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  1. LCP ll

    Nevermind Rat, I mistook you for a newbie. My bad.
  2. Time to play your favorite game!

  3. LCP ll

    Why not practice proper form and use both hands? It's like if you rode around using the rear brake only, in an emergency situation that's what you'll do.
  4. The Presidents Bike

    Now him and Putin can ride together.
  5. Scum Lawyer Commercial

    https://youtu.be/wzeM-RdVdUA This really grinds my gears. It's on the Columbus stations everyday. Asshole runs a redlight and somehow the bike goes airborne before going through his windshield. The way he portrays the stereotypical rider leaves the average viewer with the impression it's the riders fault.
  6. Need a cheap 3rd row'er

    I agree with Tim. I own two Chevy trucks and a car and they've all been good to me. A decade ago my Brother and I each bought new trucks, he bought a Tacoma and I bought a Silverado. He tried to feed my some crap that "Toyota's don't break down", I laughed and told him they all break down. When he started having troubles I reminded him of what he said and he modified it to "well, not as much". While I've worked on the abs, a brake line and replaced the clutch he's had one expensive problem after another. He had the model that they replaced the frame on too. LOL He now has a Chevy. This morning I pulled my 93 full size Blazer out of the garage to go in town and shovel out my Mother. Damn thing is a beast as you can see. Like a rock!
  7. What i did in guns.

    City boi 5 yard ranges crack me up.
  8. home buying tips

    Homeowners have certain rights that renters don't have. Buy something that's structurally sound but needs remodeled. I did one room at a time. Been here ten years and it's now worth 3 times what I owe. Good Luck!
  9. MA at PIRC vs Mid-Ohio

    It was a good day to be at the races. Kudos to Roger Hayden, he was on fire! After the red flag he proved again he was the best there today. Now, there's no way attendance was better than Lexington. Looked sparse to me. Not much for the spectator other than the hill, which really isn't that great, some of the riders would get a little air coming over the hill but thats about it, I seen 3 passes in the s curves on the other side. Bleachers amounted to something you might see at a little league game. One part of the track you couldn't even see because of vegetation in the way. I scoff, give me the bleachers at the end of Mid-Ohio's back straight over this any day. Sweet umbrella girls though. Gotta lov'em! One of them was showing some cheeks! Never seen that at Mid-Ohio. Them boys got an education today.
  10. unOFFICIAL Thanks Trump thread.

    Interest deductions doesn't make much difference, it's the Earned Income Credit (EIC) for the children, that's where the bulk of your money is coming from. Assuming you claim 3 dependents all year. I hear people bitch about EIC because they've heard numbers over $5k from single moms. It's actually a program for families with children, whats wrong with that? We can play world policeman but we can't help Mom's and dad's?
  11. Lol @ Ducati owners!

    I never believed that. I mean, yea it's real but since this happened overseas they didn't have to report it and was nothing more than some CEO's getting some under the table kickbacks at the shareholder's expense.
  12. Babe Ride Out

    Cool pics! Had to google "amazeballs".
  13. Looking To Ride

    Sweet Ride!!!
  14. Turkey Dinner!

    Tagged this Gobbler last week city bois. The two morning's I hunted this bird after finding him he would gobble at my calls then walk away. Hmmm, call shy, I needed a new plan.Went back in the evening and set up near his roost area just back from a rise. Some crows flew in nearby with their rowdy raucous and I hit the gobble call one time. In less than 5 minutes he appeared at the top of the rise. He was in sneak mode though looking around and not displaying any colors on his head. With the leaves on it was somewhat dark in the woods and I couldn't tell for sure that he was not a hen. I held my fire while looking for some red as he started to peck at the ground. My heart was beating like a jackhammer when finally he stepped into a lttle more light and I could clearly see the red neck of a gobbler. As I raised my weapon for the shot he dipped back below the rise and disappeared, my heart sank as I lost track of him. After a few minutes I double gobbled and that brought him right back up. This time he was displaying all of his white and blue. Umadbro? BAMMM! Dropped him!When I went to the edge of the woods where the sunshine was for a pic I spotted acrossbow bolt stuck in a tree and decided that is where I would hang him.22lbs, 10" beard, 1" spurs. Rem 1187sp, Hastings .665 ext. choke tube, Winchester XR #5 shot.
  15. Now you losers can be like me.

    Whoever buys this is going to need a bloody nose to complete the look.