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  1. Did you start smashing windows when you wanted to wear earplugs on a motorcycle? I'm no fan of the police, but I guarantee 99% of the protesters have never had their throat stepped on by a cop. Certainly not in Fort Lame Indiana. Just angry mental neanderthals that want to break things for no reason. Want to send a message? Grow a pair and go smash up the police station. I'd like to see how that works out for ya though... An actual solution? Put someone in charge that will actually do something about bad cops and good ol boys. Oh wait, unions....
  2. You're exactly right. No one will convince me that smashing windows in downtown Fort Wayne Indiana (which has happened the past couple nights) is an appropriate response to what happened in Minneapolis.
  3. Somebody will probably buy the place. There's a lot of infrastructure there.
  4. Much better than silver-blue. I was gonna guess that you vinyl wrapped it. And $500 is a steal. A good tank is worth $500.
  5. No, the front of it needs some sort of crash bar to bolt to. I was just trying to find the website and discovered that Enduro Guardian is no longer in business.
  6. Figured it's time to put my well used and abused V-Strom up for sale. I have 3 other bikes and just don't ride this one anymore. This bike has taken me all over the country, and seen both oceans. It has been dropped a couple times, reminder: a V-Strom is not a dirtbike. I'll put a full farkle and maintenance history on here later. More pics here: https://blue72beetle.smugmug.com/DL650/ $2,500 w/luggage+rack $2,000 without 63,XXX miles. Notable items: Happy Trails rack, Solobox aluminum panniers. Givi E52 Top Case Enduro Guardian Aluminum Skid Plate with folding highway pegs. SW Motech Engine Guard Corbin Seat FuelBot fuel computer MRA Vario Windscreen PR4 Tires with less than 2,000 miles on them .95 Sonic Springs up front, rear shock rebuilt by some guy on the Stromtroopers forum for fatties. Recent repairs: at 57,000 miles the chain broke and took out the stator and cover. Replaced all of those parts as well as chain and sprockets. Water pump was weeping a little out the drain hole so that was replaced over winter. Needs front brake pads, I may order those and replace them soon.
  7. I'm starting to wonder how much validity there is to this asymptomatic spreading. As you said, no one tests unless you have severe symptoms. And the testing they did to those other people, how did they know they weren't false positives? No one seems to know what they're doing with this thing. From my understanding (because I'm an internet expert) asymptomatic carriers are still somewhat of a medical mystery regardless of the virus. The suspicious part of me thinks it's certainly a lot easier to instill fear and control the masses if they just say "Well, everyone could have it and spread it, stay at home." I'm not saying that doesn't work though.
  8. Got my Seat Concepts foam and cover installed.
  9. Indiana's two week lockdown started today. Judging by all the traffic in front of my house though, you wouldn't know it. Only "essential" businesses are supposed to be open, but I got an email from the local Honda/Kawasaki store listing their altered hours. Yeah, a motorsports store is essential. 😂
  10. My internet was out for most of the day, I suspect this is only the beginning...
  11. We're still working, cause you know, Mission First ©, but we've implemented minimum manning. Which means I get the next two weeks off. As long as we can still cross state borders, my riding co-worker and I are treating it like a vacation and will social distance ourselves down in the Smokies in a couple weeks as long as the weather is decent. The Air Force put a mileage limit on us until further notice, so my Philippines trip is cancelled. Which sucks. I've got a Filipina girlfriend over there....
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