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  1. blue72beetle

    Little Shepherd Trail Kentucky

    @Danimal and I did that awhile back. Didn't know what it was when we rode it. A little ribbon of asphalt through the woods. Couldn't believe it was two-way.
  2. blue72beetle

    What did you do to your bike today?

    I gave up on the wrap... for now. Just doing that one piece was a pain, not looking forward to doing any others. The muffler was dented when I bought it. This past weekend I managed to: Replaced the muffler with a non-dented one. Replaced the fuel tank. (PO painted the old one) Replaced the fuel filter while swapping the pump to the new tank. Ripped out all the CA emissions stuff since the replacement tank is non-CA. Replaced the two right fairings. (PO painted) Installed switchbacks on the front turn signals. Installed Auxbeam LED headlights. Then rode to Iron Pony on Sunday with a friend (he's got a couple BMWs) and got some tags.
  3. I could do either one of those.
  4. blue72beetle

    I'm baaaaaaakkkkk!

    I was in a Honda dealer today, and looking at the new Wings I was thinking of how pretty that blue is. Congrats on the bike, I'm very impressed by them, if I were rich I'd have one.
  5. blue72beetle

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Took it apart!
  6. blue72beetle

    Lets fix this ear plug BS

    Fuckin a, politicians are idiots. They let deaf people drive, right?
  7. blue72beetle

    Anyone have a Givi V56 top box?

    If you have one, can you measure the internal width? I have something 22.5" wide and I'm looking for some luggage that is big enough.
  8. blue72beetle

    2019 Katana at Intermot Today

    3.2 gallon tank! I can't wait until parts are available. I want that factory rear hugger for my GSXS.
  9. blue72beetle

    Getting marks off a matte finish.

    Try acetone. Ask your wife if she has any fingernail polish remover. *Not responsible for fucking up your helmet*
  10. blue72beetle

    part 03 SV Gas tank, NOS

    Tank is NOS. It is perfect, and rare. It is a California tank, so see this thread here for the differences: https://www.svrider.com/forum/showthread.php?t=311650 Basically to use it on a 49 state bike you have to plug one of the vent lines. $180 shipped. Does not include a fuel pump or cap. Paypal only, lower 48 only. Or I could deliver to western Ohio for cash.
  11. blue72beetle

    2010 Concours 14

    Thanks for the tip on the manual. I downloaded an 08/09 manual a few days ago, but didn't know about that one, it's a 2010+. I know it sounds crazy, but I like quiet bikes. Are the mufflers all the same throughout the years? Want to sell yours?
  12. blue72beetle

    2010 Concours 14

    On Saturday I bought a Dark Blue Concours 14. It was up in Michigan, 2.5 hours away, and after talking to him on the phone he said there was a bike in Indiana he wanted to buy, and he'd bring the Connie down on a trailer so I could look at it. Well I couldn't pass up free delivery. 19,000 miles. He said the previous owner had dropped it on the right side. There were scratches on the fairing and saddlebag that were poorly touched up. And the muffler is beat up, but those can be had for a dime a dozen since everyone takes them off for aftermarket. I was surprised at how quiet it is. I guess I gotta stop trusting people. "Does it ride straight?" followed by "Yeah, no problems." really means: Yeah it rides straight but the handlebars tilt to the left. My fault for not test riding it. Service manual on order, so I can tear the front end apart and see if anything is bent and get it straightened back out. Or hopefully it was just tweaked and loosening everything up and re-torquing it will do it. I rode it to the BMV on Monday to get all the paperwork done. I gotta be honest, I was expecting "OMG BEST BIKE EVER!" But it was kinda "meh". Yeah, it goes 1st, 2nd, 70mph, but it seems like you gotta really wind it up to get that kick in the pants pull you off the bike feeling that my GSXS has. Maybe it needs that famous Shoodabeen ECU flash? Stock seat sucks balls. I have a used Saddlemen seat coming, but I suspect I will probably go through a few before I find one I really like. Metal rack on order too, so I can use the larger top case from my V-Strom. I do like it though. Haven't tried it 2-up yet, and that's why I bought it. I wanted something better for hauling my G/F and I all over the country at interstate speeds. The V-Strom 650 was no fun at all going across South Dakota at 80mph.
  13. blue72beetle

    How not to ADV

    If blue72beetle were king of the world, then you shouldn't even own a car/bike/whatever unless you know how it works/how to work on it. But that's just, like my opinion, man.
  14. blue72beetle

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Re-installed a previously eliminated fender. Oh yeah, and I bought the thing today. @2talltim
  15. blue72beetle

    FS: 1972 VW Beetle

    SOLD Connie shopping begins. Lock her up.