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  1. I knew I could count on you to tell me how you felt. I appreciate that about you. You used to be so nice to me, though. Guess the honeymoon is over. Since you called my county safe. I would say we agree .44% is not something to be concerned about. You mentioned that I travel to SEO which is currently a hot zone. I had not heard that. I did some number checks there for Marietta where I have stopped for lunch and dined inside at Subway the past 2 trips. I know I’m certifiable at this point. If I did it right Washington county I believe is where Marietta is located. 127 cases, population 59,911 = .21%. It’s safer than my little county. Now I had heard Cuyahoga was bad. As of last night .55%. I still would not call that worrisome. Realize these numbers I’m reporting are since the start of the pandemic I believe. I’m guessing folks have gotten healthy and there may be less people running around that are contagious. .34% safer than Ashtabula County Gentlemen I’m not try to piss anybody off. Jim and @Pauly you had me wondering if I should be concerned. I’m just reporting the numbers I see. Pauly you may be right. Maybe there is no changing my mind, but you made me question my thoughts, think about what was being said, and do my own research. I’m just trying to do the same for you as well as others. Feel free to speak your mind. I don’t see me crying or going away. Remember I asked multiple times for this thread to end. I have typed multiple posts to this thread and just deleted them. I get your frustration/anger. For example I just deleted my opinion outside of less than 1% not being much of a concern to me. The night @Steve Butters was getting ripped I must have typed out 5 different responses and just deleted it.
  2. So you agree the numbers for my county are safe?
  3. Okay boys I’ve been reading all of your posts. I’m trying to keep an open mind and take in your thoughts. Here’s my data: ashtabula county - where I live 421 cases population 97,241 = .43% Sick trumbull county- frequently shop 863 cases population 197,974 = .44% sick Am I an idiot for not wearing a mask? Covid numbers below https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/covid-19/dashboards/overview then Google county population
  4. durk

    WTF did I just do?

    I ordered some parts for my quad on the 19th from Rocky Mountain. I received them on the 22nd. They came FedEx.
  5. I feel threatened. Can somebody hide this thread?
  6. durk

    WTF did I just do?

    I ordered a set of tires from Bike Bandit. They sent them next day air. I didn’t pay extra 🤷‍♂️
  7. 550 miles today. Pretty much awesome all the way around. Getting pretty confident in the Roadsmart 2s. Only had a couple wiggles. 1 for sure was water I didn’t spot until late and I believe the other one was gravel.
  8. I’ve been called worse
  9. I think Dunlop may have changed something in their process. I’ve mentioned my issues with the RS2s. When they arrived they seemed to have a sheen to them that I don’t recall seeing on any of my previous tires. After my spill turning out of the drive I ordered a set of RS3s. They seemed to have the same kind of sheen when they arrived. I have run multiple RS3s prior to this set and they have always stuck pretty well. You have me concerned now.
  10. I agree with Tonik on this one. Bike looks good.
  11. I bet he would have survived if he wore a mask. 🤣🤣🤣
  12. Does this mean I might see you on the street again?
  13. durk

    Anyone else looting?

    Math teacher. Nobody asks me for a recommendation. All Ed’s fault.
  14. durk

    Anyone else looting?

    Based on the article it seems as though it may be a problem. Tonik asked about my career because I’m a math teacher. I can only speak of my own personal thoughts as an educator. I can’t speak for my whole profession. As a math teacher not many ask for recommendations from me. If you read much of what I post you’ll see words are not my strength. When asked for a recommendation it’s based on my experience with that student. The race of a student for me plays no role in my recommendation.
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