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  1. durk

    Tuesday, Jan 14 Ride

    Didn’t you buy your bike from a dealer? They should have sent you a title by now.
  2. durk

    What did you do to your bicycle today?

    Took a 15 mile ride in the rain today. I roped a couple of buddies into the soggy ride.
  3. durk

    From Kent, OH here

  4. durk

    Random Thoughts thread

    Real men never put the lid down.
  5. durk

    Random Thoughts thread

    New year started off pretty crappy. Master bathroom toilet was clogged last night. I plunged and flushed 5 gallon bucket after 5 gallon bucket through it and it would handle only water. As soon as paper was tossed in, toilet clogged. After quite sometime of trying to get the thing to work my wife tells me “today I was cleaning the sink off and I heard a NyQuil medicine cup fall, but I couldn’t find it”. So this was how I started today off. all because of this After pulling the toilet I ran to Lowe’s 20 minutes away and picked up $50 of pieces, parts to put the crapper back together. I get home get it all together and everything was working good. Then my wife comes in and says the tank doesn’t look level. After taking a step back I realize she’s right. I run down stairs to the basement and grab my level. I get it pretty good, but then I decide the thing just needs a 1/4 more turn on the left side and it’ll be perfect. That 1/4 turn cracks the tank. I was not happy. Back to Lowe’s I went with the cracked tank, thinking they would sell just a replacement tank. Nope, wrong answer. I had to buy a whole new turlet. I grabbed a $100 one off the floor and a couple other items to make the install a little easier. I stuffed the thing in the back seat of my car and back home I went. The good news was I installed the second one much faster and it is a better crapper than what we had before. I sure hope January 2nd goes better than the first. Today was my last day off for winter break. I head back to school tomorrow for meetings, so my hopes aren’t real high.
  6. durk

    New track bike

    Step 5 - strategically back truck into garage so you have the right amount of clearance to place those wonderfully crafted padded 4x4s under the hitch so you can place your bead breaker and bar on your tire  Step 6 - use tire irons to remove tire  Step 7 - lube up new tire with soapy water and install using tire irons   step 8 - take tire and 4x4s back to sturdy card table, reinsert core, air tire up to pressure, be sure bead sets, reinstall rotors step 9 - install tire back on the bike and lower it back to the ground, ready to go riding  Warning - step 5 requires a hillbilly engineering degree 
  7. durk

    New track bike

    For your entertainment: hillbilly step 1 - hook ratchet straps to angle iron on the garage ceiling, attach ratchets to upper triple and lift front wheel  Step 2 - remove wheel step 3 - place wheel on 4x4s with carpet stapled to them and set them on the sturdy old card table stored in the garage Step 4 - remove brake rotors and valve stem core the best is yet to come
  8. durk

    New track bike

    Struggling to link my post from another thread. I’ll try to figure it out, but I mount my own tires with no special tools at all.
  9. durk

    Best Duc evar!

    Sweet bike
  10. durk

    Motorcycle Title Question

    I bought an F4i that way and had no issues. If you’re going to go for it just be sure the VIN is good. I bought the F4i from a kid who was just flipping the bike and he was avoiding paying tax.
  11. durk

    Funny picture thread.

    Motorcycle Snuggie?
  12. durk

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Congratulations buddy. Boy or girl?
  13. durk

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Looks like you really enjoyed yourself.
  14. durk

    What did you do to your bike today?

    Nice. Have fun with your winter project, and stop blowing up motors.