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  1. May just take you up on that offer if we ever are going to be in the area. Thanks
  2. Did some customization to the Concours this evening. Took a ride with Ame earlier during this week and she was not comfortable. Her back was bothering her even after installing the top case with pads. We did some experimenting with the bike and decided the seat rising up in the back was the problem. Quick search on the world wide webs and I was pealing the seat cover back and trimming the foam flat. Original Finished project What I carved out To test things took a thirty minute ride to dinner. She was definitely more comfortable but her right leg fell asleep. Going try adjusting foot pegs. May have to just bite the bullet and buy that new Wing.
  3. Installed my new top case. I like it and my daughter and wife said it is comfortable. 👍
  4. Or maybe he keeps asking until someone agrees to
  5. Wish I could grow up, but the CBR is still my kind of motorcycle. It slices corners and accelerates like no other. It puts a smile on my face from ear to ear. It still runs like a champ with nearly 60,000 miles.
  6. What the nuts is going on around here?
  7. Snuck in 150 miles tonight after work. If you’re ever in the Meadville/Titusville, PA area give Pa27 look. Decent little run. Today was the first time I really started to test the abilities of the Connie. Definitely has some get up and go as well as cornering ability. Replacing the lowering links with stock links seems to fixed the bucking sensation I was getting on my original shake down ride. After I renew the plates on the CBR I need to compare the 2.
  8. Is this a visual for what happens to your stuff if you eat plant-based meat?
  9. @BudDaytonRat listen to Tonik. His routes have never disappointed. My buddy and I rode many routes near the dragon that he has posted on here. My buddy commented multiple times how his routes were top notch. I’m sure Tonik will be super humble about this compliment.
  10. When I got home last night it was 41. My hands were the problem. I was contemplating on my ride whether to look into heated grips or gloves. Between the windshield, fairing, and my cold weather gear everything else was good.
  11. Got a short hour and a half ride in. It was nice to ride. Could have been a little warmer.
  12. What was your route? How was the weather? What were the roads like?
  13. 200 miles claimed definitely doesn’t work for me. It’s not a terrible looking bike. 485lbs isn’t bad. Thanks for sharing @ricer1
  14. durk

    Brake free

    Here’s what I found. Each Universal mount comes with 3M VHB already installed; one size fits most.
  15. Matrix Tommy Boy Talladega Nights Nightmare on Elm St
  16. Arby’s, Chick fil A(Aka Jesus Chicken), Burger King, Jimmy John’s
  17. I’ve heard term limits from multiple people and I keep thinking to myself we can make that happen. When these folks that have been sucking off the system for too long come up for re-election, vote them out. The problem is most won’t vote for the other party. I’m not sure why that is because it seems to me neither side is really concerned about your average Joe. Both sides say they are, but they’re really just concerned about your vote. I feel the riots and the capital building are a prime example. When businesses were being looted and burned I personally didn’t see much concern. It seemed as though the attitude was well people are people and they’ll do what they do. Then when the crap landed on their front door step, it was time to hold these punks accountable for their actions. Maybe it’s just my perspective but I didn’t see anybody combing through videos to hold those that looted and destroyed businesses accountable. I have no problem holding those that invaded the capital accountable. I just wish all were held accountable.
  18. @99gsxr750king what’s your favorite road to ride?
  19. I was at my uncle’s and he was letting me fire some of his guns just to get a feel and get educated. It was what he had. I held the sar at the gun shop then mentioned a hi-point because I’m cheap remember. The owner handed me the High Point and I felt the difference immediately. Decided $150 extra was worth it.
  20. I didn’t go to the gun show, but recently picked up a sar 9. I got it at a local gun shop for $349. It is my first gun. Bought it for home protection. I’ve only fired like 4 rounds through it. My daughter shot 6 rounds. 50 cents a round is costly. I noticed a big difference in the feel compared to the Hi-point I fired previously. I’m definitely a novice but I like it.
  21. The color scheme of your 1000rr is one of my favorites.
  22. I’m glad my limited vocabulary could relate this to the math term “polynomial”otherwise I would have been left scratching my head. Thanks for expanding my vocab Pauly. 😁
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