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  1. blue72beetle

    Made the down payment on my first new bike ever.

    Jealous of your black rearsets. Really should get mine powdercoated. Also, double check your clutch cable routing over the top of the radiator. Early ones would rub on the top of the rad and get cut. They probably fixed that though.
  2. blue72beetle

    Made the down payment on my first new bike ever.

    I left the big fender on mine. Learned that lesson when I did a fender eliminator on my Grom and rode in the rain. Looked like I shit myself while hanging upside down.
  3. blue72beetle

    Made the down payment on my first new bike ever.

    Interested to see if you have any snatchy throttle issues. The new ones are supposed to be a lot better. I had my ECU flashed and now my throttle is so smooth I'm 110% in love with this bike.
  4. I'd take the redverz just for the fact you can hide your bike in it if you needed to.
  5. blue72beetle

    H.R. 5087

    Meh. Not gonna happen. But if it does...... I already got mine, fuck the rest, don't care.
  6. blue72beetle

    Which sport tourer is best sport tourer?

    Suzuki fanboy here says yes. I love mine.
  7. blue72beetle

    Let's see your $100 (or less) handguns

    No handguns under $100, but bought a couple Mosins for under $100. This one was definitely not under $100.....
  8. Have you been watching this one? http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/ive-been-everywhere-man-living-the-song-on-two-wheels.1231048/ I've been following along. He currently just entered South America, been a good read.
  9. blue72beetle

    BS Traffic Stop

    I've never been pulled over while on a motorcycle. Now that I have a 1000 maybe that will change. Been quite awhile since I've been pulled over in a car. Guess I'm just not trying hard enough.
  10. blue72beetle

    An old memory of my 1st motorcycle.

    My first, was a good bike.
  11. blue72beetle

    No More Excuses

    In May of 2015 my girlfriend and I did this in two weeks. Experienced all four seasons, but it was awesome, wouldn't trade that experience for anything.
  12. blue72beetle

    Hmmm, I may buy a China Bike....

    The Breakout, by Zongshen / CSC: http://californiascooterco.com/blog/?p=27969 I miss my Grom. If this is much cheaper, may be worth buying one. 150cc vs 125 too.
  13. blue72beetle

    LCP ll

    I have the original LCP with a laser. I carry it everywhere. I had a baby glock, and even it was too thick for everyday concealed carry, so I traded it for the LCP. He probably got the better end of the deal, but he's a friend so I don't care. It's not fun to shoot. And from anything beyond 'I'm getting raped' range, it isn't very accurate either. But what do you expect, it's .380 from a short barrel. That's what this gun is for, up close defense.
  14. Hey Dan, sorry I missed your call last week, I was at Hill AFB in Utah doing Air Force stuff. I saw you're not going to take your Redverz, planning on selling it?