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  1. Lawrence1


    Thanks bowdog, I appreciate it. I know I can count on you to post dead shit with me.
  2. Lawrence1


    A couple Gobblers from last week.
  3. Very cool!!! Now frame that and pick out a spot on the wall.
  4. No, don't shoot one there. Isn't that a Birdfeeder? Probably already poached one but it's illegal to shoot a Turkey over bait. Furthermore, you're not allowed to shoot one within 200 yards of bait whether you know it's there or not. Also not allowed to shoot one going to or coming from the bait.
  5. Go with a bolt action in any reputable caliber. Don't waste your money on a cheap scope. Cheap scopes are known for losing their zero. Place the scope so it can't move and look through it, move your eye in a circle around the circumference of the eyepiece, if the reticle moves around on a distant target reject it. A good scope should be waterproof and fogproof. Although hard to find these days, there's nothing wrong with a fixed power. You'll probably spend as much on the scope as you did the rifle.
  6. Lawrence1

    Ammo Deals.

    There you have it people, no need to be anally retentive about your ammo. Just disregard what the manufacturer's, industry experts and militaries around the world recommend. Through extensive testing from many hours at the bench our very own Ohio Riders ballistician has decreed old ammo is as good as new! (well, almost). Heading out west on that once in a lifetime bull elk hunt? Go ahead and pick up that old box of 30-06 you seen at the yard sale. When he stumbles off and your guide hangs his head in disbelief just act surprised. While you're at it, pick up that old box of Remington-Peters shot shells that you seen too and load those in your home defense Zombie killin 12ga pump. 😁
  7. Lawrence1

    Ammo Deals.

    You guys regaling us with your stories of how your old ammo goes bang do realize you're probably not getting the full velocity right? That would be a failure. Ever wonder why militaries sell off their old ammo? I hope that's not your go to round to defend your families with.
  8. Lawrence1

    So I did a thing..guess the thing.

    HaHaHa! I knew you'd like that pic. There's another end to that road, ya know.
  9. Lawrence1

    Ammo Deals.

    Sure man, ammo manufacturer's recommend ten years because they just want to sell you more ammo. I guess it all depends on what your acceptable rate of failure is, mine's zero. Those of us that actually hunt and take our ammo out in inclement weather know what can happen.
  10. Lawrence1

    Ammo Deals.

    Depending on how you store it, ammo generally has a shelf life of about ten years. Not that I would stand in front of a 20 year old shell. Let the argument begin.
  11. Lawrence1

    So I did a thing..guess the thing.

    Welcome to Z Street!!!
  12. Lawrence1

    Casper might be getting a new one BAN Contest

    Sweet ride!!!! Tonik is soo obviously jealous.
  13. Lawrence1

    Casper might be getting a new one BAN Contest

    Probably something more touring oriented like a Multistrada, S1000XR, Tiger, FJR, Concours, etc.
  14. Lawrence1

    Casper might be getting a new one BAN Contest

    Any update on this? Z900?