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  1. First bike, hello Ohioans

    Pay attention to who may or may not see you.Position yourself in traffic with this in mind.No blind spots when riding next to cars.I like to get up to where I know they see me.
  2. My M109R Traded in For This Connie.2009 21,00 Miles

    Yea that sounds like a good idea.That 9 made those difficult.
  3. Ohio Scenic,Historic Or Just Unusal Sites And Landmarks

    To complicated.
  4. Ohio Scenic,Historic Or Just Unusal Sites And Landmarks

    Just this post bro.
  5. Ohio Scenic,Historic Or Just Unusal Sites And Landmarks

    A new idea.A picture of yourself in front of a landmark that someone else posted.
  6. IMG_1780.JPG

    Great picts bro.
  7. Ohio Scenic,Historic Or Just Unusal Sites And Landmarks

    Awesome I think I'll do just that.Thanks man.
  8. Ohio Scenic,Historic Or Just Unusal Sites And Landmarks

  9. Ohio Scenic,Historic Or Just Unusal Sites And Landmarks

    I'll be doing that soon.
  10. lol,ah man you blew my cover.yea It was quite an adjustment going from an ST1300 to this bike.You would swear it's going to just fall over at first.It was quite an adjustment.I have come to really really like this bike.With the ecu having been flashed it really rocks at about 130 hp.Oooo Rahh
  11. That's fine as I said I won't say anything more about it.How about we leave it on this note.If you're ever in central Ohio and want to ride the best kept secret in motorcycles(I'm not saying the best motorcycle,that would be dumb)and you're not adverse to riding someone else's motorcycle look me up.I guarantee you an incredible experience.And again nothing will be spoken about the previous topic.Nothing.
  12. That's fine I won't say any more about it.
  13. Thats fine but i got you by a decade,seiziers and all.It's your choice to remain a victim,no one will force you,not even God himself.He just uses people like me to lay the option out to other like myself.
  14. I'll just say this that no one and no one meets up to the level that God would have us.It is unachievable by man .It requires a surrender to him and his ways in order to achieve the level he desires for man.Subjecting ourselves completely to his spirit.Our good,mine,yours is sewage compared to his.Here is what he calls right and wants to work in all men.Unfortunately most will turn him down. “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you, and pray for those who spitefully use you and persecute you,[fn] Here is what he says about the number of people who will actually receive this in the book of Mathew. Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.Brother I have found true life and the healing was just part of it.Brother it's heart breaking to know what God lays before people and watch them turn him down..He is nothing but good and righteous. “