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  1. Before I go and buy new parts I wanted to see if anyone had a phone mount and a USB charger.
  2. Mountain biking has become my other hobby. Started riding in June 2017 and have dug my rabbit hole deep. I bought a new 2017 Diamondback Sync'r Pro in December as it was hugely discounted for year end. I was in Virginia last week riding in George Washington National forest and will be traveling to Asheville, NC this Thursday with a friend. I can not get enough of the tinkering and riding. Just a small share of my past, present, and future.
  3. I talked to mine yesterday. Had to let it know it is almost time.
  4. My friend will most likely be selling his Kawasaki concours this spring so if you end up deciding on the concours let me know and I will give you the info.
  5. Was never a fan of the stock paneling on the ninja 250 so I tore them off and made something of my own.
  6. I was looking back at old pictures and saw one of my first motorcycle. A ninja 250 which I have posted about before. Just thought I would share a memory with everyone here.
  7. If I can do more than 3.5k last year I will be pleased.
  8. I have been watching quite a few motorcycling videos of angry people and road rage. It is all from the perspective of moto vloggers or moto dash cams. I am not sure why so many riders feel they are the victims when so many of the incidents can be avoided. I know the camera tweaks the distance but the amount of anger which arises is not needed. We all know that people make poor driving decisions which can cause accidents. I feel that in many of the videos if the riders would pay closer attention to traffic and react most of the situation would not happen. Here is just one video example. Just had a random thought and wanted to post it.
  9. This is awesome news. Way to go John.
  10. Kruse08

    FZ6 Pointers

    @Tonik, you could have asked me anything about the FZ6 as I have one and love it.
  11. Keep us updated. He will pull through.
  12. Sounds like an awesome trip, glad you had fun and made it home rubber side down. The pictures were great and your bike looks very nice.
  13. I absolutely love my FZ6. Just wanted the forum to know......
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