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  1. That’s a bummer. What about something on EBay?
  2. Pretty good for the most part. She rolls pretty well. Deceptively fast. I often find myself riding just as fast as I would on the CBR without noticing it, especially with the bigger of the 2 windshields I have. I’m not as aggressive in corners as I would be with the CBR, but I still get after it a bit. The biggest bonus is the wife has actually asked to take the bike occasionally. She isn’t quite up to my all day long trips but we have made a couple 1.5 hr runs. She’s not quite super comfortable yet. I do have her convinced to maybe try out a Goldwing with me with the idea of possibly longer trips. Thanks for asking.
  3. Rushed home from work and snuck in over 100 miles. I’m afraid it may be my last ride for the year. I hope not, but the weather doesn’t seem to want to cooperate.
  4. Buy this 1 then you can say it does 😁.
  5. What do you do when you wake up in the morning and can hardly walk because your back is so jacked? When you do walk your totally out of alignment and all crooked. You throw your leg over your chiropractic CBR and ride it for 525 miles and you start to feel better 😋. Your results may vary from mine. What a difference between the CBR and Concours. I had to adjust my throttle inputs today. I can kind of ham fist the Concours and not upset much of anything. The CBR needs much smoother inputs.
  6. I rode to MVNU to see my wife and daughter at a district choir camp. I always wanted to ride my bike to college but never did due to the inconvenience. 22 years later I made it happen. Better late than never.
  7. Rode Tim’s route today. It was great. My return route was decent outside of the dirt road with a steep decent to Hades on pebbles. I survived though.
  8. Well thank you very much sir. Looks fun.
  9. Anybody know of any good routes leading to Mount Vernon coming from the east? I’ll be starting my journey from Lisbon/Cadiz area.
  10. Sounds like fun but unfortunately once school starts I’m not able to do things like this. How was your recent trip?
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