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  1. Pants

    You are a strange man. If I were at a Cavs game, the last thing on my mind would be posting on OR about pants.
  2. Koolwink West Virginia 2015 Tour

    This is still one of my most favorite pictures ever.
  3. The return of csc and tragedy on a trailer.

    I thought this thread was about Dan's old bike. Nothing else of interest here.
  4. I think that IS the plan.
  5. Odd noise from 08 DL650

    Do you know for sure when the last valve check was done? May be timing chain noise, if the chain guides/tensioners are broken or something.
  6. Damn dude, that's crazy. I don't know what to say. You're a tough old SOB, that's for sure.
  7. The new bike, be gone CBR, Welcome my new(ish) Suzuki

    Those are sweet bikes. I think they were ahead of their time. Comfortable sport bikes haven't really become popular until recently, like the GSXS line. But I'm a Suzuki fanboy.
  8. How to become a progressive Democrat

    I figured this out about a year ago and have been living like this. No TV. No news. Do whatever the fuck I want. It's amazing how much better life has been. Not giving a shit about anything helps a lot too. I still don't completely know what happened in South Carolina, and I don't care. What would really make the world a better place is simple: Mind your own damn business.
  9. I'm gonna miss you man. You've influenced my motorcycling life more than you know. Planning any more big trips before you leave? (Not just weekend rides)
  10. Picking up a new bike this month. Any guesses ala Doc

    I read a ride report on ADVrider of a couple from Europe (I think? ) bought a KLR and a DR in Alaska and did the Pan-American highway from Alaska all the way down to south Ushuaia Argentina, the most southern city. The DR ate 3rd gear in Argentina, then I read that it was a common (but not too common) problem. I'll see if I can find the link to the ride report when I get home, it was a great read. Edit: Here it is http://advrider.com/index.php?threads/alaska-to-argentina-n69s54a.704429/
  11. BMW R1200GS Stop Sale and Recall

    When I had my Grom they sent me a recall to replace a stupid emissions sticker on the swingarm. I called the dealer and asked if I could just stop by and get the sticker since I was going to rip it off anyway. "No, we have to have the bike here". I never took it in.
  12. Stupid left coast liberal cucks

    "Bicyclists don't pay road tax" is a bullshit argument. MOST bicyclists also own a vehicle that they already paid road tax on. Yes, I said most, there are exceptions, but not very common. Maybe we should have a "Walker's tax" for people that walk on the sidewalk. Put a tax receipt (License plate) on your ass. Damn I should be a politician.
  13. VFR Questions

    How's the gas mileage and range? I was considering the VFR12 when I bought my GSXS but I seem to remember people had issue with gas tank size and mileage. Didn't Honda increase tank size after a certain year?