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  1. What Gear are You Wearing?

    Helmet: Fly Paradigm Jacket: Joe Rocket Alter Ego Pants: Moto Centric vented Boots: Joe Rocket Ballistic Touring Gloves: Fulmer something??? (got them for $15 at Iron Pony and love them) Etc: bicycle shorts, T-shirt, thin Nike pants
  2. What did you do to your bike today?

    Rode to work and the rear end felt a bit loose. Just replaced the Q3 tires with Pilot Road 2s. 2100 miles out of a rear tire kind of sucks. It will be interesting to see if I notice a difference in grip.
  3. Who has two middle fingers....

    Definitely jealous
  4. What did you do to your bike today?

    Nice work Jerry.
  5. Our route was not exactly the same as posted.
  6. Both tires came off the ground Andy
  7. In my hometown eating dinner. 575 awesome miles today. @jschaf thanks for leading me around. You sir, for sure ride a fast pace. I loved every second of it, even the couple of times I drug a toe slider & scared the crap out of myself. @B-Mac and @what thanks for letting me mess up your group. It was awesome riding with you 3. Good to shake some hands before and after the ride. Nice to put faces to the names I read on the forum that I never met and also great to see others I've met before. Sorry I missed a few of you.
  8. I plan to be at the boat ramp around 10:30.
  9. So what you're saying is you are in?
  10. @DerekClouser I'd be willing to lead Med-F group. @jschaf I'm assuming you're planning to lead a fast group. If I'm wrong on that and you were talking Med-F I would definitely be content to follow.
  11. GPS recommendations

    I have an ancient Tom Tom mounted in a ram mount that is zip tied to the steering stabilizer cover on the 1000rr. I had the same thing on the 600rr but it was zip tied to the triple. I was caught in the rain multiple times on the 600rr and never worried about it. The gps got very minimal rain on it since it was somewhat under the windscreen. I'm not sure how it will work out on the 1000rr. I don't download maps typically. I will input multiple towns that run my route and just click them off as I progress through the ride.
  12. Mid-O May 14 (Sunday)

    No epic ride for you? I initially was going to try the freebie session from N2 the 20th. When the epic was scheduled for that date I decided I'd wait before I tempted myself to fall in love with track days.