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  1. This will be a return trip. We did it 4 years ago on the CBR. We trailered down, however. This time I want her to get the whole effect.
  2. Tory and I are planning to ride to the Dragon this summer (big reason for the Concours purchase). We rode my normal route today to see how we’d hold up. Close to 550 miles in 11hrs with a lunch break. The Concours and her travel 2 up very well.
  3. Rode both of them today. Both were short hour or so rides. CBR solo and Connie with my wife, Amy. Good times on both bikes.
  4. Installed new axle tonight. Of course I had to test it. First test was to compare weight. The original weighed 15.4lbs. The new $68 EBay China made weighed 15lbs. That was reassuring. Then I hit the track and it had no issues.
  5. Give me a couple weeks and I can make these weekday rides. Next week I have Monday and Tuesday free. 1 of those I will be riding with Tory. I hope to be riding solo the other day.
  6. Took the Concours out for 400 plus miles today. I’m definitely getting comfortable with the big girl. Dragging the left peg was an eye opener.
  7. Here is my tentative route. I'm riding the Concours so I'm guessing/planning I'll be slower.
  8. Enjoy your ride. I can’t do Sunday. I’m hoping to get out Monday.
  9. I’m not sure how to do that. You can come show me how. Maybe you can get @B-Mac to assist since he has experience.
  10. I’d be interested, but the wife has me on sonogram duty for her cows tomorrow morning. Vet is coming out to make sure they’re prego.
  11. So this happened last night as I climbed the face of 1 of my doubles on my track. Thankfully I cleared the double and stopped before running into the electric fence. Anybody interested in a slightly used Kfx450r? It’s never been raced. Just ridden primarily by a 44yr old on my own property.
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