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  1. durk

    Nathan Ford Memorial Ride

    Luke it was nice meeting you and your family today. Thanks for leading me around some different roads other than my normal go to stuff. Gary it was nice to see you again and get to know you a little better. Thanks for making sure I didn’t get lost or end up in a ditch. B-Mac I wish I would have been running video to catch your dance moves. Would have been internet gold to have video of you walking like an Egyptian on your bike. All in all great day. Put down close to 500 miles and got off with a warning from the Columbiana Sheriff, when I definitely deserved a ticket.
  2. durk

    Blue Ridge Parkway to the gap

    This was my feeling after a couple hours on it. I rode it for a good distance my first trip to the gap. The reduced speed of 45mph didn’t bother me on the parkway. It was almost another world up there. I enjoyed it and I hope you do as well. I was typically 5 over maybe 10 at times.
  3. Man I was going to wait until closer to the actual date to weather watch but with all the activity from this thread I’m starting to wonder if I should just commit to it now.
  4. durk

    Nathan Ford Memorial Ride

    More than likely off 77S.
  5. durk

    Nathan Ford Memorial Ride

    Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow morning. I plan to be in New Concord around 9:30.
  6. durk

    What did you do to your bike today?

    I’m going to have to hook up with you on 1 of these weekday rides.
  7. durk

    What did you do to your bike today?

    I had similar incident a couple years ago. The hole was down inside a tread like it appears to be for you. I plugged it and rode it for about 4000 miles before replacing it.
  8. I have 1 you can use, but I’m like 3.5hrs away.
  9. durk

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Rode some West Virginia roads today. 88S to 250S to 7W. 88 was a bit dirty from pipeline work primarily I believe. 250 had a couple 1 lane traffic light deals and some rough patches, but pretty decent overall. It was the least amount of gravel I’ve seen on 250 in a long time. 7 was in great shape. They repaved the area with the 1 lane bridges.
  10. durk

    Mid Ohio ??'s

    I just coated the whole circumference of each with rtv and called it good when I went to mid O.
  11. durk

    FU Roberto Perez

    @Tonik tell Ty to double Durant.
  12. durk

    Tire install?

    You just made me feel more confident/comfortable in the fact I never balance my tires When I mount them. I’m cheap, so I bought my own spoons for about the same price a shop charges to mount. I just do it myself now.
  13. durk

    Nathan Ford Memorial Ride

    I might be able to make this. Thanks for posting it up.
  14. durk

    Tao Dirt Bike/Pit Bikes

    I bought a Tao-Tao quad brand new for my daughter’s probably 6-7 years ago. I had to do some small things to it for the 4-5 years we owned it. Cleaned the carb a time or 2, a couple new solenoids, maybe new ECU, got all the parts dirt cheap on EBay. I had to repair the gas tank outlet, the plastic outlet tube cracked and started leaking. If you’re somewhat mechanically inclined it’s not terrible to own especially if you’re just going to be yard riding. I don’t think the quad would have held up to consistent trail bashing like 1 from the big 4 would. My girls did ride it on my track a bit and it withstood some single jumps, however. Not sure what you’re looking to spend but I picked up a KLX140 for $900 a few years back. Kawasaki ‘s KLX 110 and 140 are similar to TTR I believe.
  15. durk

    Tire install?

    How did I get tossed in this mix?