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  1. I started on an EX-500. It was the perfect first bike. Cheap, reliable, quick but not too fast. That being said, I still wish to this day I had started on an SV650. I never would have had to sell it. As far as gear goes, Justin has the right idea. If I had bought quality products from riders discount when I started, I wouldn't be replacing it now. Class saved my life, and i recommend it to anyone who will listen. Keep the the rubber side down!
  2. Thanks Justin! And it certainly is an excellent machine for exploring.
  3. Thanks everyone. I saw your video of your accident F4i, I hope you heal up soon! If I hadn't just bought another motorcycle, I could probably buy my first track bike from you! Do you really think you're done with track riding?
  4. Hello everyone! New member here. Friend of mine told me about this website, so I thought I'd join in for all the fun. Never have been on a group ride before... I guess there's never a bad time to start!! At any rate, I've upgraded from my EX500 this summer to a 1995 Triumph Sprint 900. It sounds as angry as it rides, hopefully she treats me well. I'll be using this bike to commute to school for years to come.
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