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  1. Geeto67

    Renting Your BIKE?

    well it's not MSRP - it's marked $1100 off ($12,995 msrp - $11,895). From what I remember selling bikes the profit margin isn't super great on ducati, I think by the time it sits on the showroom it's got maybe $1500-2000 profit margin not counting the vig the dealer has to pay on the floor plan - so it's probably at cost or pretty close to it considering that the dealer had to pay full interest on the unit sitting around. Occasionally the mfg will offer incentives for the bike to clear out inventory, like ducati just did with the 2018 supersport models, which is what I meant by discount, I can't see them selling it without taking another $1000 haircut on it and I don't know how that's gonna happen. Then again they swore up and down they wouldn't go below $6K on the 2017 SCR 950s and I just saw them marked for $5300 online.
  2. Geeto67

    Renting Your BIKE?

    Was in Pony on Friday, spoke to some delightful woman in the ducati section. It blows my mind that there is a 2017 SS still on the floor, and that Ducati isn't offering a blow out incentive on it like the 2018 just to get it out. Sitting right next to it was a 2019 with ohlins for maybe $3K more full price. I don't know how they are going to move it without discounts. The calendar has no demo rides and nobody in any of the sections knows when they are going to happen. Guess I'll have to reach out to Triumph in GA - thanks for the tip on that.
  3. Geeto67

    Renting Your BIKE?

    When is that happening? I kinda want a ride on a triumph Thruxton R and a Duc supersport since I am curious about both.
  4. Geeto67

    Random motorcycle thoughts and talk

    I don't know any voodoo but I am hoping for the <10% chance shift that pushes the rain to sat since I have to pick up the sportster this weekend and don't want to be riding in the rain with TKC80 twinduros and no front fender.
  5. Just to give an update, I was able to get a hold of Mike at the Big Bike Shop. Apparently he is only doing service at the moment and only call after 2:30pm as he isn't around before then. On the plus side he know exactly what was wrong with my magneto and had the parts in stock so I should be riding it this weekend.
  6. Geeto67

    Renting Your BIKE?

    Nothing in life is a "solid bet" on it's own, have to look at the total picture. Nobody is hanging anything on just the track inspection, but rather the sum total of all the things that are required to get out on track on top of all the things required to register the motorcycle as street legal, and all the waiver paperwork in between, plus the multiple insurance coverage. There is a lot there, and if you look at it a lot more than if I just took my bike out on the track. Does the standard insurance cover it? nope it will require a supplemental policy. Does the riders-share app even allow it as part of the rental agreement? probably not, but that wasn't the question and we veered into hypothetical land a little bit. We went into hypothetical land with some of the discussion, but in reference to the rider-share app, according to what's out there on the web they pay the owner for what is owed and initiate collections against the renter if the renter can't pay.
  7. Geeto67

    Renting Your BIKE?

    I think you are honing in on what I have been laying down - yeah it's not for everyone. I'm not saying everyone should rent their motorcycle, but it's nice to have the option to do so if someone wants. Also for every post like this: there should be someone advocating the other side of it. I think it is important to have these types of discussions because it allows us to really frame a new opportunity in the hobby with how we view our hobby and what we hope to get out of it. I also see a lot of flawed logic and how people think about some of these things - take someone else crashing the bike for instance. People thing they are safer being selective about who they rent to because they know the person and that buddy won't sue them. But, really the liability exposure is much greater because there is no agreement as to such in place like there would be in a rental. And maybe your buddy won't sue you if he or she survives the crash with minor injuries but that doesn't mean his or her family won't if he doesn't. And there is the question of whose insurance pays? yours or his? and did you verify his license was still valid when you lent him your bike? All the rental does is put a structure to the otherwise normal act of lending our bikes to other people, it limits liability and makes clear the agreement, and in exchange you make your bike more open to people you don't personally know as well as whomever you have lent it to in the past. Which brings me to my next point: Are you here for the community? I have had the great fortune of having people lend me some fantastic bikes. And because of it I have made purchase decisions, broadened my viewpoint on certain aspects, and in come to like it more and more. The motorcycling community is great in part because some of us like to share. That's not a knock on those that don't want to, but it is part of our growth that dealers will let us ride demo bikes, and our friends will sometimes lend us their bikes to try and we will lend ours to them. This is just another way the good stuff from bike sharing in the community happens. If you don't want to do it - fine, no loss, but let's try to limit spreading the false notion that the people we don't know are automatically going to crash and sue us, and let's be a little more reflective about the risks we take with our own bikes and whether they are safe for others to ride.
  8. Geeto67

    Renting Your BIKE?

    I have to say, rental agency and insurance cover both these things clearly, and you'd pay for them as part of your rental. Also smoked clutches, any internal parts you lunch as part of a missed shift, etc... Personally, I'd love it if someone took my rental bike for a track day and air-ed it out. think about it - the track is going to require you to have way more safety gear than the state does to ride on the street so I have less to worry about you being hurt, there aren't going to be any stupid, inattentive, cages so less risk overall, They are going to tech the bike in and make you sign a ton of waivers, and the rental agreement would hold you personally liable for any damage you do to the thing. So what do I have to worry about? that you are going to bounce it off the rev limiter? If you use up my tires you are just going to buy me new tires anyway (see rental agreement) so, hey I get new tires out of the deal. It's a bike, it should be ridden in anger at least one point in it's life and what better place to do it than a track. so really I guess all I have to worry about is all the fun you are having on my bike that I am missing out on, but I get paid for it so...seems fair. yeah, so maybe I don't rent you my rare as hens teeth ducati, my widomaker 1971 h1, or something that would be hard to repair or replace, but if I had a stock, new-ish, common, and easy to find parts for xsr900, sv650, or even cbr600 - why not? it's what the bike was made for.
  9. Geeto67

    Renting Your BIKE?

    Is it? I feel like the conversation would be a lot different if it was. Maybe a lot less assumption that everyone except "special" people you personally vetted are just going to wreck your motorcycle and sue you, and a lot more discussion about what makes a good rental motorcycle vs a bad one and what actual precautions can be taken. Also a lot more discussion about the more common risks of rentals that don't result in an accident and liability lawsuit (like theft), since those are a real concerns. The majority of motorcyclists don't get into motorcycles accidents (going by the numbers it's less than 1%), but yet most people assume that lending their bikes to a licensed stranger is going to automatically result in an accidents and then they are going to get sued unless they vet those people beyond the legal requirements of operating a motorcycle. just my .02 cents though, YMMV.
  10. Geeto67

    Renting Your BIKE?

    So my question is, does this service offer insurance to the Owner? I saw where you asked them about Renter's coverage, but Toro for cars offers Owner's insurance with $1M in liability coverage. If this place has a similar policy, then sure, why not. If they don't then you will need to look at a commercial insurance policy for your bike which can get prohibitively expensive. $1m in liability would cover you if the renter gets hurt on your bike and wants to sue you. But keep in mind they can't just sue you for a traffic accident they caused or were the victim of. It would have to be because of something you did (like modify the bike in a manner inconsistent with DOT laws and that caused the accident). You are still required to keep up on the maintenance, and in some cases I would be extra cautious about documenting that that was done by having the bike serviced by a shop and documenting the tire age and wear. Personally it sounds like fun. I'll be honest, I have had the fortune and great luck to have near strangers let me ride some wonderful and fantastic machines, from Norton model 16's and matchless G50s to brand new bmw S1000RRs and Ducati panagales. Accordingly I am pretty free about lending my bike out - 4 different people took their motorcycle license road test on my 1975 cb750K. I ask a lot of questions of people before they take off with my bike, and sometimes I will ride with them, but if you have a valid motorcycle license, insurance, and a modicum of riding experience - then why not. Bike sharing is part of what makes this hobby fun. I'm a little disappointed in reading this thread and so many people are "nope, god forbid they wreck my precious machine" instead of "I don't want to see someone get hurt." We buy insurance to replace the bike, but people can't be replaced as easy. I don't know that I would sleep at night if someone hurt themselves on my motorcycle because of me, but if they wrecked it and walked away fine...well...it can always be rebuilt...again.... When I get another new reliable motorcycle, I might try this, if the liability ins question checks out.
  11. yeah I probably should have put in the original post - relatively close to the Columbus Metro area.
  12. Hey all, So here's the situation: I have an old 1974 ironhead that runs a Morris Magneto (converted Fairbanks Morse tractor mag). I let the bike sit for a year (I know) and now it has weak spark to the plugs. I'm kind of jammed up at the moment in my single car garage and can't get the time/space to really dig into it. I am looking for a shop that id familiar with old ironheads and magnetos and can handle this work. Most HD guys I talk to these days aren't super keen on this old junk and their eyes glaze over when I start to talk to them about it. Tom Reiser's shop is out of business (anybody know where he went?) and nobody is picking up the phone at the Big Bike Shop (and also not opening the door, I went there twice during hours - nobody home). I have a feeling it is just the condenser, maybe the coil, but I don't want to just start throwing money at the problem if the magnets are bad. thanks in advance.
  13. Geeto67

    Last Vintage Bike night of the Season - Columbus 9/29

    rescheduled due to rain to 10/6
  14. http://columbus.craigslist.org/mcy/5801198361.html At Nutter Hardware, in the Kingsdale Shopping center in Upper Arlington. 3078 Kingsdale Center, Upper Arlington, OH 43221 Thursday, September 29 is the last night of the 2016 season. There will be a drawing for a variety of bike maintenance items from the store. Rain date is the following Thursday.
  15. Geeto67

    WTB shelby dowd wheel for SOHC cb750 - NW Columbus

    many times. Tom knows to call me should he get one it. At least I hope he remembers. It's such a unique item I have to put out all sorts of feelers. Since I can't seem to figure out how to embed pics from my photobucket account here is a link to what it looks like: http://i46.photobucket.com/albums/f102/Geeto67/1975 CB750F Garage Find/C1FBD986-7F06-46BD-BFDF-7A900EB3B3AD_zpsjiutsygc.jpg