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  1. Buy this 1 then you can say it does 😁.
  2. What do you do when you wake up in the morning and can hardly walk because your back is so jacked? When you do walk your totally out of alignment and all crooked. You throw your leg over your chiropractic CBR and ride it for 525 miles and you start to feel better 😋. Your results may vary from mine. What a difference between the CBR and Concours. I had to adjust my throttle inputs today. I can kind of ham fist the Concours and not upset much of anything. The CBR needs much smoother inputs.
  3. I rode to MVNU to see my wife and daughter at a district choir camp. I always wanted to ride my bike to college but never did due to the inconvenience. 22 years later I made it happen. Better late than never.
  4. Rode Tim’s route today. It was great. My return route was decent outside of the dirt road with a steep decent to Hades on pebbles. I survived though.
  5. Well thank you very much sir. Looks fun.
  6. Anybody know of any good routes leading to Mount Vernon coming from the east? I’ll be starting my journey from Lisbon/Cadiz area.
  7. Sounds like fun but unfortunately once school starts I’m not able to do things like this. How was your recent trip?
  8. Lookin good @NinjaDoc
  9. Will do Doc. Miss riding with you buddy. Hope all is well with you and your family.
  10. Thanks man. Her and I both loved it.
  11. Some photos from the Tail photographers
  12. Took the time to set the sag today for just me. Plenty of enough there to get it set correctly for just me. Did some research as well on dampening. I was definitely going the wrong way. I backed the screw off to just above factory. We’ll see if that helps in the future. Thanks for everyone’s input. @MSerfozo it seems as though I probably won’t need that spring. With the bike set for just me I still have quite a bit of adjustment I can add for a passenger. Thanks again for the offer.
  13. I’m interested in those angel GT’s. I’ll send you a message to the forum.
  14. I haven’t measured sag yet. I need to find some time and get a second set of hands. I need to do my research to figure out if your spring will even work. I got home Thursday and left Friday morning for a 6 hour trip to New York in the car. Then returned last night at 10pm. So I haven’t had time to look at the bike. Sorry I didn’t respond prior. I was trying to gather other’s thoughts. Once I get my ducks in a row I’ll get back to you. Thanks for the offer. It’s very kind of you.
  15. I’m one of those guys that wants a new Wing. I’m too cheap to purchase a high end shock, however, so I don’t see me financing $28,300 for a new bike.
  16. The front seems to be wearing fine. I think I can definitely get a little more out of the rears than I have so far. I just replace the rear right before the tail trip because the tire I had on there was definitely not going to make the whole trip. I usually get 6000 out of a set on the CBR. My concern is it starting to look like it may be three rears to one front. I read over on COG Where a guy said that’s typically his MO. Three rears to one front.
  17. Thanks for your input. I did conserve the first 2 days and things weren’t bad. Tory kept asking when I was going to stop being conservative. On the third day there was no holding back. I never had to hold back on the CBR. I guess I’ll have to adjust or get a bigger tire fund.
  18. Now I’m back to my original thought. Turning the screw in speeds up dampening. I’m just reading the tire according to track riders and Dave Moss I think it was. Here is what the manual says as well. I would guess my speed is high and that’s why I chose the settings I did. I started softer and have progressively tightened things down. The bike has handled better for the most part with tightening things. For solo riding I could probably back things off a touch and it still handles well. Backing off much however loses feel for the road. Possibly. On the CBR that position 9 I referenced is 1 click from the hardest setting 🤷‍♂️.
  19. Preload is actually a turn knob. Weird deal in my opinion. I have it tight as it goes. To me this is compressing the spring as much as possible. Adding as much preload as possible is my thoughts.
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