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  1. durk

    Cryptic Photo

    @what congrats on the new bike. Details: what year, how many miles, gonna track it only?
  2. durk

    Saturday the 19th

    I guess I need to be more active.
  3. How could I forget that day? That was the fastest group ride I had ever been on up to that point and I had a blast. We’ll get together again and try to recreate your rides with Jim.
  4. I’m not ready to give up the CBR. Even though it’s 13yrs old with 52k and sports EBay plastic the bike was basically my dream bike when my wife grounded me from riding. I love the look of the thing and the fact that there is all kinds of power there. I rode Jim’s Z when I bought it and it just didn’t push all the buttons for me. Besides if you sell the Z what are you going to ride when we ride together?
  5. Thanks for the feedback. Leathers and tires were really meant to be a joke. I’m hesitant to try something other than a sportbike. It’s all I’ve ever rode and feel it would be odd to be on anything else. At some point my reconstructed ACL knee won’t be able to tolerate the CBR but I’ll cross that bridge when I get there.
  6. I was said ride leader. It didn’t start off that way. In discussing a route I rattled of what I typically rode and I was nominated leader. I think it was like a turd in the punch bowl at first since I was the new guy on the scene. I followed it up with if you’re bored feel free to blow by and geared up. When @Uncle Punkblew by on 377 I thought, try to latch on. For just the reason he stated, to learn something. I started to focus on what was ahead and forget about what was behind me. When I lead I have a tendency to watch my mirror to make sure everyone is doing ok. After awhile of trying to catch up to the blur in front of me I checked my rear view and nobody was in sight. I chose to slow down because I saw nothing. I think I even stopped and thought about turning around. The first thing that popped in my mind was somebody had bike issues or went down because the other 3 riders were always in my rear view all day. Truthfully I had a flashback to the day Jim wrecked with me. After our discussion at the gas station, I would be fine in the future with breaking off. I’ve done it before in groups where I knew my pace was above others. I didn’t feel I was faster than anybody I was riding with last week. I can’t speak for any of the guys you’ve rode with in the past UP, but I was by no means pissed or offended. I hope to ride again with you in the future. I know next time to show up in full leathers with at least some Q3s mounted so I can try to at least keep your tail light in sight when you decide to roll.
  7. durk

    Guess the bike...

    I told my wife the other day I was not going to be the grandfather that would be at every one of the grandkids events. That’s assuming my girls have kids of course.
  8. durk

    What did you do to your bike today?

    544 miles today. Found some fresh pavement on part of 537, 145 is still super smooth, 800 has some fresh pavement, and 799 was freshly paved. I hope winter doesn’t screw it all up.
  9. durk

    Bridgestone Batllax T30 EVO F & R tires (new)

    I won’t be headed that way until winter. I’ll maybe contact you if I don’t see them sold before then.
  10. durk

    Bridgestone Batllax T30 EVO F & R tires (new)

    It’s a stretch, but any chance you’re heading towards Cleveland or even farther Northeast anytime?
  11. durk

    3Day OH-WV-PA Loop ride

    Nice B-Mac
  12. durk

    Tuesday 10-8-19 any one planning to ride?

    Make it Friday
  13. durk

    First time for everything, right?

    This is what happens when teachers talk too much
  14. @Shoop I appreciate you posting this up. The Epic rides are how I’ve met most of the guys I know on here. I don’t want to select a date because I’m not sure I can make any of the dates. Life as a husband and dad has really got in the way of riding this year. Once a date is selected I will try my best to make it out. I’m pretty sure I can’t make the 12th. If nobody votes, pick the best date for you and run with it.
  15. durk

    Random Track Talk

    @TimTheAzn Dang speedy. Nice work. It’s always fun when you’re winning no matter what you’re competing in.