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  1. Oh, yeah....scroll down and find: Our Ohio. Click on that...should be a short video. Enjoy.
  2. I'm gonna try this new fangled internet stuff. https://www.crowworks.com/
  3. Winter, sit by fire in rocking chair...
  4. Whoa! Password worked...after years of non-digital. Here I is....?
  5. 'Cause eye iz out riding.....with the snow on the ground...I bring out the scooters, since itz slick out..I can pretend they are big bore machines and get slideways.
  6. Old guy at work has one...in a lot
  7. Itz lil' carbs....created another identity to get on OR...my regular stuff don't work...must be bad kerosene in my computer. Will see how this alias works....
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