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  1. durk

    New to me bike

    When I originally searched I did not. Since new was only $65, I figured I’d go that route. The dealer told me 4-6 weeks, so no big deal. If we get some good weather between now and then I still have the CBR.
  2. durk

    New to me bike

    Decided on the trunk I’m going to go with is this. Shad SH48. It looks pretty comfortable and comes with the pad. If it’s not comfortable I’ll go with the backrest @Connie14 posted in the other thread. Stock dog bones for rear suspension are ordered, but they’re on back order. Guess I’ll have to wait till spring to dial it all in.
  3. It was like 20 years ago when I did this. The thing I remember them being most concerned with were my receipts from the replacement parts. I showed up with the bike in the bed of my truck with no way of unloading it. They looked the bike over essentially and said next time make sure you can unload it. Sent me on my way though with the paperwork to get my title. Good luck.
  4. Pad was comfortable for passenger?
  5. That backrest looks comfortable. The price seems great too. Can it be mounted with a trunk mounted as well?
  6. durk

    New to me bike

    I did some research and it seems that is a lowering link. From what I read on forums on it, the link definitely hinders the handling. It changes the rake. I don’t have the OEM. I looked it up on my local Kawasaki dealers website. It’s $65 for the part. I’ll order it Monday. As far as the drain plug at least they did not drop the front by pushing up the forks in the triple. I plan to get the link swapped out ASAP. Front preload is near max. The manual says the max is 4mm and I have it set near 5mm. The rebound is 3 clicks out. I set the rear preload to like 3-4 clicks out and the rebound doesn’t have clicks. I have it set 3/4 turn out. Before I mess with it anymore I want to get the link swapped out. Tires are 42 rear, 36 front.
  7. The one farkle I want to purchase is a rear trunk with a pad. My wife sat on the bike with me and her 1st words were “this is comfortable “. She seems to be open to the idea of riding with me, so I want to make her as comfortable as possible minus purchasing a Goldwing. I believe you have a Givi. Are you familiar with other trunks? I’ve looked at Kawasaki, Givi, and Shad.
  8. durk

    New to me bike

    Pressure is good
  9. durk

    New to me bike

    I’m wondering if this could be some of my problem. That gold part is stamped Muzzy’s. I’m thinking it’s an aftermarket lowering link.
  10. @B-Mac I’m glad you were hugging the inside.
  11. I’m liking it. The electronic adjustable windscreen is slick. Seems to help with colder weather. I took the freeway this morning to avoid Bambi on the back roads. It was interesting to mess with the Throttlemiester bar ends the previous owner installed.
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