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  1. Is there any signs of work slowing down for you? Did you change jobs since last year?
  2. @TimTheAzn how’d it go today?
  3. I would have just stopped here. Although, I do fall into this category. Maybe I should continue to just stick to posting rides and riding.
  4. When a semi passes you on the right it’s time to get out of the fast lane
  5. Rode 470 miles today. Spent majority of those miles with @Skinny guy. I was blown away by the number of cars that pulled over and let us go by. It was close to double digit numbers. I’m not sure whose educating these drivers. Thanks whoever you are. It was a great day, fun times today.
  6. I washed and waxed it. I also cleaned, adjusted, and lubed the chain. Hopefully everything aligns with my schedule and the weather next Saturday and I can get a long ride in.
  7. Which one of those did you wreck your underpants when you hit black ice?
  8. Rode to work. Wish I could have just kept riding. Sick of Zoom meetings
  9. Glad to hear you weren’t rear ended.
  10. Are you available next Saturday? I’m planning a ride. We could meet in Cadiz. It will be a longer day.
  11. Trump 2020 Keep America Great
  12. I was not able to take my trip to Hocking Hills yesterday. I was about an hour into my trip and I noticed one of my freshly rebuilt forks was leaking worse than it was prior to the rebuild. I turned around and headed straight for the shop that rebuilt the forks. They told me to leave the bike and they’d fix it. I took the bike home, pulled the fork myself, and took it up to them. They told me they’d have it finished by 4. Sure enough they were finished but not confident they fixed it because they found no issues upon disassembly. I reassembled and test rode today for about 100 miles around home and all seems good. The rest of my week is busy with my girls at our county fair. I hope to ride next week. I’m hoping to ride multiple days. Maybe a day or 2 during the week and hopefully Saturday. I’ll post details when I get it all figured out.
  13. Hey I’m in your last photo. Welcome to OR.
  14. I’m coming across 78. New Concord 10 AM, Glouster 11AM is my guess. I was going to try to repeat your route around the area.
  15. Got my forks back. Guy charged me $125 to do them. I thought that was too cheap so I gave him $150. I installed the forks, made a test run and cleaned it up. Plan to try to ride to Hocking Hills tomorrow. Looking forward to it.
  16. Showing tests are inaccurate
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