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  1. Looking for an honest, fair bike shop around Columbus to take care of all my service needs. I had a great place that I went to in Franklin when I was in Dayton, but looking for something more local.
  2. Riders discount has always done good by me. Definitely highly recommend.
  3. Believe it or not the banana seats are the newer F4Is. If I'm not mistaken the 04-07 is banana and 00-03 is the split seat. Although, you can do a split seat conversion for the newer ones.
  4. Haven't been on OR in a while. Kind of stopped riding for a while when I made this profile in 2015. Couldn't get in to my old account, lol, so I'm sure most people won't recognize this account. Y'all might remember me as Exarch back when I joined in 2011, for those who aren't senile yet, lol. Anywho, I had much more important things to worry about than riding(or so I thought), none of which matter now. Moved from Dayton to Columbus since then too, so who know, maybe I'll meet some of you Columbus fuckers, maybe not.
  5. Still rocking the same 300? I remember when you got rid of your 250 for that thing, lol. Hope you and Helmut are doing well!
  6. Finally picked up a new ride yesterday
  7. Look back to about 2010(Exarch) and you might find it I'm not as big on riding anymore like I used to be. Although I do recognize every name in this thread. I made a new profile in 2015 because I forgot the password for my other account and don't have access to that email anymore. I'll give you a 4 piece nugget and a 2 liter of cherry coke for it. Only a fool would pass up that deal. Ya man, I know. If it ain't worth $4k it ain't worth it. Not gonna lowball someone, but not gonna pay top dollar either. I would buy anything that looks rough, I'm not in a huge rush to buy, but if the right deal comes along then I'm all for it. Just looking for a toy for the season really, I don't even ride much anymore. Although I am eyeballing this really sweet 07 cbr 1000 with low miles for about $1,000 more than I'm wanting spend, but you know, that deal may be too good to pass up on if it's as clean as it looks. Even though I do prefer 600s, but a deal is a deal which means I can get my money back easily when I'm ready for something else or decide to take some time off from riding again.
  8. $4k tops. Must be a full injected inline 4, no exceptions. I'm short, so if it is already dropped that is a +. No garbage or anything that needs work. If it isn't ready to ride for the season I'm not interested at all. Come at me with your bottom dollar as I'm not looking to negotiate. Serious buyer here, had to sell my last bike to be able to purchase a new home and don't want to miss this riding season. I'm pretty partial to hondas, but as long as it is a fuel injected inline 4 I'll be happy. Text 937-732-1155 with what you have and pics. The name is Tom. If you call just leave a voicemail with what you have as I do not usually answer unknown numbers. Most likely I won't be checking back here for a while.
  9. We just picked up the car and everything works fine. Signals/horn was due to an exposed wire causing a short. I just assume he taped it up, that's what I would have done. The brake line and bolt were replaced. I'm glad the work was fixed without costing us any more money and in a timely manner with no hassle what so ever. Thank you erich! I would go back for future needs.
  10. I just talked to erich(the owner of Schmidt auto care) and he is going to make things right. He is going to have the car towed and have his lead technician fix the brakes at no cost and fix the lights. He also will be letting the technician go that did the work on the car (I personally don't like seeing anyone get fired and I think that is unfortunate, but I can understand that some jobs can't be taken lightly) I would definitely go back to this shop for future needs. I felt like the owner went out of his way to make things right which doesn't happen very often in my opinion. Just because one mechanic made a mistake (who won't be working anymore even...) doesn't mean it's not a good shop. The owner obviously cares about his business and quality of work which means alot to me. He was also very sincere and apologetic and eager to make things right.
  11. Thank you aaron. The last mechanic she went to for her old car didn't fix any problems she had (her old car kept dying for no apparent reason) and they charged her boat loads of money for 3 seperated visits for the same exact problem that never got solved. That's the kind of shop I would never reccomend. Same with another shop that made 8 seperated marks on my bike rims and refused to fix it (I understand 1, but 8?) I beleive that when someone corrects a mistake that shows integrity and that's exactly what I look for in a place that I do continued business with and recommend to others :-) we are only human, even the most experienced people aren't always on their A game 100% of the time. I'm just really glad that nothing bad happened to her and the kids. She was really upset and emotional over it, but I calmed her down and even told her they fix it that she shouldn't turn them down for a second chance since not all places fix their mistakes as she knows from personal experience.
  12. My gf took her car there to get some work done and they really dropped the ball pretty hard on 2 out of 3 of the jobs done. She needed a new power steering belt, they did a fine job with that. Her blinkers were out, they were supposed to fix thar, but now her hazards and horn don't work either, nor do the blinkers. She had her breaks done there too, which is where they really dropped the ball in combination with her only means of safety against other drivers (horn/hazards) because they broke the bolt on the break line and didn't replace it, so her breaks went completely out (good thing she just got off the highway before it happened) due to the break line busting. Hopefully these guys will have the car towed at their expense and right their wrongs for no charge at all, especially since they could have killed her and her kids. I took pictures of the brakes while the shop up the street from me had the tire off. They offered me a nicely discounted price to fix the work, but really recommended that i should have them fix their work if it was me, because if they are an an honest shop they will stand by their work and make it right. Now, all of this sounds bad, but mistakes do happen and on the plus side the mechanic that looked at the brakes was impressed with the quality of parts and that pretty much everything was brand new, but he felt like the mechanic knew he broke the bolt to the break line and didn't feel like fixing it. Idk if that's the case or if he just got ahead of himself and overlooked it. While it's there(if they right their wrong) I will have them check out the other side to make sure it's done properly. As long as these guys right their wrong and are respectful I would give them a second chance, although I would request to visually inspect the work myself once completed just because of this incident. I also feel like they didn't test drive the vehicle after the work was done, which would have been nice because the blinkers went out immediately after my gf received her car and they fixed it again and then when she got 5min up the road they went out again. I would just request that they charge her for a new harness since im assuming thats what it needs and only pay the difference in pricing(or just replace it for free since she could have died/been seriously hurt) if they went out just a few minutes earlier while she was on the highway. Anywho, I just hope they make everything right and I would give them a second chance due to I felt the pricing was good and they used quality parts. If they don't make it right I would never go there.
  13. Speaking of Schmidt auto group, bout to take my girlfriends car there soon. Hopefully they are equally awesome! Anyhow, trip number 2 to apex was today due to my locking mechanism coming off my passenger seat. While i was there I had a question about my chain because I just had my rear tire replaced (not at apex unfortunately) and lou told me the tire was set too far forward and the tensioner were way loose (they weren't even finger tight) Lou hooked me up on the spot. He again far exceeded my expectations. I wouldn't hesitate to recomend apex cycle and salvage to anyone at all.
  14. tnugent1986

    car repair

    Looking for a good shop to take my gfs 4runner to. Any recommendations? Looking for someplace near dayton. There is a shop in huber heights that I've had a few people recommend, but I refuse to go there as ive been there multiple times for the same issue and it never fixed the issue. Plus they charged $75 to tow the car from walmart to their shop, which was litterly across the street(probably 200ft0. I could have just pushed it there.
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