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  1. I was in that Novice meeting. I'm gland you held it and I thought you guys did a good job explaining what the problem was and what kind of behavior you wanted to see. I'm always surprised by the things people say in those meetings, like the aussie guy complaining about the CR's not keeping the slow people out of his way. People are crazy.
  2. I was wondering exactly the same thing this morning. Maybe @TimTheAzn has the scoop? Was he the only person transported? I though I heard that two people were hurt but they could have just been talking about two separate bikes down....I couldn't tell.
  3. I have a helmet question that might be really dumb. I started doing track days a few years ago on this old ninja I had around. I still ride Novice. Now I have a CBR600RR. The riding position is very very different (forward) and I'm having a weird new problem. I'm so far forward that when I'm in a turn I have a lot of trouble seeing down the track like I used to because the brown of the helmet blocks my view. I have to crank my head back incredibly far to have the same view down the track that I am used to. The helmet is a regular street helmet, Arai RX-Q. And I don't have short arms, that I know of. Are track/racing helmets designed with this in mind, with a wider or higher brow, or is this just something I need to get used to. Is this a thing?
  4. I'll be there, #202 Blue Honda in Novice. And what ksands said, you'll love the place.
  5. Dropping this to $600 for OR and I'll be listing it on CR tomorrow for $800. Thx.
  6. Okay, maybe it's a Dexter axle............
  7. Located just north of Dayton, OH. I'm selling my 4X8 trailer. It a Carry-On brand trailer with a Dexter axel. The previous owner modified it by adding a chock on the front. I've added a spare tire and mount, a castering trailer jack, and a lockable jerry-can mount (can not included). All the lights work, tires are all in great shape, wheel bearings repacked a few thousand miles ago. I'm an idiot and I accidentally punched a small hole in the side of one of the tail lights when I was moving it around to take these pictures. You can see it in the photos. It has 1 7/8 coupler, tires are 4.8 X 12" I'll sell it with the folding ramp that you see in the pictures. It's small and light and easy to tow. I think it only weighs about 400 lbs. I have a title for it…..somewhere. I know I got one when I bought it a few years ago and I'm searching for it now.
  8. Anyone know if Nelsons Ledges paddock is open the night before to drop a trailer like PittRace is? I'm going for my first time on 7/31. Their website is a little sparse on details.
  9. I'm the complete novice package with terrible body position and chronic difficulty staying on the race line. I've been to about 15 track days over the last 3 years, all at mid-ohio until last weekend at PittRace. I feel like I intellectually know where I should be and what I should be doing, but I find myself off the line, missing the apex, turning in late, etc. I definitely improve each time I go. I'm much less tense than I used to be, I look much further down the track than I used to.....so I don't feel stalled-out by any means but/and I'm acutely aware of many of things I don't execute correctly. I read the summary you linked and it sounds like I might be a candidate. Thanks for the feedback on that....I may check one out later in the year. Thanks!
  10. Has anyone been through the N2 Advanced Training Program and have any thoughts about it? Did you go from there to more training? Notice your riding improve as a result of the program?
  11. I'll second both of what ksands says......PittRace was great, and I got to meet Tim in person too!
  12. Never mind, I just got an email from them: Concessions: will be open.
  13. I'm going to Pittrace this Saturday for my first time. Do they have concessions on site or do I need to bring all my food in that day?
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