (or higher voltage) could be signaled by specific voltages on the data lines, or shorting the data lines. There is a cable that has built-in resistors to put voltage on the data lines. The charger is supposed to handle that though. Maybe the Battery Tender does that? Clearly my USB port doesn't do what my phone is expecting, and I've read that other people have had slow charging with the Battery Tender even. Just need the right combination for it to work, I guess. Apple does something more complicated, probably so you have to buy their cables and chargers. Partly why I don't like Apple products.
  14. Android charging hack

    Different phones and chargers may use different ways to signal that they can handle more current. In my case it seems to be shorted data lines. I ordered a specific data blocker that should also trick the phone into drawing more current. The same company also makes a cable that shorts the data lines, but I already have a nice cable. Anyway, the data blocker could be used with any cable, so that's convenient. It's just a little big. PortaPow Data Blocker USB Adaptor with SmartCharge PortaPow Specialised 1ft 20AWG Charge Only Micro USB Cable
  15. new fangled speeding ticket?

    I didn't eliminate the possibility that you sped from Canada to Mexico. heh