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  1. durk

    Northern Ohio Ducati Triumph

    The 1st time I went to Mid Ohio a guy on a new Duc went off the track. He rode it out quite a ways in the grass but eventually went down. I have video of the whole thing because I slowed down a bit. In the tail end of the video you see his legs flopping around in the air as he takes a couple of rolls. He was fine, so I laugh every time I think about the video. His rolls are cartoon like.
  2. durk

    Anyone got Mid O Certs

    I have stuff going this Monday, but possibly the following week Monday or Tuesday. 92 degrees seems a bit warm, I hope you boys don’t melt.
  3. durk

    What do YOU need?

    Price on a Q3+ 120-70-17
  4. durk

    Anyone got Mid O Certs

    Maybe it’s a sign I just need to go ahead use mine myself
  5. durk

    Anyone got Mid O Certs

    I’ve got one. $157.50 is what I paid and I’d sell it for the same if you want it.
  6. durk

    Posting rides these days?

    New Martinsville is 3hrs. No different than New Concord, so that could work. What’s the farthest north eastern corner of your Hocking route?
  7. durk

    Posting rides these days?

    Maybe next Friday you can give me a guided tour of your Hocking Hills route.
  8. durk

    Posting rides these days?

    Pre-calculus and Algebra 2. Sophomores-Seniors. Are you available this week at all?
  9. durk

    Posting rides these days?

    Thanks for the laughs on the video. The other part on my lunch choices is the fact that I’m cheap. Gustatory, parenthetically- Ed remember I’m a math teacher that lives in Ashtabula county, on a farm, with a construction background = smaller words. August 28th is my first day back. The kids don’t start until after Labor Day. We are building new elementary schools and they want to have as much time as possible to finish.
  10. durk

    Hydraulic clutch question

    I know my cbr clutch fluid is to be inspected every 4K and changed every 12k. I have never had trouble with it going into gear. I flush it every 12k. The bike now has 50k. I feel for you every time you post about your bike giving you issues. You and Andy are really hurting my Honda love.
  11. durk

    Posting rides these days?

    Come on now Brian, Arby’s is good stuff. I can’t eat like a hog and then go out and tear up 26.
  12. durk

    Posting rides these days?

    If rides were never posted I for sure would have missed out. It’s how I met every single one of you on here. Most guys outside this forum I talk to about riding for over an hour think I’m crazy. I would say we are a rare breed and all of the posted rides I have been on only bring out experienced mature riders. Obviously excluding the epic rides but that has multiple groups and if you go with med-fast to fast group I have never experienced any problems. If someone complains about the way a person organizes a ride, the road that led them to that ride also can lead them home. Jacob organized a ride a couple years ago and the group was a bit large, but we had a blast as multiple guys swapped lead. Doc bottom line is do as you please. There are times when I don’t post anything because I just want to ride solo. My experience has been when I post I only see experienced, quality riders show up. And as far as all this butt hurt crap people talk about, this isn’t Girl Scouts. Save the drama for your mama.
  13. durk

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Andy you can’t be talking about a Honda burning oil, especially in a public forum. It ruins the whole shoulda bought a Honda vibe I tend to like. 🤫
  14. durk

    Random Thoughts thread

    You can actually get steaks from dairy breeds- Holstein, Brown Swiss. The animal needs to be fed properly so you do get marbling. It does often seem to take longer to feed out a dairy animal. I’m talking a bull/steer not an old milk cow. The problem often with a dairy breed is the waste. What I mean by that is we recently slaughtered a beef steer that weighed 1180lbs live weight. After he was slaughtered and ready to be butchered he weighed 799lbs. That is about 68% of his live weight which is above average. In talking to a local farmer that raises dairy steers to sell for beef he is typically getting 58%.
  15. durk

    Random Thoughts thread

    Also most dairy farmers either raise the bulls born on the farm to be slaughtered for meat or take them to auction to be sold for beef animals. They are still good eating. There just tends to be more waste with a dairy breed (ex: Holstein as pictured in CFA ad). We primarily raise beef animals on our farm and in my wife’s research she found a lot of beef being sold is coming from dairy breeds. We can pick a dairy bull much cheaper than a beef bull for sure, so I can believe her research.