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  1. @99gsxr750king what’s your favorite road to ride?
  2. I was at my uncle’s and he was letting me fire some of his guns just to get a feel and get educated. It was what he had. I held the sar at the gun shop then mentioned a hi-point because I’m cheap remember. The owner handed me the High Point and I felt the difference immediately. Decided $150 extra was worth it.
  3. I didn’t go to the gun show, but recently picked up a sar 9. I got it at a local gun shop for $349. It is my first gun. Bought it for home protection. I’ve only fired like 4 rounds through it. My daughter shot 6 rounds. 50 cents a round is costly. I noticed a big difference in the feel compared to the Hi-point I fired previously. I’m definitely a novice but I like it.
  4. The color scheme of your 1000rr is one of my favorites.
  5. I’m glad my limited vocabulary could relate this to the math term “polynomial”otherwise I would have been left scratching my head. Thanks for expanding my vocab Pauly. 😁
  6. Went to ride the quad this morning on my track since the ground is frozen. I’ve been having an intermittent running issue with it. It started fine and made it a quarter lap then started spitting and sputtering, then died. Got it to fire back up, spit and sputtered for another quarter and died. I had to push it probably 500 ft back to the garage. I discovered my stator and crankshaft sensor wire were rubbing on the frame and had been nearly cut in 2. After an hour or so of splicing some wires back together she was up and running like a champ. Ground was still frozen and I got to put in some much needed time on the track. Power sports are such a great way for me to escape the craziness of the world.
  7. durk

    Brake free

    I know I will have to tone it way down for her to want to ride with me and I’m fine with that. She has ridden the cbr a time or 2 with me and I have taken it easy. Our daughters are 17 and 18. Soon it will just be the 2 of us. I prefer slowing it down on a motorcycle over any other options she may throw at me for hobbies for us to do.
  8. Looks good @Killer_kaw. You do awesome work.
  9. Removed the Muzzy lowering links from the Concours and installed the OEM links. Now the wait for good weather to test it out.
  10. @platinum702 Basically the 2004-2005 manual is the same. I searched high and low for an 06 -07 and could never find one. 04 was everywhere on the web. I have used the 04 to check valves on my 06. It was perfect. I haven’t needed it for anything else.
  11. durk

    Brake free

    I had the same thoughts for the majority of my riding. I was thinking the idea of extra safety in towns/traffic could be a bonus. I also thought it might help the Mrs. feel safer about riding with me. She seems to be contemplating riding the Connie with me.
  12. durk

    Brake free

    Seemed like a neat idea but I’m not necessarily sold on it.
  13. durk

    Let them die.

    Sounds like you’re winning.
  14. durk

    Brake free

    My wife watches a lot of Shark Tank. I spotted this on there the other day. Basically a brake light that mounts to your helmet. No wiring, just mount and go I believe. https://www.brakefreetech.com/ What do you think?
  15. durk

    Let them die.

    Decently entertaining while I rode the exercise bike in the basement. Winter sucks.
  16. That’s great. Glad it’s working out better this time around.
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