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  1. These arrived today. This Concours has me spending more money than I ever thought to on the CBR.
  2. Glad you’re okay and able to ride away.
  3. I’m liking your setup (windscreen, seat, touring pegs).
  4. Bike actually came with a throttle lock. It’s nice for the slab. I purchased a trunk I really like. I’ve been eyeballing a ram-ball mount. Thanks for the info.
  5. The 023 seemed okay yesterday and it wasn’t warm. I ran it pretty much edge to edge. I don’t quite like that. I’ll probably go with RS3s they seem to have more cornering clearance. I’ve run them forever on the CBR. I like them and I know what I’m getting. I basically just setup the bike exactly as you described prior to even reading your post. The front was already set to your specs but I was too soft on the rear. Thanks for the info. I had been looking at the V stream and decided to give it a shot sense you mentioned folks like it. Hopefully I don’t come out to a melted dash.
  6. Just checked, the rear is a Bridgestone. But I think some of my problem is I didn’t have my rebound cranked up enough. I just tightened it down some more. I’m just running the tires it came with so I’m not too upset. It has a Roadsmart 2 on the front and a Bridgestone BT023.
  7. @2talltim and @Connie14 since you both chimed in, what windshield and seat are you both running on the Connie? What are your must have farkles as well?
  8. Took the Connie out for a spirited with my daughter Tory. Put down 300 miles. Checked the rear tire at Calcutta gas station and realized we were using all the tire available there from edge to edge. I also discovered I’m developing the cupping issue @2talltim has posted photos of multiple times. Jury is still out on the Saddlemen seat I installed. It’s a definite improvement for the passenger but I’m not sure I like it for me and if it will make mamma happy. Time will tell. It took Tor some time to get used to not having to hold on and just lean back. Next move is to try a couple long da
  9. Are we missing the arrow to send us to the top as well ?
  10. @Pauly sorry to hear about this. I’m glad you 2 are okay.
  11. May just take you up on that offer if we ever are going to be in the area. Thanks
  12. Did some customization to the Concours this evening. Took a ride with Ame earlier during this week and she was not comfortable. Her back was bothering her even after installing the top case with pads. We did some experimenting with the bike and decided the seat rising up in the back was the problem. Quick search on the world wide webs and I was pealing the seat cover back and trimming the foam flat. Original Finished project What I carved out To test things took a thirty minute ride to dinner. She was definitely more comfortable but her right leg f
  13. Installed my new top case. I like it and my daughter and wife said it is comfortable. 👍
  14. Or maybe he keeps asking until someone agrees to
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