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  1. Henry AR-& Survival Rifle

    The Air Force is now putting the GUU-5/P in the survival kits for combat, basically a break down version of the AR15. Not much space available in the survival kits to begin with, I have no idea how we're going to squeeze those things in there now.
  2. I finally understand this forum
  3. Pay attention to your chain

    Mine broke at the clip. I was going to say No More Clips, but then I remembered it lasted 19,000 miles with no problems.
  4. Ear Plugs, What are you using?

    I use these, but they're molded around earbuds. They work great at blocking unwanted noise, and even with the music going, I can hear what I need to around me (traffic, sirens, etc). It does get a little old having to plug the cord into the Sena every time I put the helmet on though. I have been thinking about trying just the Sena speakers in my helmet and wearing earplugs, but I feel like the sound quality (of the music) would be awful. Anybody have any input on that?
  5. Pay attention to your chain

    The other I was on the highway doing around 75 and felt a bang. The engine immediately quit, and I coasted to the side of the road. My chain broke. I'm lucky it didn't get under the tire. It hadn't been giving me any indication anything was wrong, I lube it every day I ride, and adjusted it when needed. I knew it had some miles on it, but when I got home and checked my records, I was surprised. It actually had 19,000 miles on it. It shattered the clutch pushrod, broke the side sprocket cover, the chain whipped up and bent my license plate, bent the chain guard, and broke the underseat plastic. It broke the magneto cover where it shielded the wires, but luckily it didn't put any holes in the case. It did smash the magneto wires, I'm going to try to repair the wires, they're attached to the stator and a new one is $250. The wires are smashed right where they enter the rubber plug, so it's going to be tough. I think I'll pay more attention next time and just replace the chain at 15,000 miles.
  6. what type of snake that just ate in my garage

    We've got one of those at work....
  7. I find it amusing....

    Motorcycle and guns....
  8. Fall trip? Last year's fall Gap trip was awesome, but I'd be down for somewhere else.
  9. Dan, did you go by Vera's cabin? We rode by there on the way to the Cherohala and saw that it has a for sale sign on it now.
  10. Thanks for mentioning the Blue Ridge Motorcycle Campground. Staying there tonight.
  11. Ohio Riders Invades Deals Gap 2017

    We'll be heading down there on Monday, will stop by Fontana to say hey, hopefully run into some of you guys.
  12. I thought it was an Onion article when I read the title

    The jokes just write themselves...
  13. Did you find the SV goat path?
  14. Cool shirt on Blipshift today

    Blipshift does one shirt per day, only available for 2 days. They're mostly auto related, but they do moto related stuff sometimes. Today is a cool ADV theme shirt. Looks close enough to an RX3 @Danimal